Two Sides Of Earth

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - The Warrior's Hands

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Submitted: May 09, 2012



Taylor sat on the couch looking lifeless. I guess the weight of my words is too much...


“So wait...” she composed herself and regained her posture. “You're saying you're on this quest or whatever for the feathers of angels to bring your deceased girlfriend back to life?”

“Yeah. That's really all of it.” I gulped thinking whatever she's going to say next will be negative.


“Alright...I can't really deny it after seeing that...” she had a bitter tone to her voice as she spoke. “But I believe you. While I can't do much, I'll...” she paused as if trying to find the right words.


“You'll...?” I repeated.


“I'll try to support you...Is what I 'm trying to say. I mean, I'm not sure how helpful a nurse trainee is going to be.” a feint giggle could be heard.


“You don't need to do this for me! This is...My quest, I can handle it. Don't worry...Look, I'm sorry you got involved perhaps it's best for you to-” she cut me off by quickly hugging me.


“It's fine. Don't worry about it, please. You have other things to worry about, right?” she smiled slightly, releasing her hug. I tried to smile back at her but my lips just won't budge. The pain from the previous battles are also leaving me quite exhausted.


“Fine, just promise to stay away if there's a battle, alright?” she nodded. Standing up she walked to her apartment and waved goodbye. She's really a nice girl and I feel terrible for involving her. I was kind of hoping she'd be frightened and leave but...Another part of me is happy she believes me. I reached into my pocket grabbing the third feather, finally reuniting it with the other two in a bag. I have three that means only seven more to go and each battle is becoming increasingly difficult. Evidently seen in the last battle...I need a weapon of my own. Finding a weapon just like that won't be easy. Along with the fact that most of the angel's weapons are supernatural.


I traveled around the area over the past week searching every weapon store and pawn shop I could find. I didn't expect to find anything worthwhile but just something to defend myself would be nice, anything at all really. The worst part is, these stores are useless. I'll probably have to fight empty handed. I can't do that though! Celina, can I survive without a weapon of my own? On my way down a road I noticed another pawn shop. This one in particular struck me as strange though. I sensed an odd feeling from it. I walked in nonetheless. The store from the inside is creepier than I expected!


The walls were lined with odd crafted dolls and strange masks. The shelves were filled with books that looked hundreds of years old and the cashier counter has old rust trails on it's metal surface. “Hello? Anyone here?” I questioned. No answer. Walking further into the store, a part of it was block by hanging beads taking the place of a door. Passing through slowly I entered a dark area of the store. The air grew colder and the hallway felt eerie to me. My vision was clouded by the darkness of the hall. “The store wasn't this big on the outside was it?”


It feels as if this hallway is endless, moving nowhere as I waste my energy walking down a path to nothingness. Suddenly in the midst of the darkness, far into the distance a small glow shined.


“An exit?” I proceeded towards it yet with caution. The bright dot grew and grew and grew in size, all the way until I made it to the light. Passing through it, a medium sized room is my new location. How exactly I made it here I don't know but I do know one thing, I'm freaked out by it. In the corner lay another cashier counter and behind it an old woman sat. Her gray hair was in a tangled bun and her clothing is similar to a poncho over a sweater with long dress bottom that sagged on the floor. She looked distant, as if she didn't notice me walk in.


“Uhm, excuse me, could you maybe tell me how I got here or what this place is?” she stared straight at the counter. Not a single movement or sound. As if she's a doll left to the shelf she sat. That is until she moved her head up so her eyes could meet mine. She didn't speak even then. She looked at the wall where an old wooden door stands.


“Beyond that door lies your answer...” and with that tiny response she retained her previous stature. Looking to my right I noticed the door she was talking about. Was that door there before? I walked to it wrapping my hands around the doorknob, it felt oddly warm. Opening the door I'm absolutely stunned to see what's inside. Weapons of all kinds! Halberds, spears, staffs, swords and much more. It's as if every weapon ever made across the span of history culminated right here into this room! I ran back out to question the lady at the counter but she's no longer there.


“Need a weapon Boy?” I heard her voice from behind me. I quickly turned around.


“How did you know?” I have many more questions than answers. How did I get to this room? What is this room? What's with all the weapons?


“Only those who are...Qualified, can even find the path to this room. Seeing as you made it through, I figure you need a weapon.” She answered my question with both a question and an answer...But forget the questions for now, I do need a weapon. I need something! She walked to a shelf of many weapons, all of the same color scheme, black and red. I wonder why that is...


“There are many weapons you could utilize. Swords to cut, staffs to beat, guns to shoot, glaives to throw...Make your pick. Free of charge.” did she just grin? I looked around the shelves and she's right, there are a good hundred armaments in this room. After spending around fifteen minutes looking at the different ones I noticed one that particularly caught my attention. They were black gloves with red lines from the tips of the fingers that spiraled into the palm.


“Hey what's this one?”


“Those are the D-...” she stopped herself. “The Warriors Hands. They're a very interesting weapon. The Warriors Hands cannot be taken off by another person, only by the one who put them on can take them off but the most stunning ability of them...Is that it can touch anything. A blade, a bullet, acid, anything that would normally be harmful to touch will not harm your hands. In a sense, you can call the gloves invincible.” That's amazing! I could grab all those angel's weapons and stop them from hitting me with this! Wait.


“Won't I be at a disadvantage if someone uses a ranged weapon against me?”


“Don't worry Boy...The gloves can also form an energy shot based on your own energy output. The stronger your energy the stronger the shot. The same with the physical abilities of the gloves, the stronger the energy the stronger the punch.” These are amazing! This is what I need, this is perfect for me! And best of all, it's free.


“So I can really take these. For free?”

“Yes, you can. But remember this. Once you choose your weapon and leave this shop, there is no coming back. Are you really sure this is the weapon you want to use?” I looked at them for a while. I put them on and felt a sort of connection. An empowerment that I and the gloves are meant to utilize.


“Yes. I want these.” she smiled a strangely wicked grin and walked back to her counter and seated herself. Walking out of the room back into the dark hallway I ended up returning to the regular pawn shop. I decided there's no use in questioning what happened all I needed to know is that I'm now ready. With the gloves on I clutched a fist ready to take on any angel!

On my way back to my apartment I felt something was off...I reached into my jacket pocket pulling out the bag of feathers, all three were flashing slowly. An angel already?! I dashed to the building running up the stairs and nearly kicked open my own door. The apartment looked ransacked, papers and books everywhere, furniture toppled, some clothes ripped and tattered. The angel must have done this! But why? What were they after...I sat down on the bed looking at this terrible mess. On the back door to my apartment is a paper lodged with a dagger into it.



I ripped the paper off the dagger and reading it my eyes widened.


'Dear little angel hunter, I have your girly friend. What was her name? Oh right Taylor. She did put up a good fight for a pitiful human but that's not important right now. I need to kill you, so please make it easier on yourself and meet me at the apartment parking lot in...Oh I don't know, within the hour? I do recommend hast, your girly friend here might not last another minute.' that rotten ass! I don't know who he is but I will kill him ten times over if he dares to hurt her! I raced to the parking lot and right in the middle of it stood another angel. He had the same white robe that all the angels don, short curly blond hair and blue eyes all befitting his pompous attitude.


“Give her back! This is between us, not her!” I demanded.


“Boy do calm down, I haven't even given my name yet. Though I honestly question if you need it considering you're going to die soon anyways. Well, doesn't matter I guess. Baculum at your service and here's your friend!” he bowed then pointed to a pole which a wounded and bleeding Taylor is chained too.


“Too bad she's a human, I would have enjoyed toying with her.” I grit my teeth at that sentence. “Life Containment Field, activate!” the usual red colored force field covered the area completely. I clutched my fist waiting to punch this guy in the teeth with my newly acquired gloves. Baculum took a small pole out of his pocket which immediately expanded in mass to become a staff. So he's a staff user huh? Baculum dashes at me with terrifying speed, if I wasn't accustomed to battles by now, I would have lost my head. Dodging him barely to the side I grabbed the end of his staff. I spun flipping him into the air and smashed him on the ground. He coughed and gagged due to a loss of air. Releasing my grip I jumped back and began to channel energy into the glove. That old lady was right! A red energy like sphere appeared within my hands, I threw them at him with such a force each impact caused an explosion. But even with this, he can't be done. It's definitely not over.


Just like I anticipated a white blur emerged from the smoke and dust. Baculum spread his wings while floating, brushing off the debris and damage that was pushed upon him. His clothes were cut and ripped in various places but he looked relatively untouched! I need to ground him somehow...But this time I'm at a loss! There was no time for me to even think, he was charging at me with the staff. I planned to grab it like I had his before but he changed his assault method. Baculum flew upwards then slammed the staff into the ground causing the earth to erupt beneath me. I attempted to dodge the onslaught of rocks and destroy some with my fists but I couldn't get them all. Smaller, shrapnel like pieces sliced my clothing and skin. Think!! If I don't immobilize his wings, I'm finished!


“Are you quite done yet? I have other things to tend to. Like that girl for instance.” he's just trying to make me agitated! There has to be some way! I looked up at him flying in the sky near the apartment building. The apartment building has windows with ledges. I got it! I made a mad dash for the building. I leaped onto one of the parked cars and jumped off the top grabbing onto one of the first floor window ledges. Apparently Baculum noticed what I was doing.


“No you don't!” he darted at my vulnerable body. I looked to my side to notice another ledge, grabbing onto that one just in time too! His staff pierced into the building where my body once was. Leaping onto the second floors ledge I continued to climb higher and higher. As I climbed, my body is completely open...Why isn't he attacking me or coming closer? I looked over to see him spinning the staff, with each passing second it spun faster and faster. He's creating a wind storm to knock me off!


The wind knocked my grip off balance! I clutched the ledge with all my strength, relying on the gloves for my life! I managed to place my feet against the wall, releasing one hand I shot an energy sphere in his direction. That forced him to dodge, so he ceased spinning his staff. Leaving me free! I jumped to each ledge quickly getting closer to him. Finally when I found myself in range I pushed myself off the building and flew at the angel. I grabbed onto his back holding on for dear life.


“You fool! What are you doing?! My wings are not strong enough to carry us both!” he screamed.


“That's the point!” I replied to his wretched paranoia. Grabbing onto the part of his wings closest to his back I attempted to rip his wings off. The sound of bone and skin tearing sounded so familiar to me now. His back streamed with blood from the ripped tissue and broken bones. I threw the wings then clutched his shoulders as we both fall to the earth.


“Are you trying to get us both killed?!”


“No, only you!” KRAKOOM! We hit the earth with deadly force. It was as if someone had dropped a bomb from the sky. Rocks and debris lay scattered and smoke coveted a thick blanket. Standing up staggered from the shock of the impact I can see his body in the hole the crash created. Walking over I could see him moving no more. I found one of his wings on the ground, picking it up I plucked a feather and placed it in my pocket. But something was weird...The Containment Field didn't disappear! That can only mean one thing! Before I could turn around fully I felt a strong grasp on my neck.


“So...You managed...To damage me THIS much huh?” he said grinning as blood trailed from his head. I tried to speak but couldn't utter a word, his hand constricted my speech! I grabbed his wrist attempting to throw him off but to no avail. He really wants me dead!!


“Oh...I can't wait. The JOYS I will give your precious Taylor...Hehe...You could only imagine. Thankfully for me, I don't have to!” he proceeded to close his grip, I'm losing breath quickly! I managed a small energy sphere with my hand and rising my arm up I shot it at him...He grabbed my wrist with his other free hand saving himself!


“Close call buddy...But looks like I win.” right before he could finally close his hand and snap my neck, I used my last remaining free hand to throw an energy sphere into his face. This time, since both his hands are occupied, it's a dead on strike! He released his grasp and I fell to my knees, struggling to catch my breath. It feels like I was gagging for hours, the pressure he used is frightening! I can finally breathe normally again and I walked up to Baculum.


He didn't notice me on the fact he was grabbing his face in pain from the energy blast. In front of him I clutched my fist, my will and own energy seemed to flow into my fist. I stepped back with one leg and flung my fist forward straight into his face. The force is so powerful I could feel his skull crack on the impact! His body went flying backwards smashing against the ground skidding and hopping several times before coming to a distinct stop. The path lay destroyed in a mix of blood and rubble. This time I know he is dead. The Life Containment Field vanished, the land restoring itself to former glory and his body, like all the others, lit up and disappeared into the sky.


Running over to Taylor I ripped the chains apart freeing her. She fell into my arms unconscious and still wounded due to Baculum's attack.


“I'm sorry Taylor...For everything.” I whispered. I carried her back to her apartment, considering mine is still ransacked. Placing Taylor on her bed, I attended to her wounds. Cleaning them and bandaging them. Good thing she's a nurse or else I wouldn't have bandage material to do at least this much for her.

“Taylor, I'll stay with you and explain what happened when you awaken. I really can't say sorry enough.” For now...I'm really tired...

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