Two Sides Of Earth

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Guilt and Anger

Submitted: April 06, 2012

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Submitted: April 06, 2012



Ok so I beat Iacio, that's good. I'm in a hospital and vulnerable to attack, that's bad. I have a cute nurse who's my next door neighbor, that's good. Possibility of her finding out my little secret, that's bad. Weighing the pros and cons...Seems useless. I sighed in discontent.


“What's wrong Korbin?” Taylor asked leaning over towards me. Admittedly for a girl working in a hospital she smelled nice.


“Nothings wrong, you know, besides the searing pain in my shoulder. Other than that nothing.” I rebuked. She pouted and poked my forehead forcefully.


“For an injured guy you sure are snappy. But now that I think about it what happened to you? I heard from the doctor there were...Gun wounds. Are you...-” I cut her off.


“No no! I don't work mafia, or gang or whatever! I was just...At the wrong place at the wrong time.” her face went from tense and serious to light and happy, a face I can get used to seeing.


“Oh! Ok, that's good! I was a little worried there, but I know you're a good guy! Hey listen, I gotta go check on other patients but I'll definitely be back okay? See ya!” with that, she skipped off. I slowly pushed myself up, sitting up in the hospital bed that's laid at an angle. “Ouch!” I gripped my shoulder feeling the pulse of pure pain.


“Damn that angel...Wait, where's my jacket?!” It just occurred to me that my jacket wasn't with me and that jacket is what holds two feathers. My keys to resurrecting Celina with the Water of Life! I tried to slide out of bed but the abrasions on my leg from the bullets burned. In a sense I was trapped. I'll just have to wait for Taylor to come back and I can ask her. In the mean time, I'll...Sleep...


My eyes jutted open to the feeling of a presence nearby. I'm not sure why but I can feel something. Something horrible. I jerked forward and looked out the window. It was dark, night had rolled over before I even knew it. I could see something moving in my room in the distance. “Who's there!” I screamed. The figure jumped up and backed into the wall. “Ow!!” shrieked a high pitched voice.


“Wait...Taylor?” she flicked the room lights on and walked up to my bedside.


“God Korbin, I said I'd be back! I was busier than I thought so I took a while longer, no reason to scream all defensively!” she was clearly upset. Sorry Taylor but I can't tell you WHY I get defensive... “Geez...Anyways, is there anything you need?”


“Yeah, as a matter of fact there is. My jacket. Where is it?” she looked at me a little confused then as if it hit her she walked into the closet and pulled out a scraped, cut up and bloodied jacket that belongs to me.


“This jacket?”

“Yes it's the only one!”

“Okay, okay calm down! My God you've been edgy since you woke up! And to think all I'm doing is helping.” she turned around a bit miffed.


“Alright, look I'm sorry. Still you can't blame a guy who was nearly killed for being defensive right?” she looked at me suspiciously but only sighed and smiled once again.


“True! I shouldn't have been so haughty anyways. Well I gotta help the secretaries out then I'm going home. You stay healthy and get better, alright?” honestly she's more like an older sister than a neighbor girl.


“Yeah yeah, I got it. Not like I can go anywhere anyways.” I smirked with my cheesy but witty comment. She merely stuck her tongue out at me and left. I don't like this fact of being injured and alone. I don't know when or if an angel might appear. Luckily with the feathers navigation it should indicate if one is nearby or not. I'm not completely out of luck! I laid back to relax and my eyes slowly began to close.


It was then my eyes were forced to open yet again at the feeling of another presence. “Taylor?” I looked at my jacket hanging in the closet, the pocket is...Glowing...The feathers! Which means...An angel!


“Ssss...Not quite boy. Though close, we're both chicks.” The angel flicked the light switch on and standing there is a tall girl with violet hair in a blaze and a cutlass in her hand resting on her shoulder. “Names Lamina! How ya doin' kid?” she mockingly asked.


“Fine...You?” she grinned and laughed a tad.


“Well aren't you the fine jokester! It's a shame I have to kill you.”

“You don't necessarily have to kill me. You could just turn around and let me take a feather.”


“Some jokes you can take too far boy...” she placed one foot violently on the bed and aimed the cutlass between my eyes. I pushed the sword slightly to the side AWAY from my face.


“Now now, no need to be hasty...Right?” she slammed the sword right through the mattress and eased her face close to mine, so close I could feel the fire in her eyes.


“You're sure interesting boy...Make sure to excite me, I hate boring fights!” she removed her sword swiftly and I, feeling she's on the offense, rolled out of bed. I forcefully ignored the pain in my shoulder and limply skipped through the halls of the hospital. She calmly walked out of the room and snapped her fingers, the area entering the Life Containment Field. “Not to place you at dooms door but you're injured and unarmed how do you expect to win? You can run but I'll hunt you down! I don't care how long it takes!” she grinned a wide, twisted smile.


As much as I wanted to cast it out of my mind she's right. I'm at a terrible disadvantage on several fronts! I limped down the hallway looking for the nearest stairs when I heard her shout at me.


“Yo boy! You know this chick?” I turned around to see her holding Taylor in a headlock. Despite the Containment Field still being up and Taylor not being able to be injured, I got enraged seeing that angel touch Taylor. The angel spun her sword around in her wrist as she continued to speak.

What a nice bod this chicks got. No wonder you like talking to her.” she laughed.


“Let her go!” I shouted.


“Aw but I want to talk to her too.” her face turned serious as she lifted up her blade to Taylor's neck. I gulped down building saliva from this tension. I know she'll be safe...I know it!


“I bet you're thinking she'll be safe right? If she gets hurt she'll be rebuilt right? Wrong. I can alter the affects of the field and make it so that she can move just like us. Now if she happened to get stabbed during this...Well she won't be healed like the others.” she looked at Taylor with pretentious pitying eyes. I clutched a fist, my hands shaking not from fear but from anger I gathered from her words.


“OH! Such a scary face boy! It excites me!” she licked her cutlass tenderly. “Want to know a secret? This cutlass, Interfectorem, is quite special. It can slice through anything. Stone? Easy. Steel? Easy. Humans? Even easier. I will step on you like the roach you are! Oh right...But this poor girl. I kind of feel bad for her having gotten involved with a Hunter such as yourself.” I bit my lip. Her words stung, I already knew Taylor getting herself involved with me is dangerous. I should have...pushed her away, no matter how mean I was! This is my fault...I don't want to be the cause of another girls death...Not again. But at least this time, I can protect her with any means necessary!


I ran down the nearest staircase. Luckily I wasn't on a high floor and could make it to the ground floor in no time. By the time I reached the bottom floor my legs were aching in pain from the previous battle but there is no way I'm going to let this drag me down! Turning to the side I could see Lamina sitting in a waiting room chair and a still bodied Taylor placed upright in the seat over. Don't worry Taylor, I will make sure you're unharmed!


“Boy this chase is boring me, you're far too slow. Maybe I should have waited till you healed...Ah whatever, let's just end this.” she flew into the air with her sword in hand. Thankfully she left Taylor in the chair but I can't be sure she's safe for good. I looked around for any possible weapon to defend myself but she said her sword...Interfectorem I think, can cut through anything! How am I supposed to fight against that?! And I thought guns were bad enough! I ran down the hallway towards the cafeteria.


“Maybe the cafeteria kitchen will have something!” I burst through the doors and hopped to the kitchen. I scuffled through the draws and hanging pots only finding a few knives and cleavers. I placed two cleavers in my hands and a knife attached to my shoes by the shoelaces. The best thing I can do is aim for Lamina and not the sword itself. I ran through the door back to the cafeteria. Lamina thrust the cutlass towards my head, I ducked with keenness and sliced the cleaver at her face. She easily pulled back and the sword flew with her. She hovered gently over the tables.


“Haha! You think kitchen tools are going to help you? Man it truly makes me wonder why God loves you pathetic humans so much. Oh I know! He must look down and truly pity you all!” she flew down directly at me, her sword pointed in front. I slid to the side, she realized I dodged so she planted her feet on the ground and sliced the sword at my side, I managed to barely dodge it. She slices again and again constantly with strict succession and like before I ducked and dodged as I had to. I could not touch that sword or else I'll lose the only weapons and only advantage I have!


“Stop moving you prick!” she barked.


“I would but you're trying to kill me, soooo...Yeah not happening.” her face glowed red with anger after that remark. She jumped into the air and hovered there flapping her wings.


“Fine, you want to play games? So can I!” she lifted her sword in the air as it began to glow whiter. She swung the sword and a powerful wave of energy flew towards my direction. In quick haste I rolled out of the way but felt a surging pain. Recoil due to my shoulder still being wounded. She continued to swing her sword sending mass arrays of this energy at me. I got up and ran despite the pain in my legs. Running around the cafeteria the energy waves are getting closer. I have to run! I turned and ran straight to Lamina. I threw one of the cleavers towards Lamina, forcing her to stop and duck. I then took that moment and swung at her with the remaining cleaver. I sliced directly across her chest ripping her clothes. She almost immediately wrapped her arms around herself.


“You fucking pervert! How dare a disgusting human like you degrade me in a such a way!” she's furious!


“You're trying to kill me and you worry about your chest being exposed?!” I retorted. I then noticed her smirk a wild grin. Wait, where's her sword?!


“What?!” I an object above her pointed at me. It's her sword! She lured me in! The sword flew down at amazing speeds. I jumped backwards trying to avoid the sword...CRASH! It slammed into the ground missing me by approximately four inches. That's WAY too close! Lamina descended to grab her sword. I reached out for the cleaver that fell out of my hand. Grabbing it before Lamina could grab her sword back, I threw the cleaver at her. She narrowly side stepped it but that gave me time to grab her cutlass and pull it out of the ground. Her face was a mixed expression of anger and perplexion.


“Give me back Interfectorem! It's not meant for humans!”

“Do me a favor...And shut the Hell up!!” I raised the sword up just as she did to me and the sword emitted a strong glow. Aha! I swung it down on her as the wave energy crashed into her body ripping wounds all over the front of her body. I can do this!


“So you think you've won? You think this is it?! PLEASE! I'm not the last angel and you will never get to see the last angel! You'll die before you do!! Before I'm killed...I have one last thing to do.” she snapped her fingers as heavenly light rained from the ceiling of the cafeteria and out from it the still bodied Taylor descended into Lamina's bloodied arms. Shit!


“Hahaha! Come on, kill me! KILL ME!! Oh, you can't? You're worried over this dear girl aren't you? Well you don't have to be...Since she'll be dead with you!” Lamina's finger glowed with a tender light, as she touched Taylor on her forehead, the dark colors around Taylor's body became normalized and she began to blink out of her stasis.


“No! No! I don't want her involved! Why?! Why can't you just fight me and leave her alone!!” I screamed at Lamina with feelings of anger and guilt. Taylor awoke and looked at the angel holding her.


“W-What? Who-What are you? An angel? Did I...Die? But...That makes no sense! I-I was just-” she turned to me, battered and beat up with a cutlass in my hand. “K-Korbin? Is that you? What's...What's going on?” she staggeringly said with short breathes chopping her sentences.


“I...I didn't want you involved Taylor. This isn't right! You...You shouldn't be awake. You shouldn't be HERE! You're not supposed to see me! Of all people...” I dropped to my knee's in regret. I completely fazed out the cackling laugh of Lamina's. All I can think about is what Taylor's going to think. What she's going to say. What she's going to do. She jumped out of Lamina's arms and ran over to me. Kneeling down she reached my height.


“Korbin...What's going on? Why do you have a sword? And why are you all wounded?” she was asking all sorts of questions. This is only to be expected. I'm short on breathe. I could barely think. I don't want anything bad to happen to her. No she's at risk! I tightly gripped the sword and stood up, using the sword as a cane.


“Listen Taylor...This might be all hard to believe but it's real ok? Just...Stay out of my way and you should be safe. Now go, hide!” she didn't say anything. She only looked at me with concerned eyes filled with fear and confusion. She knew I know what's going on. She obediently hid behind the counter of the cafeteria.


“How does it feel Korbin? To put ANOTHER girl at risk? HMM? Does it...Sicken you? Does it...Tear you apart?!” she disgustingly continued to laugh. I clutched the cutlass and lashed out at her arm. She screams in pain as the cutlass cleanly cut through her skin and tissue.


“Oh look...It CAN cut through anything. Especially angels...” My mind is filled with thoughts of hate and anger towards the angels and currently Lamina. I slashed again and again and again. Blood fell to the floor in an array of patterns. The movements flowed like a dance as her skin and muscles were being sliced apart. I can hear the crying and whimpering of Taylor in the background. I did this. This is my fault. I'm not strong enough! With every thought that plagued my mind I sliced at Lamina faster and stronger. Lamina screamed violently and without me realizing I had cut off her right arm.


“Hehe...It cuts so cleanly...” I sliced at her left arm cutting straight through the bone and skin watching it fall to the ground twitching as if still attached. Lamina continued to scream and began to cry in her excruciating pain. Her limbs were cut and blood was oozing out of both wounds. Yet she lives...Tormented. “How does it feel Lamina? Does it...Sicken you to be cut by your own sword? How does it feel...To be teared apart?” she shook her head fearfully, her mouth moving but no words relayed. I raised the sword up and looked down at Lamina with the dark relentless eyes.


“Please...No...” she choked on her blood as she pleaded to me. I gave no remorse. I swing the sword down on her and mercilessly chopped off her head with her own blade. Her neck gushed blood, the body dropped and her head rolled across the cafeteria floor. I plucked a feather from her motionless wings and stuffed it into my pants pocket. The heavenly light descended down on Lamina and carried her body, turning it into light particles and ascending into the sky. Interfectorem soon after exploded into light and disappeared from this world. Damn...I liked that sword too. I walked back to Taylor who was still whimpering behind the counter.


“Taylor?” I gently asked. She looked at me with red eyes filled with tears. She leaped at me and hugged me still sniffling and tearing.


“Oh Korbin! What is this?! What's going on! You have to tell me, please! Y-You were so scary...B-But this is a dream right? Haha...Yeah, yeah! It's...” I hugged her tighter before she could continue. The Life Containment Field vanished and all was restored except for my wounds and Taylor's mental scars. Is this...Even a victory?


“Don't worry Taylor...I'll tell you. Just promise you won't hate me...” she pulled herself back and looked at me with earnest eyes, still stained with tears and nodded. “I promise Korbin.”

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