Two Sides Of Earth

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Korbin's Lament

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Submitted: February 16, 2013




 I nearly tumbled my way into the hospital from the front doors. I'm covered in blood, most of it not my own and the receptionist put up a nervous looking expression.




“Where is Taylor working?”


“Taylor...Who exactly?”


“She's a nurse.”


“R-Right! Uhm, she should be on floor 4 of the emergency unit. C-Can I ask why?” Her words were stuttered and her expression is filled with worry. She kept looking at my eyes more so than my clothes, though I can't imagine why.


“I want to talk with her. We're friends.”


“I...I see.” She must be worried. A man who claims he isn't injured, covered in blood and walks into a hospital asking for someone who works here. It's all sorts of suspicious but I can't just tell her I brutally murdered angels.


I looked for the staircase. The elevator would be too crowded and annoying to walk in. I trudged up the stairs all the way until I reached the destination the receptionist gave me. The service desk had only a few secretaries present and I couldn't see Taylor anywhere. I walked up to the desk and the secretaries flinched, upon seeing me.


“W-What are you doing up here sir? You can't just-”


“I'm here to see Taylor.” Their gazes diverted and turned into very dry smiles.


“I see...Then, we'll call her.” One of the secretaries ran out of the area and down a hall way. Laying myself against the desk in waiting, I'm growing more exhausted.


“Korbin?!” Hearing a familiar voice I lifted up my head to see Taylor with an extremely worried expression on her face.


“Come with me!” She grabbed my hand and we ran into a room with no patients. The room is clean and fresh, the window is huge and shows the beautiful glow of the moon in the night. If only I had time to enjoy this view...


“What happened to you! You're covered in blood! But I don't see...”


“It's not my blood. It's an angels.” I couldn't look her in the face. I could only keep my eyes faced down.


“Why do you look so bad Korbin? You know...You can tell me right?” Of course I know, that's why I'm here! I inhaled deeply and let out an exhale that was partially a sigh.


“I was walking with Bell. When we were approached by two angels. Bell fought one and I fought one. I saw Bell in danger so I saved her but...I got trapped. Between a scythe and an arrow. She...She...” It grew painful to finish that sentence.


“She sacrificed herself for me. She saved me but only to be killed! She said she loved me, she said she became a human and if only she wasn't a damn angel she could have lived happily!!” Taylor's placed her hand over her mouth in shock. She knows my pain. She knows I try to protect but what only happens is death!


“Then I...I lost it. I brutally murdered one.” I looked at my hands, still covered by the gloves, the gloves still covered in blood. “He was unrecognizable at the end. I never did things this violently! The other angel, was his sister. She asked me to kill her quickly. With her own kukri knife...”


“And all that's left of Bell, is this single little feather.” I held it up from my pocket. I clutched it tightly as tears welled up in my eyes. Taylor held me close to her. Trying to console me as best she could. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. I'm probably staining her jacket with my tears.




After I calmed down a bit, she wiped my last remaining tears for me.


“Don't feel so bad Korbin...She gave you the chance to live. Putting her own faith in you. She believes you'll succeed.” I finally let go of her. She stared into my eyes with a kind tender smile. I could notice even a few tears in her eyes. Having to hear me must be difficult on her.


“Here, let me get you a change of clothes. There's some leftover clothing. I'll be right back.” she left the room making sure to close to door on her way out. I'm sorry for bothering you Taylor but...I have no one else to turn to. I stood up from the hospital bed we sat on and looked towards the mirror. I saw reflected there, not the same person I once was. Someone deeper and darker. Someone colder and distant. I placed the gloves in my other pocket and stared at my hands. I...What was going on in my mind? I kept hearing the same words. Kill. Murder. Hate. Destroy. All these negative destructive terms. I turned to face the mirror again.


“Wait, what?” I looked closer at the mirror. This is a joke right? It has to be. I walked closer to the mirror and stood there in awe.


“My eyes they're...Red. But, this can't be right! I'm blue eyed!” Covering my face with my right hand I fell back onto the bed. This isn't right! I have blue eyes! Blue! Not scarlet red! Taylor entered the room with the leftover clothes. A pair of blue jeans and a black short sleeve shirt.


“Taylor...” I sputtered with a shaking voice.




“How long have my eyes been red...” She looked down with a grave expression and placed the clothes next to me on the bed.


“Since you just came in tonight.” She didn't move her glance, keeping it fixated on the ground. I see. It must have been when I snapped. Was it the gloves? I faintly remember a surge of power and...Lots of red. My mind painted with scarlet red and disdainful thoughts.


“I see.” Is the only thing I could respond with.


“Listen Korbin, my shift ends soon so get changed and wait out for me in the reception area okay?”


“Got it.” Kaclick. With that, she left the room.



I changed into the leftover clothes Taylor supplied me with and met her in the reception hall at the entrance to the hospital.


“Ready to go?”


“Yeah, just about.” I put the feathers that were in my jacket pocket into the jean pockets. I had to leave my jacket, shirt and pants at the hospital. Taylor said she would hide them until tomorrow where she goes back to work. I'm not sure the blood will come out in a regular wash that easy though.


We both walked out the door to out apartment building. The night is stiff and slightly chilly. We both walked, each of us as silent as the night wind. As we walked I remembered...The park is on the way. I grabbed her hand almost instinctively.






“Can we not go through the park? I know its a little a longer but please.”




We took a path that's a little longer than cutting through the park. I couldn't go back there. I just can't. My gaze became fixated on my feet, moving forward on the dark ground. I made Taylor take a longer route than usual and for what? I'm not even saying anything to her. I've begun making a lot of mistakes recently huh? Suddenly I felt a small, soft and warm hand entangle with mine. I looked to the side to see Taylor holding my hand gently. She gave me a purely considerate smile.


“You shouldn't worry so much about this Korbin.” She spoke up to me.


“It's not your fault what happened to Bell. It was her decision to save you. You may feel at fault but...I don't think you should at all.” I knew she's trying to be kind to me, cheer me up but still, I can't help but feel I failed to protect Bell.


“It was her choice Korbin are you going to waste her decision by just continually blaming yourself?!” I turned to look at her, slight tears in the corners of her eyes.


“No! I mean, I failed to protect her right?! I failed to do what I promised!”




“Wha-” She hit me. Slapped me. Hard. I touched the place she smacked and it stung with a violent warmth.


“Korbin think! She sacrificed herself to help you! I don't like it either but that's what she chose! Are you not going to honor her wishes?! You told me she felt human at the end and was smiling! That means she couldn't have regretted her decision right?!” She grabbed my shirt by the collar and stared at me with fierce eyes that softly cried.



She let go of my collar and walked ahead of me. I clutched my fists. She's right but it doesn't feel right to me! I pulled out her feather and gazed at it. She gave this to me. Bell wants me to live right? She wants me to continue right?


I ran to Taylor and grabbed her arm, she turned around to me sullenly.


“Bell wants me to continue. That's...Probably why she gave me her feather. You're right Taylor. I shouldn't waste what she sacrificed to help make real. I will defeat the angels and I will bring back Celina. Not just for myself now, but for Bell too! So Bell can rest knowing her sacrifice was not in vain!”


Taylor smiled as if a pressure was released from her body and hugged me tightly. I wrapped my arms around her gently. Every time something bothers me Taylor's always there for me. I won't let what happened to Bell happen to her. I won't.




We both got back to the apartment complex and said our goodbyes. She went into her apartment. I went into mine. The first I did stepping into my apartment is go to the bathroom and look in the mirror.


“Still red huh?” My eyes are still a crimson red in color. No longer are they a gentle blue but now a furious red. It must be these gloves. I can't get rid of these gloves though, I need them! Sigh. It's been a long day...Going back to the living room I noticed a small notebook on the table. It's Bell's notebook. The one she'd always be writing in when she came down here.


“Why didn't this disappear?” I don't understand. Usually all the items of Angel's disappear when they're killed. Wait, didn't she buy that here on earth? That might be why! Since it's not originally part of Heaven it stayed here! I grabbed it and began flipping though it.


I saw notes about me. How I acted. How she felt. How I treated her. How others treated her. How she saw the world. What she found. What she thought. What she learned. Everything about her is encased on paper trapped in this little notebook. I walked over to a desk and pulled open the drawer, placing the notebook inside the drawer. The last memories of Bell, I'll keep them safe.


I went over to the bag on my living room shelf that has the other feathers and placed my newly acquired three with the other four.


“Only three left now. It's almost over.” Celina I will bring you back. Bell I won't let your sacrifice be wasted. Taylor, I'll be sure to protect you with all my power. I don't want to lose someone else close to me. I will finish this and have my happy ending! I felt a power blistering within me. A surge of determination and will. A determination to protect and a will to see this to the end!


?In The Land Above The Clouds, Heaven?


“Tch! I can't believe we lost three angels in one night! Even Bellum Malleo betrayed us for that stupid human!” a rough female voiced echoed through the halls of the building.


“Patience. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither is power. So there's only three of us remaining? So what. I can deal with him just fine.” A more patient laid back male voice responded.


These are the voices of two angels discussing Korbin's current state. He has already defeated seven of the Angels and now only three remain. The angels are becoming somewhat restless. A burly, rough built angel entered the room the other two resided in. This angel, Manus, is one who cared for Bell yet he could do nothing.


“I will go to Mid Land next. I will see to it that the human realizes his mistake in messing with us angels.”


The other two angels exchanged a sly disposition.


“Alright then Manus, we'll leave this to you.” Said the male voice.


With that Manus had left the room. Clutching his fists tightly his face turned sour.


“Human...I will not forgive you for corrupting Bell and having her take her life in your place! I will end you so I can put Bell's mind to rest!”


Manus extended his wings and descended from Heaven, flying down through the clouds towards Mid Land.

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