I Accidently Moved Into The Girls Dorms!

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - I Accidently Moved Into The Girls Dormitory

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 Chapter 1


“I'll never accept this!!” screamed the most rude, rowdy and rash girl I've ever had the displeasure of meeting.


“There's no way I'm accepting this, Principal Hermost! I cannot simply ignore the fact that just because of a mistake the girls dorm now has a beast living in it!” she yelled again. In case you're wondering, I am that very 'beast' she's screaming about.


“Ho? Sure, the staff made a mistake and transferred him into the girls dorm but this kid is a cherry boy, honest and innocent throughout. He's not one to lay his hands on a girl in the middle of the night. I've known him and his parents for years now, I would know best. Plus, it'd be annoying just to transfer him to the opposite dorm so he's staying where he is.” Principal Hermost sighed just wanting this to end already. So here I am, trapped between a battle and forced to hide in my own shell.


“THERE IS JUST NO WAY I CAN ACCEPT THIS!!” she bashed her hands so hard on the desk I thought it was going to smash!


“Listen Elizabeth Haley! I will not repeat myself again, he is staying in those dorms, if and only IF a problem does arise, then I will personally handle the transfer process! That is final.” I could see tears of anger welling up in this girls eyes and then she turned with a fierce glare right at my direction. It's not like it's MY fault!


~Thirty Minutes Earlier~


Finally finally made it to the dorms of Saint Janes University! It was such a grueling ride here...I was late for the train and had to take a different train just to end up taking a cab here! I'm practically out of money now...I might have to call my parents for an increase in funds. But none of that matters now, I'm here and it's time to live out a grand college life! Group meet ups, social hang outs, clubs and best of all the bud of love known as a girlfriend all lies here! It's like finally finishing a game that took months of effort then the sequel comes out for an all new journey!


I opened the front doors to the dorms and noticed instantly it was very quiet. I thought people would be unpacking and rushing to get their rooms set up as soon as possible. Maybe they're not as packed this semester? Well not my problem! Following directions I had oh so carefully written down I went up stairs to my floor. Second floor, Down the hall...Room 103, there we go! The room is a nicely spaced single dorm. A bed and desk were already prepared which is useful, although I did have to pack my own bed sheets and the like. Most of my packages were already in the room when I got there, the shipping service must have brought them here earlier.


I was ready to start unpacking when I heard a knocking on my door. This must be...The famous dorm mates I've heard so many rumors about?! I have to make the best first impression! I opened the door with full confidence and the friendliest smile I could possibly render.


“Hi there, I just moved in too so I hope we ca-” my words were cut short by the surprise of a blonde girl standing at the door. She was strikingly good looking, blonde wavy hair and a head band that kept the top layer pushed back. Her eyes glowed a strong green color. Noticing I must have been staring I started to wonder...What's a girl doing here?

“Excuse me, before I ask what you want, how come a girls here?”

I asked as politely as possible but she didn't seem to be happy anymore, or actually, what she even smiling when I opened the door?


“I should be the one asking YOU that! What in the hell are you doing in the girls dormitory?!” she yelled at me with a rather harsh tone.


“Wait what, girls dormitory?! B-but this is where I'm supposed to be! The principal of the academy sent me mail with specific-”

She cut me off by grabbing me by my collar! What a rough girl! Can I even call this monster a girl?!


“Ha! Don't even TRY to act innocent! You're lucky I don't call the police now, you perverted beast!”


“Perverted beast?! I haven't even done anything! And I swear I'm the telling the truth, I was assigned here! L-look we could just go to the principal and she'll tell you the same thing!” I can't believe I was placed in a girl dormitory! This is one of those romantic scenes you'd expect from comics or a novel!


“Hmph! Fine we'll do just that, come with me you sex beast!” so now I'm a sex beast?!


“U-Uhm could I atleast ask your name?” I might as well try to talk to her despite what just happened.


“I don't really think you deserve to know but I'll tell you anyways. Elizabeth Haley is my name. Now do yourself a common courtesy and tell me yours, you perverted monster!” it just get's worse every time.


“I'm Alvis Roland. You saw, but I transferred in just now.” I figured she would've said something else but she just stayed quiet as we continued our stroll to the principals office. Finally reaching the office doors she burst through nearly scaring the hell our of the principal and started her rant against my living in the girls dorms.




I guess it's only natural a girl would be upset about a man living in the girls dorms but I swear it wasn't my fault! This was some benevolent grace- I mean curse by the heavens! Most guys, well that's not right, 90% of guys could only dream of this sort of development but having HER as a neighbor to my room is already a harsh reality! Elizabeth stormed out of the principals room in an angry fit. Hehe, it kind of feels good to see her storm off like that, serves her right for how she treated me! As I stood up principal Hermost interjected with a serious tone.


“Alvis. You do know this puts you at a very bad position right? The point I'm trying to make here is if you so much as put your hands on one of the girls in the dorms or make even the slightest mistake I'd be forced to out you from the dorms. And I wouldn't be able to just transfer you over to the males side, it'd become a scandal forcing me to expel you.” she said with the most serious expression I've ever seen.


“What?! But this isn't even my fault! Ahh what happened to my ideal college start?! My family and I have known you for a while now, can't you just swing me over the males side easily?”


“Theoretically yes. But like I said it'd be a scandal. The girls would be furious over a male who 'seized entry into the girls down' for who knows what purpose and then is conveniently switched over to the males side when convicted of a problem. See what I mean? Just be careful Alvis. That's all I'm saying. Also another word of advice, try to get on Elizabeth's good side. She's a bit cruel towards guys but she's an honest girl.”

I'm not sure if girl is the right term for her. She's an entirely different species of woman that shatters expectations!


Tired and exhausted from my trip combined with the bout with Elizabeth, I'll unpack tomorrow I need sleep now. I opened the door to the dormitory making sure to check the corners of any girls walking by and made quiet works to my room. Before opening my door I glanced over to the door next to mine...An honest girl huh? I opened my door, shut it and plopped myself on my bed.


Opening my eyes slowly I could hear the faint sound of the morning birds. I picked myself up off the bed and looked at the boxes stacked across the wall the desk is placed against.


“Better start unpacking.” carefully I began to open each box to see what was in what boxes. It only took and hour or two but everything was put away nicely. My computer rested firmly on my desk while I packed away myself a nice 24 inch TV to enjoy any new video games coming out. Of course I have the latest Mintendo Rii U and even Somy's PZ3 and Dicrosoft's Cbox 180. I can't leave home with my children!


“Phew, finally done! Hmm, I should probably visit the school so I can at least grasp my way around.” as soon as I opened my door looking to my left I saw Elizabeth open her door. She as wearing a surprisingly pretty one piece dress that slide down her stomach ending at her waist and her Capri’s fit the end.


“What're you looking at pervert?” she glared at me again. Is that way of greeting really necessary?!


“My name is not pervert, it's Alvis! But I guess that's too much for a gorilla girl to comprehend!” oh shit, I got so caught up in the moment I spoke too much!

“I-I'm kidding of course! Haha...” She was looking at the ground when I looked at her. Did I actually make her sad? She then grabbed me by my shirt and seemed ready to kill. Nope not sad, just angry!


“Any last words you perverted creepy idiot?” she smiled with her eyes shut, which gave off an even scarier feeling! It feels like I'm the one who belongs here, she should be in the boys dorm!


“I'm sorry, I'm sorry! A-Anyways what were you doing?” I tried to distract her from her anger towards me.


“I'm going to visit the school. Classes are going to start soon. Haa, is this the future of the world? Where they let idiots go to college these days?”

Every word felt like a painful arrow. If it wasn't for the fact I need a place to stay I would have left myself!


“Funny, I'm going the same way.”


“Don't follow me you stalker creep.”


“Isn't that schtick getting a little old?” I sighed.


“If it's the truth it doesn't matter.” she began to walk down the hallway.


“First of all I'm not a pervert, second I'm not a stalker and third I'm not a creep!” she stopped and turned towards me with another angry face. If only she smiled she'd be cuter.


“You're living in the girls dormitory that's perverted and creepy enough already!”


“You didn't say anything about being a stalker though.”


“Fine then you're just a perverted creep.” she stormed off out of the dorms for the school. I swear every time I argue with her I feel like I lost a ton of energy. This is harder on me than it is her! Hell even if I wanted to try something she'd be strong enough to kill me afterwards!


I continued on the route to school, it wasn't far at all and is only a short walk. Continuing through the main gates I saw another girl at the boards for the class arrangements. Apparently this school puts a copy up just in case someone loses their sheet or misplaces it. The girl at the board had short red hair, I was mystified by the color. So bright, so luscious I felt as if I was in a trance. She must have heard me walking by because she turned around with a gentle smile and looked at me with blue eyes that shone with purity.


“Oh, hello. Are you going here this semester too?” her voice was warm and calm the complete reciprocal of that gorilla next door!


“O-oh uhm, yeah I am! B-by the way I'm Alvis. Alvis Roland.” I was nervous and my heart was beating faster. Isn't this what they call love at first sight?


“My name is Maria Garnet. Nice to meet you! I hope we can be friends, it's scary starting university and not knowing anyone!”


“Y-yeah it is kind of nerve wracking isn't it?”


“Mhm. Oh, are you going to walk the school? Am I allowed to join you?” Hell yes! This girl is my ideal! My heaven! THANK YOU GOD!


“Of course you're allowed!” she smiled and thanked me with a gentle disposition. We talked about where we're from, what our hobbies are and how we found out about this college.


“So what are you going here for?” I asked her.


“Oh well...I'm not entirely sure. I do like to write though so I think I might take up a writing course and a club like journalism or something like that. Is that weird?”


“No not at all! To be honest, I wrote some short stories before, but It's been a while. Sadly writing is the only thing I can do haha.”


“No!” she grasped my hands tightly and it made my heart skip a beat!


“You shouldn't say that! Writing is one of the most honest ways of self expression. Desire, love, hate, sadness all forms of emotions are packed away into a single piece of writing! You should treasure what you write with all your heart! I'm sure you're a good writer too!”

She's so honest and so kind. No one has ever had that much faith in me and I just met her. She had just noticed my red face and her holding my hands that she blushed herself and quickly let go.


“S-sorry. B-but you really should treasure your skills closer to your heart!” I couldn't help but smile.


“Thank you Maria. You're really kind!”


“E-Eh!?” her face blew up in a red flush. “I-I-I-I'm not that great a person! Really! Honestly!” How adorable. I just want to hug her!


“Well you were the first person to ever have a strong faith in me and we just met haha. I couldn't help but call you nice.”

It was at this moment that I heard the rumbling of footsteps increasing in volume and then felt a huge pain in my side. I doppled over and looked up to see Elizabeth had given me a firm kick to my side. Maria looked panicked and confused all at once.


“I knew it! You are a perverted beast! Laying your hands on this innocent girl, you lewd monster!”


“Eh? Eh?” I could hear Maria's confused voice.


“I...I did nothing. We were simply talking...” Ow shit! She really kicked me good. I forced my body to stand up.


“What?! That kick should have rendered you motionless for a good 30 minutes...” she was biting thumb nail in displeasure.


“Are you trying to paralyze me?!”


“U-Uhm, Alvis who is she?”


“This...Is Elizabeth. She seems to have some HORRIBLE MISCONCEPTION of me.”


“Hmph! He's the pervert who's living in the girls dormitory!” No! It's all over now! Maria's going to hate me and think I'm gross too...


“Oh so he's the one who moved in recently. But Elizabeth, I think you have things all wrong.”


“Eh?” me and Elizabeth both retorted.


“I just had a conversation with Alvis and he's a very nice person! So I as his friend won't take such bad words being said about him!” Maria, will you marry me?


“B-but I'm just trying to help you!”


“And have you ever seen him do anything perverted?” Elizabeth's face went to one of complete loss.


“W-well no but-”


“Exactly. Until Alvis does anything bad he doesn't deserve all those bad words being said about him. Now say you're sorry an we can all start over new!”


“S...S...S-s...Waaaaah!!” Elizabeth ran off screaming. I guess she's not used to being confronted by another girl she was hoping to 'save'. Maria went back to her previous disposition.


“I'm sorry you had to see that side of me Alvis!”


“No it's alright. As much as it pains me to say, I'll check up on her later.”


“See? You're kind too!” she smiled so honestly I felt my cheeks get hotter again. After I cooled down I told her my issue with living in the girls dorms and she listened attentively and even went on to tell me that she moved there too.


“But just because I was right this time doesn't exclude you to do whatever you want! It is the girls dorm after all!”


“I swear I won't! I promise! I super ultra mega DOUBLE promise!” my pleading was so exaggerated she couldn't help but laugh which made me laugh in return. We walked back to the dorms and we said our goodbyes. Turns out she lives on the opposite wing of the dorms. After meeting Maria maybe living here isn't so bad after all! I walked to the second floor and knocked on Elizabeth's door.


“Elizabeth. I'm not mad at you even after all you said. Maria isn't mad either, she was just upset that's all!” I knocked on her door and called her name some more but she refused to answer the door. She didn't even talk back. I wonder if she was more upset than I thought. I can't believe she has ME feeling bad for her. Giving up, I went into my room and looked at my computer.


“You should treasure what you write with all your heart! I'm sure you're a good writer too!”


Treasure what I write huh? That really is the first time I've heard such encouraging words involving writing.


“I know then! Whatever journalism or writing club Maria joins I'll join too!” I laughed and thought to myself all night. I wore the right pajamas this time and went to sleep peacefully. Tomorrow university life finally begins! My social status is not over just yet!

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