Two Sides Of Earth

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Uninvited Guests

Submitted: February 29, 2012

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Submitted: February 29, 2012



 It's been a few days since I killed Symphonia, an Angel. If someone asked me prior, I would have dismissed the thought as outlandish. If you ask me now, I can confirm it with my own memories. The angels are dangerous. I barely escaped the fight with the first and I have to defeat nine more?

“I can't give up...I have to continue what I started. For Celina...” I picked myself up out of bed and reached into my jacket pocket pulling out Symphonia's feather.

“I have one...But how am I going to be able to find the other angels?”. I sighed in frustration to my own questions and pushed the feather back into my pocket. KNOCK KNOCK. A visitor? I never get a visitor. I put on my jacket and went close to the door looking through the eyehole but I couldn't make out the person from the old cracked glass.


Who is this?” I asked.

“It's your new neighbor, I just wanted to introduce myself is all.” it's the voice of a girl. Having neighbors isn't an uncommon thing when living in an apartment building but rarely are they this sociable. I opened the door to see her. Admittedly she is very beautiful and no older than eighteen. Her skin is clearly maintained along with her blonde hair neatly pinned in a ponytail. Her eyes gave off a green shine that felt soothing.

“What can I do for you?”

“Oh nothing I just wanted to chat. You see I just recently moved in right next door and it's lonely having no friends so I decided to make some. Nothing wrong with that right?”

“No, nothing at all. What brings you to Clairview? It's not the most interesting town.”


“I'm volunteering at a nearby hospital. I'm training to be a nurse so I need all the experience I can get!”. That's understandable, if I had any clue of what I wanted to do for a living I'd probably be working for that goal as well.


“Well I better get going, gotta settle in. Oh right! My names Taylor!”

“I'm Korbin, nice to know you.”

“You too, better get going! See ya!” and with that she ran off.


“Well isn't that a surprise. A new neighbor and a rather hyper one too.” I grabbed my jacket and walked out the door. I need to find the angels and quickly. “I need all the experience I can get!”, can't day I don't agree with that. I want this to end as soon as possible. I checked my wallet to see how much money I had left, luckily I had enough for lunch. I walked to the mall which isn't too far away. The mall was packed with people from corner to corner especially the food court. I grabbed my meal and ate it fast.


“Looks like I still have time to spare, might as well walk around.” Walking to the east section of the mall something weird started to happen. The feather in my pocket began to glow. It was a slow flash but as I continued to walk deeper into the mall the flash became brighter and longer.


“Is it leading me somewhere?” I questioned. Following the glowing I saw a person walk out of a store in an unconventional white robe.


“Damn it! Can't even get good service these days...Huh?” the man looked at me, staring intently. Can he be...An angel? His clothing is similar to Symphonia's but...


“Hey you! Yeah YOU! What'cha want starin' at me like that?” he barked at me like some delinquent. His dark blue hair was rising in spikes and his eyes are a fiercely red.


“Oh...n-nothing.” I turned around and began to walk away until I felt a cold touch upon my shoulder.


“Oh I know what'cha want. It's my wings ain't it? Or more accurately my feather.” I jumped at his sudden touch and remark. I turned around to face him. He was behind me in a flash.


“Well would'ja look at that. It's Symphonia's feather. Bah, whatever! She was always useless, unlike me haha!”


“Your way of talking is annoying me.” I said. He looked at me with a confused and angry face but it soon turned into laughter.


“Haha! Ain't you a riot Korbin. Yeah I know your name, we all do. Listen kid if you think that all angels are as easy as Symphonia was then you're mistaken. I, Iacio can prove that!” he reached into his sleeves with the opposite hands and pulled out two silver pistols pointed right at me. I began to shake. I didn't expect guns and I'm unarmed!


“Oooh look at you shake. Bet'cha didn't expect these huh? Let me give you a little warning, not like it matters though, even if you stop your hunt now. I just MIGHT let you go if ya did though.” of course he said all this with both guns still pointed directly at me. I swallowed whatever saliva had built up in my throat.


“I will not stop. I'm going to finish what I started!” I stood ready for anything despite my legs still shaking.


“Hahahaha!! You really are somethin'. Fine, don't cry for ya momma when you're all bloody and broken. Life Containment Field, activate!” he pointed a finger into the air when a star symbol appeared and expanded across the whole mall. The area became silent, the people motionless. Not a single thing was moving.


“This is a Life Containment Field, or LCF for short. In layman’s terms its to preserve humans lives if we ever happen to get into a fight. That way if any humans are accidentally killed they will be rebuilt when the battle is over, including any damage. And as a bonus it keeps our identities secret. Pretty nifty huh?” I could care less about what was going on around me, I had to keep my eyes focused on those pistols. One wrong step and I'm done!


“Tell ya what, I'll give ya a 30 second head start. Better get running, 29...28...”. I took his advice and ran as fast as my legs would let me. I quickly glimpsed at the stores trying to find some sort of weapon I could defend myself against for just a little while! I saw an iron pole holding up some clothes and darted towards it. I ripped off the clothes as quickly as I could and took the iron pole out of its stand and ran through the mall with it clenched in my hand. BAM! I stopped in time right in front of a bullet shot at the tip of my foot. Looking upwards I see Iacio is flying above me, aiming his guns directly at me. So now he shows his halo and wings...


I ran under the overpass hoping to obstruct him and dashed into a toy store. I hid between the shelves keeping my breathe silent, hoping to hear him enter. Not even a full five seconds later I saw him burst through the wall and shelves aiming his guns at me again. This time he was shooting rapidly at me, I twisted in a zig-zag pattern and ran out of the store avoiding the bullets ever so slightly. I saw the escalator leading up to the second floor and ran up it quickly, pushing any frozen people out of my way.


“Sorry! You'll be healed anyways I won't!” I made it up the escalator and saw Iacio fly up from below shooting at my feet once again.


“HAHA! Dance puppet DANCE!!” that freak! I continued to run with the pole tightly gripped in my hands. If only I could get him to land. How...How?! I looked up at the ceiling and had an idea. I ran to one of the food stalls and grabbed as much metal materials as I could hold.


“What? Gonna cook me a meal?” he mocked.


“Yeah and that meal is your death!” I threw the materials at the ceiling. The ceiling was glass and the metal went right through it causing glass shards to fly down on Iacio. I hid under a table to protect myself from the falling shrapnel.


“What?!” the glass shards fell and impaled Iacio and his wings, forcing him to the ground. I grabbed the pole once more and jumped off the second floor aiming the sharpest point at Iacio's body. He faced me and shot continuously at me grazing my arms, my side and my legs luckily none of them seemed vital. I ignored the pain and flew down at him. SMASH! I landed on the ground fracturing the stone floor, at the last second Iacio rolled out of the impact zone. Grabbing the pole with both hands I swung around it kicking Iacio in the face who had just got up.


“Gah! You mother fu-” I leaped at him and punched him in the jaw shutting him up. I heard a crack not knowing if it was his jaw snapping or my fist making contact. He dropped one of his pistols which I rolled to grab and aimed at him. He aimed his remaining pistol at my heart. Blood was spilling out of us both. Mine from the gun grazes and him from the glass shards. This is the last stand. I held my breath to aim more accurately. It's now...Or never. BAM.


Both shots echoed in the silent mall. I felt a searing pain in my left shoulder. My shoulder was shot deeply and blood was squirting from the wound. I grit my teeth and gripped my shoulder, then turned my head back to Iacio. He stood there his white robe turning red at his chest and wobbling back and forth until he fell over with a thud. I did it...I killed him. I dropped the gun and slowly walked towards Iacio.


“Gotta...Get the feather...Before...I pass out.” I staggeringly made my way to him and plucked a feather with my shaking fingers, putting it into my pocket. I soon toppled and fell to the ground myself. I looked at Iacio's body, the halo's glow died off and his body began to shine. It as as if his body was converting into light. After his entire body was engulfed in the glow the light flew into the sky and soon vanished. The world around returned to normal and my world turned black.


Beep. Beep. Beep. I regained consciousness to the sound of rhythmic beeping. I opened my foggy eyes and looked around. The room is plain white and coupled with a heart monitoring machine, a few closets and a large window. I'm resting in a hospital bed. Someone must have noticed my body and called for an ambulance. I started to to rise but my shoulder stung with pain forcing me to lay back down. Knock Knock. I looked to the door and a blonde girl in a nurses attire walked in.


“Mornin' sleeping beauty.” she giggled.



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