Two Sides Of Earth

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Angel's And Rebirth

Submitted: January 16, 2012

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Submitted: January 16, 2012



Ring. Ring. Ring. The ringing phone wakes me up from my sleep. Groggily I slid my hand to the table next to the bed and flipped open my phone.



“Korbin, it's me your father.” Ugh...He's the last person I wanted to talk to. Don't get me wrong I love my dad but sometimes he's a bit nosy.


How are you feeling?”

“Tired. Other than that I'm alright.”


“Okay son, I just wanted to make sure. I know you're upset over Celina, but her funeral was-”


“Dad! I...I know. I'm fine really, don't worry about me I'll be fine.”


“Korbin...It wasn't your fault.” Click. I hung up the phone. I hate being rude to someone who's just trying to help me but I just don't want to hear it. After Celina's death a week ago. I just don't want to think about it too much.


Since I'm already awake I figured it's time to get dressed and go for a stroll. I put on a thin black collared jacket and black jeans since it's fall and slightly cold. Combing my hair is useless considering it's wavy so it will just be a mess. I walked out the door of my apartment to the homely town of Clairview. It's not a town big on shops but it has a lot of houses and apartment complexes. A few blocks down sits the library. It's painful to think that not even a week ago Celina and I would go there to study or to meet up. Memories are priceless, even the bad ones.


Thinking about it, I felt my feet naturally moving in the direction of the library. The library isn't big but it also isn't small for a single story library. The aroma of paper fills the air but that's common for a library. Now that I'm actually here what should I do? I moved down the sections aimlessly just browsing until a book piqued my interest. 'Necromantic Sorcery'. I was never into the supernatural but something about this book feels like it's calling out to me. I picked it off the shelves and sat down to begin reading what nonsense it has to show me. Flipping through the pages it's exactly as I thought, all superfluous garbage about sorcerer’s and warlocks.


“What?” I felt...Wind, inside a building WIND, blew slightly. It wasn't strong but it was powerful enough to flip multiple pages of the book and leave it on a different page.

What was that? That was...Odd.” Looking back to the book I see the title of the chapter is 'Angel's and Rebirth'. Let me repeat I am not too fond of the supernatural but this chapter. I felt compelled to read it, like it was meant for me.


'Angels, do you believe in them? Well you don't have to because let me tell you through the writing of this tome that they indeed exist. You're probably asking if Angel's exist why have I never seen them? That is because they live amongst the living. Shrouded in human skin, their halo invisible, their wings hidden. But make no mistake, Angel's are more deadly than any creature on this mortal plane. Angel's only hate one thing more than Devil's and that is the Human's they are supposed to protect.' This is all to strange to take in, but I am dragged in. I want to continue! I want to know more, I never liked the supernatural before so why now?


'Now that the back story is over with let's get down to the real reason I wrote this tome. The dead. They are motionless, cease all activity and their heart stopped. Humans like to believe that once a person has passed they are gone forever from Earth. This is simply not the case. The dead CAN be revived! A deceased person can be brought back to life with full conscious and reason! The reason why this has failed to happen though is due to the difficult task involved in doing so. A person must kill ten Angel's and take their feathers. Only then when the ten Angel's are dead and the feathers collected will the Water of Life be created from the combined feathers Drop of Life excretions! But a warning to whoever is brave enough to take upon this task. The Angel's are fierce murders. They will defend themselves and the Natural Order of Life till they can not move a millimeter more. They will hunt you down and eviscerate you where you stand. You have been warned.'


By the end of the chapter I was shaking...Angel's? Bring back the dead? It all flowed in so fast yet I gradually came to accept it. I left the book on the table and ran out the library. By the time I reached my apartment I was panting like if I ran a thousand meter race.

“If...Assuming that angel's...Really exist. I can bring back Celina!” I punched the wall near the building feeling the pain against my knuckles. But there's no way something like this is real right? It's all superfluous. It's all fake. Then...What if there is that one slim chance it's real? The chance it's real and I let it slip by my fingertips. Even if it's fake, it won't hurt to try right?


My only problem is...Where does one go finding an Angel? The book mentioned that Angel's disguise themselves amongst us. I already know this won't be easy.
“Where would Angel's be? They protect the Natural Order of Life but doesn't that also involve death? Death, Wait...Graveyard!”. I ran to the only graveyard I had in mind. The one Celina was buried at one week ago.


By the time I reached the gate I was practically out of breath. The sky is darkened with gray clouds, it will probably rain soon. I better make this fast so I don't get caught in it. I walked through the ominous cemetery cautiously expecting something yet not knowing what.


In the distance I heard something...It was very faint but it sounded like an instrument. I followed the sound till it grew louder. I could now identify it's a harp. But why would someone be playing a harp at night? In a cemetery no less. Turning the corner I can now see the figure of a person draped in a white robe. This person has very long blonde hair that sank down their back. I assume she's a girl due to the hair and body shape.


“Excuse me!” I called out. The music instantly came to a stop as the woman turned around. A beautiful woman with blue eyes faced me.


Korbin Jarius. Yes I knew you would come. The sound in the air told me so.”. Her voice is solemn and soft. Knew me? What does she mean?


“You know me? Alright but, who are you?”


“I am Symphonia. An Angel that you seek.” Upon her saying that a glowing halo faded into existence over her head and her wings sprouted from her back scattering many feathers around her. I'm stunned in place, I didn't believe that Angel's could be real. But this isn't the time to be paralyzed with amazement. I clenched my hands into fists ready to strike. She didn't say a word but simply smiled and giggled.

“You're...A funny one. I like that. Makes the joy of killing you more entertaining.”

“I...Thought you angel's are supposed to help humans?”


“Help? Please. You pathetic beings? All your kind does is murder one another it's sickening. And then I have to go through all this trouble just to route the souls to Heaven or send them to Hell. If I had the choice I'd kill you all simple as that.”. I clenched my fist tight and grinding my teeth in anger. It stung to hear Angel's the beings humans revel and pray to desecrate them like this! I mean they worship you as their savior!

“Oh! Are you getting mad? Poor dear...Allow me to play you a melody.”. She placed her fingers on her harp and begun to string the chords majestically. She looked like the very being she is meant to portray... I know better now. I ran towards her with my fist ready to strike when I felt a sharp pain in my brain.

“Agh!!” I fell to my knees in excruciating pain. Instinctively covering my ears, Ifelt a warm liquid on my hands. I'm bleeding from the ears! It's that song!! I struggled to stand up, the pressuring headache keeping me grounded.

“Don't worry Korbin. It will be over. It will all be over soon.”


The pain is burning! I feel like my head is going to explode any minute now! That's when the sound of thunder pierced her song. A roaring thunder that shook the skies and stopped her playing.

“What?” she screamed, as rain began to poor down from the sky. She looked flustered and disorganized. Her wings are wet hampering her from flying and the sound of the constant thunder is interrupting her song. This is my chance!


I dashed at her with all my speed and grabbed her harp throwing it behind me somewhere into the cemetery. When she finally realized what I had done I punched her so hard in the face she fell off the tombstone and skidded along the ground.


“You're nothing without your harp!”

“Am...I?”, she grabbed her halo throwing it at my legs. I fell over grabbing my legs trying to ignore the pain as blood oozed through my fingers. She staggeringly stood up with the halo firmly gripped in her hand. She spun around twice then threw the halo at me, I managed to roll over to dodge it, then noticed it flying back towards me. I stood up quickly and jumped over the halo rolling on the ground.
“Oh you're not that bad.”

She then spun around again and held the halo still in her hand. Flicking her wrist three more halo's slid out from the single one. She placed two between the fingers in both her hands. Crap what do I do now?! I looked to my side to see a large branch near a tree. I grabbed the branch and dashed towards her. She began to spin throwing all four of the halo's at me. One came at my side, I knocked it away with the branch, another to my other side and again I blocked with the branch. It was then the branch split in half leaving me with an end in both hands. The other two halo's came straight towards me, knocking one down with one branch. That end broke apart and the other halo I knocked away with the last piece, that end also breaking. I continued to dash at her. She went to block herself with her arms. Instead of attacking her I jumped above and grabbed her from behind.

“What the Hell do you think you're doing?!”

“Ending this!”


“What are you-” she turned forward to see all the four halo's flying straight at herself trying to aim for the me that's behind her.

“You bastard!!” It was then three halo's impaled her chest and stomach the last one pierced into her neck. Blood trailed down from the holes in her body. Releasing my grip, her body fell and the halo's shine died off and shattered. I knelt down next to her and plucked one of the feather's on her wings and stuffed it into my pocket. I turned back, her body for some reason glowing. Her body began to dissipate into small particles of light that dispersed and ascended into a shimmering hole in the clouds. Nothing remained of the angel Symphonia.

I stared into the sky for a while comprehending what exactly I have just done. The rain dropped onto my body like a heavy burden. I then realized...This task is a dark and long one.

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