Two Sides Of Earth

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Bell's Horror

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Submitted: January 04, 2013




~Heaven, The Land Above the Skies~


Bell is conservatively studying the notes she took while down at Mid Land, Earth. She has a lot of notes jotted down that range from human personalities, human creations, animals, plant life and anything else she could fit onto that tiny notepad. To her, studying down there is the real haven.


Bell returned to Heaven to study in their library. Comparing what the books in the skies teach angels to what she has seen and experienced with her own eyes. What is this? She thought to herself. All these books seem to depict humans are worthless creatures, below angels and Gods. Let's see...


'The humans of Mid Land are weak, inferior, selfish, using anything they can for their own gain. If it wasn't for the God's and Angel's benevolence these humans would be sent to The Underworld immediately. Humans are full of tricks and miserable lies. Do not fall for their games.'


This book is describing humans as horrid beings! But...They're not that bad. Not even Korbin, even if he is trying to destroy the balance of Life and Death. I...He, is kind. Me being here proves he isn't just some blind killer. He's a strong human, unlike what this book depicts! Bell scoffed in her slight ire. She slide the book back on the shelves and left the library.


Staring at her notes she pondered. Is something wrong with me? I'm an angel...It's what Korbin has been hunting! I'm only to observe him but what if he decides to kill me? Lost in thought Bell wasn't paying heed to her surroundings and accidentally bumped into the wings of another angel.


“Oof! I-I'm sor-” her words were cut short when she saw who exactly it is that she bumped into. Falce, a dark skinned short-tempered angel. His hair is a medium wild black and his eyes shone with a red luminance. She stepped back in instant fear.


“Heeh? Look what we got here sis. It's Bellum.” Falce is talking to his sister who is walking slighting in front of him. Pharetra. Her hair descended down, cherry blossom in color. Her eyes were much more calm than her brothers, a relaxing green. Don't let her eyes fool you though, those eyes that are seemingly relaxed hide a deep cold persona.


“Bellum? Oh it's been so long since we last saw you. Let's see...You went to Mid Land to 'study' that human right?” All Bell can do is nod slightly. These two angels are the reason she was hesitant to come back up here. If it wasn't for the sake of her research, she wouldn't have come back this soon. Falce walked up and pat Bell on the shoulder.


“Phhew. You sure have been studying huh? Man, it seems like a waste that you received such a cool Divine Weapon too. Ah well, nothing we can do to argue with the Arch Angels.” It was at this moment Falce's face turned foul and filled with scorn. He clutched Bell's beautiful curly hair and lifted her closer to him. Bell shrieked in pain, but Falce isn't phased. Neither was his equally sadistic sister. These two...The Killer Duo. The Killer Couple. Most commonly titled...The The Sadotwins. The two angels she didn't want to meet. The two angels no one wants to meet.


“Aren't ya lucky? All ya got to do is sit next to the guy who murdered our kin. Does it make ya happy? Happy that he's so 'nice'? Haha! He's a human. A weak bag of flesh and bones.” Falce slammed Bell to the wall.


“You're lucky we don't go down there now and kill 'em. Let me give ya a little warning, from big brother Falce.” His grip tightened, his eyes growing colder and colder. Bell wanted to close her eyes, she wanted to hide. She knew she could not. Her sight was ever focused on those glowing red pupils.


“You're an angel. You're to protect Heaven and us angels. Not some stupid little human!!” He punched Bell in the gut. The impact was strong enough for her to spit up. Mixes of saliva and stomach acid now covered both Bell and Falce's arm.


“Blegh! Gross, she puked on me!”


“It's because you're so impatient with others brother.” Falce clicked his tongue.


“Man cut me a break sometime sis!” Falce dropped Bell and left her on the floor, writhing in pain. Pharetra stepped forward and bent down towards Bell extending a helping hand. Bell did not want to grab her hand. She knew nothing good could come of this 'assistance'. Once again...She knew she had no choice. Bell reached out staggeringly, Pharetra aided Bell to her feet. Pharetra's smile, a fake smile. A smile filled with malice and cold contempt. Bell had finally retained her footing but it didn't last for long. Pharetra's face turned sour and she slapped her back to the ground.


“How dare you get my dear brother covered in your foul vomit. Disgusting bitch.” Pharetra met up with Falce and the pair walked away. Leaving Bell on the ground. She cried to herself.


I...I don't want to be up here anymore...Korbin. I want to go back to you... Her tears collided with the ground. She didn't have the energy to stand up. All of her energy was sucked away by fear and grief. This place isn't her home. This isn't where she wants to be. These angels aren't her brothers or sisters. Nothing is true. There is only one person left she can trust and it's the very human her race seeks to eradicate. The cruelest irony.


When Bell finally composed herself she stood up to see Manus walking down the hall towards her. Manus is a chivalrous and honest angel. His body is trained and well endowed and is one of the few angels, if not the only one, that Bell trusts.


“What happened Bell? You look horrible.”


“It's...It's nothing. Don't worry about me. Really.” Of course he doesn't believe her. Though, he does not wish to press the topic and make things worse on her. Manus has always watched Bell with distance. A sort of silent protector.


“Bell, how is the research coming along on that human?”


“It's going well...I'm just about to go back down to Mid Land. I don't think I'll be back up here for a while. Good bye Manus.” Bell managed a feint smile and soon skipped off. To Manus it looked more like limping. He simply stood there, watching her with pitying eyes. To say pity may be too much, it was more sadness. He knew how the other angels treated her. He knew it well. But dared not interfere. It's for this reason he can never consider himself truly honorable. A fallen knight.


~Mid Land, Earth~


I haven't seen Bell all day, I wonder where she went? I walked all around the apartment without finding even a trace of her. Did she maybe go back to Heaven? It's a little unnerving to think she's spreading information about me but...It's her assignment. And I've already told myself Bell is the one angel I will not kill. I relaxed myself on the couch. It's been two weeks since I've last seen another angel besides Bell and at least five days I've been with her. I wonder if another angel will appear when she finishes her research.


A sudden flash appeared in front of me forcing me to shield my eyes. “W-What?!” When the light faded away, I removed my arm to see Bell standing in front of me. She must have transported herself right to my room. Something about Bell is different though. I can instantly tell. Her eyes are dry and look dull. Her body looked meeker than usual and she didn't say anything to me. She simply walked into my bed room and threw herself on my bed. I followed her, something is clearly wrong.


“What's wrong Bell?” She didn't face me. Something is clearly wrong.


“Nothing...” Liar. I can tell. I sighed softly.


“Bell...I know you're an angel, but you can tell me if something happened.” She didn't face me. In fact this time she didn't even respond. She just laid on my bed. Fine. I'll leave her alone. As much as I want to know what happened, I shouldn't step too deep into something I'm not supposed to.


“...Wait.” I stopped at the doorway due to the sound of her voice. Bell began to lift herself slightly off the bed and faced me. Her expression was void of brightness. No shyness, no happiness, no embarrassment. Nothing. It's been a while since I've been this worried over someone. Probably since Taylor was kidnapped. Now isn't the time to worry about her though, Bell is the priority now.




“Sit with me. Please.” I complied with her demand. I sat on the edge of the bed at her side. She looked so weak. This feeling...This feeling of a girl in distress. Seeing her like this makes me forget she's an angel, she looks just like an average girl.


“Do you believe the people of Heaven and Mid Land...Are different?” This is an interesting question. It's sort of like what I was just thinking. As Bell is right now, she's no different than a human. Angels and Humans. Our actions, thoughts and emotions. They're not too different at all.


“Our emotions. Our thoughts. They're not all that different. Humans may have different strives and goals than angels but the general emotions that are within us are not contrasting at all. We both feel anger; sadness, happiness, jealousy, regret, hate, all these emotions we share. While our lives may differ entirely our inner selves are similar. So, I don't we're that different.” She stayed silent. Unresponsive. I wonder if I said the wrong thing, but that's how I've begun to feel lately.


Bell turned towards me with a smile, it wasn't a dull smile but an actual smile. A smile filled with brightness.


“Thanks Korbin. I feel a bit better now. I just had an...Unfortunate encounter with some angels. But I'm fine now.” She's clearly excluding some details out but it's alright. As long as she smiles like this and says she's fine, I believe her. I felt her grab at my shirt tightly.


“Let me stay like this...Just for a little bit.”


“Of course.” I would never say no. If this is what I can do to help, then I'll do it for her. Angel, human, I don't care! To me right now she's just a girl. A little while later she fell asleep. I pulled the covers on top of her, letting her rest more comfortably.


I wonder who made her feel like this today. Whoever it is, I know I will not like that angel at all. When she wakes up I'll ask her again, if she doesn't tell me then, then I won't ask again. Angels...I guess in Heaven a kind one like Bell is rare huh? That thought sickens me. The haven that people seek so strongly after death is really a place so dark. It's a powerful revelation that could turn even the strongest of religious followers into blasphemers.


~The Next Day~


Since Bell was sleeping in my bed, I had to take to the couch. Surprisingly comfortable I have to say! I woke up rather pleasantly since I've been able to get decent sleep these past few days. I probably woke up at the same time as Bell because she just walked out of my room.


“Feel any better?”


“Yeah. Much better.” She sat on a chair near the side of the couch. I'm going to ask her. I took a deep breath and exhaled.


“Bell. If you won't answer me this time, I won't ask again I promise. What was wrong yesterday.” She looked down with half open eyes and reached for her stomach. I figured she wouldn't respond but then she began to speak.


“I...I was in Heaven. In Heaven they have a vast library recording many stories and histories across the span of the worlds existence. It was there I was researching on humans and comparing my notes to those books and scriptures. When I finished, I planned to come back here to Mid Land. I...Ran into two angels. Falce and Pharetra...Brother and Sister. They're cruel...Mean...” She stopped speaking as her voice became more hoarse as she began to speak of them. I began to get a feeling of what happened up there.


“Falce he...He grabbed me by my hair and forced me to the wall.” I clutched my knees tightly, biting my lower lip. Listening to her already was painful enough but what made it harder for me...Was seeing tears welling in her eyes the more she spoke.


“I couldn't do anything...He said humans are horrible creatures...But, you're not! You're...Nicer...He said I shouldn't be here. I should be aware that I'm an angel and I'm supposed to treat humans like nothing...But I can't do that! He then...” Her tears began to fall, swimming down her cheeks. Her lips quivering. I tasted blood. My lip is bleeding. Ah,I must be biting it really hard.


“He then punched me in my stomach...It was so strong I vomited...I thought it was over with that but no! His sister...Pharetra...She smiled at me. Acting like she was going to help me up! I didn't want to grab her hand! But if I didn't it would have been worse!!” Her voice was becoming dryer and dryer. The only time her voice stood out was when she screamed.


“She...She pretended to help me up. Only to be filled with disdain that I vomited on her brother, even if it wasn't my fault...She slapped me. So hard I fell to the ground. I couldn't get up. I just wanted to lay there. I just cried...”


She's crying even now as she says this. I've killed four angels, Celina is dead, I've seen Taylor get attacked by the angels and yet...This angel before me... Is crying like a tortured little girl. I stood over and hugged her. She responded to my hug and held me tightly. She cried and screamed. It was as if the world stood still and only us two remained. I couldn't say anything...No, more like I didn't know what I could say. All I could do is hug her while biting my lip. I promise Bell...I'll make those two suffer. This...Is my promise to you! Angel or human doesn't matter! If they DARE go near Bell again. I swear on my own soul, I will end their life.


~Korbin held me tightly as I cried. Holding him with a firm grip I cried stronger than when those two did that to me. It felt...Relieving to cry. Relieving to tell Korbin. I wonder...Is this what he meant by the same emotions? He's so kind to me. Thank you Korbin...~

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