Two Sides Of Earth

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Chapter 10 (v.1) - A Rose For The Truth

Submitted: February 16, 2013

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Submitted: February 16, 2013




 It's been a few days since Manus was murdered. He was clearly silenced. But by whom? I figure another angel. A rose fell from the sky and spiked spines rose from the earth. Seems the next angel is rather pesky.


“The angel hasn't shown up yet. I expected it to show itself by now.” I mean, there's no point in wasting much time anymore. There are only two angels left I need to finish off, then my quest is complete. I'm nervous, antsy and excited all at the same time. It's like the emotions are being stirred in a pot and becoming one big mess. I turned toward the draw which shielded the little notebook Bell adored.


“Don't worry Bell...It's almost over. Then you can truly rest.”


“Hoho, still caring for the fallen angel?” a woman's voice resonated through ears. I turned around to see her sitting on one of my open window sills. Her hair is a brightly tinted red downed long and wavy and her eyes glowed a fascinating green. She's clearly an angel but somethings odd...Her outfit mainly. It's...A dominatrix suit?!


“Speechless in front of me? It's alright, most men are.” Not so much speechless as I am flabbergasted. I noticed at her side is a whip with spikes and at the end of the whip, where one holds it, is a design of a rose. It must be her!


“You're the one who killed Manus a few days ago aren't you?”


“That would be me! Catch on quick don't you? Well...Not like I was ever hiding the fact.”


“Well by the Rose designs and the rose you threw, you definitely made it easier.”


“That's good. I hate dragging things on. It bores me. I like to have fun with my toys.” She drew herself a crooked smile. Stepping off the still and onto my apartment floor, with a near snap of her fingers the Life Containment Field activated. Not much for small talk is she?! I ran for the gloves but before I could grab them her whip whisked them away towards her.


“So this is the weapon you used to kill our kin? Haha, interesting!”


I stared at her, powerless without those gloves.


“Oh don't give me that stare honey, you're going to run chills down my body!” This girl...She's weird.


“These gloves, do you honestly comprehend their power?”


“Their power?” I questioned. I mean, sure they give me an increase in speed and strength.


“It's not just what you might think it is boy. These gloves hold a terrible power to them. One I'm sure you've felt by now.” Does she mean...Against the battle with Manus and Falce?


“Here, have your gloves back. I prefer when my prey fights back!” With that, she whipped the gloves at me. Catching the gloves, I immediately donned them.


“Now let's begin darling.~”


“I'm not your darling!” She stared at me with sly eyes, eyes of a hunter enjoying a thrill. I can't get close to her with that damn whip but...I have to get close somehow. I quickly glanced at my table, I grabbed one of the legs and ferociously ripped it off. There, maybe I can entangle her whip with this!


I walked towards her. She gently raised her hand and cracked the whip my direction. All I have to do is have her whip latch onto this wooden peg! Rosa smiled cunningly, twisting her wrist she bent the angle and direction of the whip. The whip shook and a pain was flung at my left leg. The direction she changed it to is my leg? Shit, those spines hurt more than the actual impact!


“I love it when my toys struggle! Ahaha! Go on, bleed some more! It'll just turn me on so much more!~”


“You crazy woman!”


“Thanks!” With another twist of her wrist and the added motion of her arms, I'm being slapped with whip after whip. My legs, arms and even my chest are beginning to be covered in rips and cuts! It's not super painful yet, but the more she gives me the more they all hurt! In short, she's torturing me. This isn't going to be as simple as my previous battles or my luck with the last few!


I charged energy in my right hand and aimed it directly at her. In a swift spin, she changed her motion and the whip gently reflected my attack.




She laughed like a Queen looking down on her subjects. “Are you finally understanding our difference in power? You only get yours from luck and those gloves of yours.”


Tch...I can't disagree with her there, it's damn true.


“If this is all you have, then I'm going to get bored rather fast Korbin dear.”


She bent and changed her position as if she was dancing and the whip is her ribbon. Twirling it around with the ease of motion. I watched her almost mesmerized in her “dance”. Rosa stuck the whip tip of the whip into my apartment floor where it became completely submerged.


“What did you do?” I'm confused, I can't figure out what shes planning. She responded with that same conniving smile. Then suddenly, I heard the snap of floorboards and the whip rushed at my left side, completely ripping apart the skin on my left.


“GAAH!” It hurts! It really hurts!! The spins bit into my tissue and the force the whip rose from burns! The whip slowly retracted itself back into Rosa's hands.


“Pft, you're weak. This is boring. Guess I'll just end it and go back to Heaven.” She flicked her wrist almost instantly and within seconds, before I could find time to react, the whip is circled around my neck. I could feel my neck getting warmer and warmer. Blood is falling from my neck as the spines poked my fragile skin. The grip got tighter and tighter! I have to stop it! I grabbed the ends of the whip and tried to pull it apart. I had no luck, I can breathe slightly more now but now both my neck, sides and hands are bleeding. I'm not sure how much strength I can muster with so much lost blood!


“Die Korbin! You're no longer fun!” She pulled on her end, the whip forcing itself tighter around my neck, despite my efforts to hold it back. Gh...Harder to...Breathe. My breathe coming closer to an halt and my eyesight fading black, it feels like this is the end...


“Well...Either way I'll end up with Celina and Bell.”


“Ha! Whoever said we'd allow you, angel killer, in Heaven? That's a funny joke!” Shit...It's no joke at all! I fell to my knees with less and less energy. This can't be the end...Can it?


“You can't die yet!” I heard...A familiar voice. I opened my eyes enough to catch a glimpse of a blonde girl in a white coat throw the wooden peg I dropped on the floor at Rosa. The peg was enough to distract her where I could pull off the whip. I gasped for breathe as if I had just come back from the dead.


“What...Taylor?! How did you get here?!”


“I-I'm not sure! I was late to work today, so I was still home and when I woke up I was in this weird field space!”


“But how were you not affected?”


“I guess being so close to you all the time and being in it a few times has made me able to move in it or something, look now's not the time! Are you alright?!”


“I'm fine...” I forced my legs to push me up. I looked at Rosa who visually, looked rather miffed at being interrupted.


“Damn woman, I hate being interrupted but what I hate more are meddlesome women!” As if pent up rage has been released, various vine like spines rose from the bottom of the apartment. I grabbed Taylor's hand and ran out the door with her.


“Hold on tight!”


“R-Right!” she replied, compliant.


Running down the stairs out of the apartment, vines with spikes continued to engulf the apartment complex. Jumping over and pulling Taylor around the vines while running was difficult but we finally made it outside. Panting I tried to catch my breathe.


“Korbin look!” Taylor screamed, pointing at the complex behind me. I turned around to be completely shocked. The building had been completely engulfed by overgrowth. From bottom to top and even extended into some of the buildings on it's sides. This is crazy?! She has this much power? Is the whip a weapon she only uses at the beginning or something?!


“Ho, looks like you weren't skewered trying to escape. How disappointing...” Rosa had spines rip through the walls of the apartment to use as stairs to bring her from my top floor window to the ground. As soon as she touched the ground, even that, became tainted with spike vine overgrowth.


“So is this your power?”


“Who knows? I haven't ever had to not use my whip before. You should feel proud knowing you go this far!” With the snap of her finger vines ruptured through the ground and flew towards me at a shocking pace. Between stepping to the side and bending my back, I made myself able to dodge her attacks. She didn't appear phased, then it hit me! I turned around to see the vines flying towards me from behind. I shot them with rapidly drawn energy and ran to the side.


“Taylor?!” I almost forgot about her! I don't see her, she must have run away to a safe spot. That's good, one less worry I have. I looked back at Rosa clear anger in my face.


“Ohh, how frightening! Stop staring at me with such eyes, you're gonna make me blush!” This girl...I can't get close, yet I can't stay far away. Then, I thought of something.


“Well, it's worth a shot!” I charged straight at her.


“Come straight to your death? I love a man that takes initiative!”


To attack me, she sent vines right my way, perfect! I jumped and landed on the vines, running along their pole shaped design. My feet were pricked but if this works, it's not much of a problem! Vines continued to fly at me, jumping and hopping I changed from vine to vine, getting closer to her.


“Impudent...!” She screeched. Closing in, I jumped one final time pushing myself into the sky. With a ball of energy I charged in my right hand, I flew down on her with my arm out! This is it! She attempted to blocked the attack with her vines, but the energy was strong enough to rip through them! I can mak-


“Fool!” She lifted up her leg and high kicked me square in the chin with her heel. The energy faded and I fell flat on my back. I can't sit here! I immediately rolled to the side and thank the Gods I did too because a vine erupted it's way through the ground where I laid.


“Did you truly think that would work? Well, I must admit you did have me somewhat terrified.”


“Damn it, is there nothing I can do?”


“You're pretty fun after all, let me tell you something then.” She relaxed herself into a vine made chair, without the spikes of course.


“I did tell you those gloves hold some power didn't I? But I didn't exactly tell you what KIND of power. Those gloves, are a product not of Mid Land, not of Earth.”


“What do you mean?”


“Oh come now, you're not this stupid are you? Don't tell me you thought human hands made those gloves! Those gloves were forged for a single reason. And that reason, is to kill. I'm sure you felt it already. An incredible forcing power. A power to murder. A power to kill. Those gloves are filled with the hate and anger a person has. Fueled by those emotions those gloves can make the darkest of wishes come true and for that purpose that those gloves can kill.”


“But wait, if these gloves are made to kill, why haven't I killed any regular people then?”


“It's fueled by your emotions of hate and anger. Your hate and anger is placed upon us angels as the opposing force to you. Even though we ARE just doing our job. Listen Korbin and listen well. Those gloves were forged not on Earth and not in Heaven. Can you guess where?”


“Where else is there?” I had my hunches about this. But...I never decided to really question it. I mean, I just put these on and I have the power to kill angels and bring back Celina. Why should I have worried over something that helps me?


“Those gloves, were forged in the flames of Hell. They weren't some byproduct by your plane. Those gloves were forged in Hell. Now, that should come as an easy answer as to why your hate and anger fuels a drive to kill. And especially why you can kill angels with this power.”


“Hell...You're trying to tell me these gloves were made in Hell? But I went to a local store and they were there!”


“Let me ask something then. Did you find those gloves on a regular shelf in the store?”


“N-No. It was in some back area that seemed really odd.”


“Exactly. You ca try to snuff off the truth but those gloves were made in Hell. You wearing those and the fact you've killed eight of my kin, is a strong enough reason to have you as our enemy. I think I've said enough now.”


“But wait, if these were made in He-” No time to talk, she already began to send a barrage of vines my way. I dodged to the side to avoid them. Guess she really IS done with talking!


I have no choice but to get in close! I ran straight towards her. Vines flew in my direction. Punching and knocking them away with my hands, I continued to run forward. In her face for the second time, I prepped a fist and punched towards her. She blocked it with a shield of vines yet this time I won't stop!


Jumping up I went above her vines and kicked her square in the head with my heel.


“How does it feel to be kicked too?” I remarked.


“Tch...” She raised her arm as vines came from the ground again, nearly piercing my sides. I grabbed her arm and pulled her through her own vines. Her body, pricked and scrapped, I threw her to the ground. I grabbed her neck with both my hands. I want to end this quickly...I began to choke her. Her body writhed in agony and her face started to lose color. She tried to pry my hands free but I did not let go. She even had vines whipping at my back, I grit my teeth to suck up the pain.


“I'm sorry I have to do Rosa...But I'm so close I can't give up now!” With my resolve set, I grabbed her neck tighter and her writhing body came to a slow shake and then stopped. The vines retreated back into the Earth and her hands fell to the ground. I looked at her body, plucked a feather and quickly averted my gaze. The Life Containment Field dissipated like always. I slid the feather into my jeans pocket and watched the apartment complex return back to how it was before.


“Forged in Hell huh...” I looked at the gloves on my hands. These gloves have let me kill angels, for Celina, no. For my own selfishness of wanting Celina back. I don't care if these gloves are from Hell or whatever! As long as I can bring Celina back...See Celina again. I'll do it. I have to do it! She was wrongly murdered and I will have her back!


I walked up to my apartment. I placed the gloves on my table and the feather with the rest of the pile.


“Only one more feather, then I can collect the Drops of Life for the Water of Life to bring Celina back. It...Feels like such a long time ago that I started this path.” Was it the right one? The wrong one? I have been telling myself it's the right path but what if in the end? It's all been wrong?

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