Two Sides Of Earth

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Sacrifice and Despair

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Submitted: January 14, 2013



 “Hey Bell.”




“Does everyone up there treat you like that?” I was just a tad bit curious about her position and actual status up there. More so do to me knowing how those two treated her...


“Not everyone. There is one angel up there who checks up on me sometimes. His names Manus. Despite his scary look, he's actually nice inside.” I see. So she's not the only kind angel up there. Honestly it was a huge shock to find out that angels, like herself, treated her that way. Then again humans are no better.


“Hey...Korbin.” I turned my gaze to Bell whose face became somewhat sullen but maintained a small smile.


“You're out to kill the angels. To revive Celina. Even though you're breaking our law, I still don't stop you. Yet...I know if another angel comes down I'll have to fight you. And...” She looked really upset by this. I couldn't bear to see her this downtrodden anymore. I walked up to her and began to pat her head. She looked up at me with slight confusion.


“Don't worry so much about Bell. I...I know I have my quest. I won't harm you. I promised myself that. So even if you do turn against me, I'll understand. I just want to add though, it's your life you're free to make your own choices. Even if it seems crazy to others if it feels right to you, then follow it.” She smiled brightly, the smile that made me not want to harm her. Her face suddenly turned red and then she faced the other direction. I couldn't help but chuckle.


I wonder if going outside would cheer Bell up. Oh I know!

“Hey Bell.”




“Let's go visit Taylor at the hospital.”


“Why? And won't we just be in her way?” Geh...I didn't expect her to hit me with such logic. Of course it's probably safe to assume we would be bothering her but I want Bell to cheer up some more. I stood up and forcefully grabbed her hand. Her face became streaked with red.


“W-What do you think you're doing?”


“Come on! Let's go visit Taylor. You still need to research right? There's still stuff you've yet to see.” She seemed rather reluctant but before she could comment further I grabbed my keys, stuffed my gloves into my jacket pocket and ran off with her.




We had already walked a good distance away from the apartment. As usual Bell was still astounded by what she saw. Everything is new and fresh to her. Seeing a smile return to that face again, it made me really happy. We reached the park that was at about half way from my apartment to the hospital Taylor works at. Despite this peaceful scene...Something feels...Off. I'm not sure what it is. It's like that feeling one gets during the calm before the storm. Anxiety? No. It feels something more dire than that. I took Bell's hand once again. She gave me a perplexed look but I didn't bother trying to explain this feeling.


“Hoo, isn't this funny?” I heard a males voice speak. It's...Repulsive in tone to say the very LEAST.


“Indeed, isn't it my dear brother?” This time it's a females voice that sounded really frigid.


Once Bell heard the voices she began to tremble. I could feel her shaking from her hand.


“What's the matter?” Though...I began to understand more and more what really is wrong. She cowered behind me, making sure not to let go of my hand or my shirt.


Standing ahead of me and Bell are two people. Well, people is too vague. I know exactly what they are. Angels. They donned that all too familiar cloak. A white robe trimmed in blue. The male is dark skinned and is holding a scythe in one hand, his shoulder supporting the rest of it. His eyes shone with a deep red, filled with hot temper and wild black hair spiked at the edges. The female had cherry blossom hair that descended down her back and her eyes shone a light green. She had a bow wrapped diagonally around her chest and quiver strapped on her back. These two...


“Falce and Pharetra...” Bell mumbled timidly behind my back. It wasn't normal shyness though. No. This is fear. Fear of the two who tormented her a few days back. The two I promised not to forgive. The two I can't forgive. The two I want to kill the most...


“Wow! Look at 'dis guy sis! He's all sorts of mad!”


“That little one behind him probably blabbed about what we taught her the other day.” Taught? You call abusing Bell and telling her words like 'Humans are weak' is teaching?! I'm gritting my teeth so hard it feels like they're about to shatter!


“So it's you two...I won't let you torture Bell again. I'll kill you before that happens.” I made the most ugly intimidating face my muscles could muster. Even the angels were pushed back slightly by my face. It didn't last for long.


“Ahaha!! C-Can you believe this guy sis? Defending an angel yet he killed four of brothers and sisters already! Ahah!” His face then turned dead serious and stared at me with those dreadful red eyes. “Are you retarded? You god damned hypocrite!!” It's true about that. I can't deny that. No matter how hard or how much I want to, I can't argue that point. Still...I promised to protect her. And that's what I'm going to do!


I let go of Bell's hand and reached for the gloves in my jacket pocket tightly putting them on. I clutched my fists so hard I felt my muscles burning.


“It seems he's ready to fight brother. Shall we end this then?” The cold eyed Pharetra remarked to her cruel brother Falce.


“Might as well. Life Containment Field, activate!” after flicking his arm to the sky the magical pentagram appeared and encased the park in the containment field.


“So then, come on over Bell. We're angels after all!” Falce sneered at us as he spoke this more than bold sentence while sticking his hand out. Bell who was still shaking didn't respond.


“Heeeh? Did you not hear me? GET. OVER. HERE.” His malicious smile soon turned into one of immediate disdain. Bell soon stepped up and walked in front of me. Yes...It can't be helped she is an angel sent to attack me after all. But...I won't kill her. I won't...I promised myself I won't and I don't dare break promises I've made!


Bell raised both her hands to the sky and soon a war hammer formed into her hands. The weapon was nearly twice her size but she held it firmly and with strength that made the war hammer look like it weighs as much as a stick.


“I...Will not help you!!”

It's your life you're free to make your own choices. Even if it seems crazy to others if it feels right to you, then follow it.


“My choice is...To stand and fight you! It may seem crazy for an angel to fight her own kin but I don't want you to hurt Korbin! This is what I feel! This is my choice! And I intend to follow it!!” Her voice was strong and no longer did it cower. Bell stood up strong. Willing to fight alongside me. To protect what she wants to. To make her own decisions. I couldn't help but make a wry smile.


Falce's face turned sour. He then charged at us with his scythe in hand. Pharetra was already aiming arrows of light at our direction. There's no going back now!


Falce swung the scythe but Bell managed to block it with her large war hammer. I ran my way towards Pharetra. She charged her arrows and released them with shocking accuracy and speed. It took all of my focus just to barely dodge one. Though the arrows didn't hit my body directly, they still scraped my skin. Gritting my teeth to ignore the pain I leaped into the sky and had my fist ready to slam down on her. Pharetra quickly blocked my punch with a Kukri she took from a holster on her thigh.



The sound of metal clashing can be heard. Bell and Falce's weapons continually swept into one another, not giving in.


“I cannot believe you would betray us so easily! Then again, I guess it's expected from someone like you!” Falce taunted.


“I don't want to hear that from someone who treats fellow angels like garbage!” she retorted.


Swinging the hammer low, Bell hoped on slamming into his legs. (If I can slow him down...)


“Wrong choice!” Falce flew up almost instantly and raised the scythe skyward attempting to slice downwards on me. Bell dodged sideways and swung the hammer with the movement caused by her dodge. Slamming into the scythe Falce was knocked off motion. Spinning once again, she slammed the hammer into his side. His body jerked and twisted as it flew through the park. Knocking into kids rides before he slammed into a tree, putting a break on him.


“Tch...Not bad.” He muttered. Prepping his wings he blew into the sky blowing away everything below him with a shock wave. Dashing back down to the surface he swung his scythe with ferocious strength causing Bell, who even blocked the attack, to be forced back. His attack didn't let up. It's a constant barrage of swift slices. The way he swings the scythe is incredible, with speed and accuracy, it felt unreal that someone could move a weapon so big that quickly. Even Bell who relies on her motion to move the hammer, isn't as fast!

Bell managed to block each hit but her blocks got weaker with each one as well. His scythe was coming closer and closer to her as his speed was too much. What felt like his final strike Bell put up her hammer horizontally and closed her eyes hoping for the best.


“What?!” Falce screamed.


It's Korbin. With his gloves imbued with energy he grabbed the blade of the scythe and pulled it away from Bell. He then punched Falce square in the gut.


“That's for what you did to Bell!” Korbin yelled.


“You...Rotten human.” Falce was holding onto his stomach with one hand, though, regained his posture quick.


“Pharetra!? You were supposed to keep 'im up!” Falce turned to yell at his sister.


Korbin had dashed faster than her bow could charge an arrow allowing him to slip through. But now...Pharetra's arrows have finished charging, brimming with their light infused energy. Falce had regained his composure as well. Pharetra aimed the arrow clear at Korbin's skull while Falce prepared to slice at Korbin!


(No! This can't end like this! Korbin!!) It was then Bell recalled all he did for her. He helped her. Helped her become more...Human. He protected her. (Korbin...I'm sorry...)


Phareatra released her arrow and Falce swung his scythe. Bell pushed Korbin out of the way, small enough to dodge the arrow but...






“BEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLL!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs as loud as I possible could. Bell, in her act to save me...Is impaled by the scythe of Falce. Retracting his scythe from her body, blood oozed out of the finely cut hole in her stomach. I reached over and lifted her head up. I failed! I FAILED TO PROTECT HER! I failed to protect another one dear to me! I...


Bell touched my cheeks and it surprised me.


“Bell! Bell I'm so sorry! I...I failed to protect you!” I began to tear up. I couldn't help it! Another one close to me has...


She smiled a faint, small, weak smile.


“Don't...wor...ry Korbin...I chose to do this.”


“Why?! Why would you choose to sacrifice yourself for me!!”


“Huh...I wonder myself a bit. But...I felt it was the right choice to do. So...I did it.”


“That wasn't what I meant by that!! I...I was going to protect you! I promised!” She coughed, spitting blood up. Having to see her like this, I couldn't help my tears from falling. She meekly wiped away one of my tears.


“Do...n't cry. I...Want to thank you for everything you've done. For...Everything you've taught me...I...I think I know now...What it means to be human...” Her eyes began to close slowly. No! No!! NO!!


“Don't worry Bell...You...We'll have fun again! And...And do lots of stuff...”


She maintained her weak, little smile. “Thank you Korbin...You're...So kind to me. I...I love you...I hope...My...Death....Helped.......You..........” Her eyes closed and her body slowly went limp. I closed my eyes holding attempting to hold back the pain. She...Loved me. I...I...I'm so sorry Bell! Opening my eyes I could still see that meek smile on her face with an expression like she finally understood what she was searching for all along. It wasn't much later, her body gently levitated slightly and soon dissolved into light and vanished. What she left me...Is her angel feather. I clutched it tightly. Holding it close to my heart.


“Ah man what a show, jeez. Such a drama queen even at the end.” Falce scornfully mocked. I grit my teeth so roughly my entire mouth was shaking. I stuffed the feather into my pocket and glared at Falce with complete and utter hatred.


“W-What the hell?! His eyes! They're redder than mine!” he remarked in his surprise.


A red aura began to encompass my body. The aura grew and grew and grew in size until it circled my entire being. My gloves were glowing with a menacing light and my thoughts became filled with one thing...



“Hey! S-Sis! Somethin' weird is happenin'!” Falce screamed at his sister.


“Those gloves! They're giving him some sort of weird energy from his emotions! Falce, get out of there!” she ordered.


“NOT SO FAST...” On an instinct that felt foreign to me, I reached out and grabbed Falce's scythe. He looked frightened. Scared. Afraid. Good...He should be. I clutched my fist with such a force the blade on his scythe shattered in my hand. I opened my fist to drop the metal shavings that hadn't even left so much as a scratch on me.


“Y-You monster! Go and die just like Bellum!” Falce panicked and formed another blade for the scythe. Probably with light energy. I couldn't care less if he had another blade. He will pay.

Aiming at my body with his newly formed blade I blocked almost instantly with my gloves. I felt no slice. No wound. No pain. I only had one goal. To kill him. He swung at me again, this time, I grabbed his scythe and pulled it back forcing him to come closer to me by centrifugal force and I punched him in the chest. I punched him hard. I punched him with all my hatred. Falce flew through the park destroying anything in the way of his path. Trees snapped clear and two and only stopped Falce's body after the seventh or eighth one collapsed. His body lay there. Battered and unmoving. But alive. I can feel it. His ribs are probably broken and it doesn't look like he'll be moving anymore. But this isn't enough for me!!


“I will show you the pain and suffering you caused Bell!” I moved at a break-neck speed. Even faster than normal. I moved so fast I'm in front of Falce's pathetically toppled body in what felt like a second. At this point, I don't care about this abnormal increase in speed and strength. Only one thing remained in my mind.


I crouch over his body and began to punch his face. I punched him and punched him and punched. It's a one sided fight that would make anyone sick to even watch. I didn't stop. I couldn't stop. My hatred took over. His face...Was almost non-existent when I finally stopped. Bloody, destroyed and barely recognizable. He's dead. I killed him. But...I don't feel any happier. The usual light dissipated his body and I collected his feather. All that remains...Is his sister. Equally at fault.

Gh...My mind became hazy. No longer were they filled with the dark desires to kill Falce. No longer was it filled with hatred and despair. But cloudiness and emptiness took it's place. An empty haze. The energy that engulfed me soon died out and the gloves returned to their usual state.


I looked over at Pharetra who is speechless. Stunned. Of course she'd be...My clothes are stained with her brothers blood. She's afraid, but I don't feel happier. She's scared, but I don't feel better. What I just did...Is different from how I usually handle things. This was straight up...Malice...


She walked over to me, her legs trembling. In her hand is the clean kukri that she had attached to her thigh. She handed it to me. In an act that should have been shocking, wasn't.


“Please...Do it quickly...” she trembled and her voice was hoarse. I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to kill her. Kill her in a less gruesome manner than I did to her brother. I complied, after all, I have to. She turned around. I levered the kukri at her throat. I swear I heard her say something very softly but I didn't hear her...


“I'm...Sorry...” I then, slit her throat as quickly as possible. Ending her swiftly and less painfully. I squinted my eyes and looked downwards. Staring at the body of Pharetra who's neck continued to bleed. The light engulfed her body and the kukri dissipated with her it. I collected yet another feather.


“I'm sorry...Bell...” And with that, the Life Containment Field ended. Leaving me in a restored park. It's cold, dark and above all else...Lonely. I stood up and walked for the hospital Taylor resides at.


If there is anyone left on this side of Earth who could make me feel less depressed...It's her. Holding tightly onto the feather Bell left me, I walked alone in the park with my head held low and my heart bearing a heavy pain.

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