Two Sides Of Earth

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Fall of Manus

Submitted: February 16, 2013

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Submitted: February 16, 2013




 I shouldn't have been surprised at this point. Upon waking up the first thing I'm doing is checking my eyes. Still they beamed a crimson red. It's a strange feeling to have your eye color suddenly change on you one day. A weird feeling. One of indescribable mystery and one of mystical curiosity. From no matter what angle, the crimson iris' glared back at me in front of the mirror.


There's nothing to do today. Taylor is at work and Bell is...Gone. I completely forgot to change my clothes since last night. It was a tiring night. I'm sure someone would forgive me if I forgot to change. I grabbed my keys and those dangerous gloves. I walked out of my apartment. It's boring there once again. With nothing to do, no job, no schooling, it gets boring. I don't really know where I want to go. Needless to say, my feet continued to move. Subconsciously I know where I wanted to go. My destination is clear, the question I faced though is, can I go?




“The park huh...” My feet led me to the park. The same park I avoided last night. The same park where I spent my days with Celina. The same park where Bell died. The same park where I mentally lost myself and murdered an angel and helped end another. Sad memories filled this park to the brim yet I remained platonic. Perhaps, after all the events, I'm beginning to see less and less of a point of feeling anything anymore. Can I even call my human?


I sat on a nearby bench in the park. The park is undamaged, untouched, left the way it always is. Yet the memory of an angel's disfigured face and trees collapsed in the area almost make me feel like it was only a dream. A sad, sad dream.


At the entrance to the park, I happened to see someone standing at the gate. A white robe covered his body, trimmed in a light blue. I stared with my eyes half closed. This figure whom I'm dearly familiar with walked towards me. I sighed. I don't want to fight so soon. The person made his way in front of me. Burly in size and looking rough around the edges. His eyes stared at me with a cold expression. It felt...Disturbing.


“Yes, angel?” I questioned him.


“Is that how people of Mid Land greet strangers?” the angel responded with a deep tone.


“No. It's how I greet strangers though.”


“Snippy aren't you? Fine. Since I'm already aware of your name I will tell you mine. I am Manus.”


“Manus?” That name...Bell told me that name before!


“Then, that means you're the angel Bell said looked out for her!” His brow sank and glared at me.


“Yes. I did. At least I tried. I didn't do much.” he sat next to me on the bench. Perhaps, he's an angel I can have a conversation with?


“You...You corrupted Bell and let her die.” His voice was filled with an obvious anger, yet, he remained composed.


“I will not forgive you for corrupting her!”


“I didn't corrupt her! I admit, I failed to protect her but I had no intentions of killing her! She...She chose death herself. As much as I hate it, I can't ignore her decision and cast it aside!”


“You honestly want me to believe she died to protect a HUMAN?!” his anger is ascending. I really, really don't want to fight right now!


“Listen...Manus. Bell had a notebook she was always writing in down here. I saved it. It's in my apartment. If you are willing to not attack me right here, then I'm willing to prove it to you by showing you that notebook!” I said. He stared at me. It felt like my life was being sipped away by the seconds.


“I will not believe the words of a human. I may be chivalrous but I am no fool!” His wings extended, he flapped himself into the air and flew out a distance in front of me.


“Face me! I am a user of fisticuffs. I will not hold back and I shall avenge Bell!”


“You've got this all wrong! I'm not lying! I didn't corrupt her and I didn't want her to die either! Please! I have her notebook! She told me about you!”


“I shall not fall for your schemes. The higher angels warned me of your trickery! All humans are nothing but lies and deceit!”

Again with that?! What is Heaven teaching up there?! I clutched my fists. I'm sorry Bell...But he just won't listen!


“Come!! Face me!” I stood up and walked closer to Manus. In front of each other we stood. He had both his fists outwards and I the same. The gloves began to emanate with the odd red aura and a sting pulsated in my eyes. Egh...


Noticing something is up with me, Manus took the initiative and dashed at me. He placed a firm punch that I had to block with both my arms. Even when blocking I was still pushed back across the ground.


“Oh right, almost got too caught up. Life Containment Field, activate!” And so the second battle in this park had truly begun. With no outside interference, a pocket dimension all to ourselves.


“Please Manus, just listen to me! I'm not lying! Bell died because she trusted me! She envied humans, she wished dearly she could be one!”


“Lies!!” he charged at me again, I manged to dodge his right punch by moving my head but he came up with the left and gave me a strong shock in the stomach.


“Gah!” I fell to my knees, hugging my stomach.


“Hmph. Is this all you're capable of? To think...You killed six of my kin. “Weak!” He kicked me on the ground. Pain shot through my side.


“Weak!” more pain coursed through me as he continued to kick me on the ground. Any stronger and my ribs will break!


“WEAK!” The final kick is strong enough to lift my body across the ground. I skidded and jumped across the dirt. I coughed up blood, not able to contain the pain.




“To think, it's because you're this weak that Bell was killed!”


I felt...Something break. Is it my bones? Or my mind? I don't know the difference anymore. The small red aura that emanated around my gloves pulsated and grew in size. It's like last time...But...I'm conscious this time. Not lost in darkness. This power...I glared at Manus who visually was stunned. I paced my footing and stood up off the ground.


“I...Tried to be nice. I tried to tell you the truth. I tried to avoid bloodshed. I didn't want to fight today. I truly didn't. Now here comes you. Accusing me of killing Bell or letting her die. Do you even know her pain? Did you even try to know her pain? Did you try to listen to my explanation? Did you try to understand MY pain in knowing she's gone? No. You didn't. You didn't try. Who's the real weak one? The one who tried or the one who does nothing but flap his gums?” I slowly walked towards Manus.


“Y-You're eyes! It's as if they're glowing!”


“Hmm. Well, I wouldn't know. I can't see my own iris'. Ahaha.”


“You monster...” He prepped his body, fully knowing, I'm ready now. I moved fast. So fast. Faster than Manus could understand. Before even I knew it, I'm behind him. I punched his back, a strong blow that shook his body. He didn't move though. Manus quickly turned around and grabbed my arm, he lifted me into the sky and slammed me down onto the earth. The earth, caved in on my body when it crashed. He went to kick my face with a high to low kick but I rolled out of the way. When his foot came down, I grabbed it. Digging my fingers into the skin of his ankle I lifted myself up and flung him into the sky. Extending his wings he flew to keep himself balanced.


I jumped into the sky and with an uppercut slammed him right from below the chin. Spinning my body I latched onto his back.


“Get off you disgusting beast!”


“Oh I'M the beast? Haha! That's a funny joke there! Now I have a joke for you! A flightless chicken!” I grabbed onto the ends of his wings and violently began to tear on them. His shrill screams echoed through the air as the tendons and nerves split. Blood rushed out from his back ferociously as the final snaps are heard. His wings now torn off, Manus descended. I held onto his shoulders and he fell in a straight nosedive.


“Uhm, captain we have a problem here, our plane has seemed to have lost it's wings. Better take cover!” With that remark Manus and I crashed into the ground. KACRASH! Manus terribly injured from the fall, laid on the ground. Not only with his wings now removed, his body is terribly injured. In any case, he's not in fighting condition.


“Guh...” Or so I thought...


“You...Bastard...” Despite his wings being torn off, blood oozing from the orifice's that were once his wings and the various broken bones from the fall he still manages to stand up. Like a true knight, fighting to the end.


“I'm amazed you can still stand. You probably have several broken bones and won't survive long with the blood loss. And to think, this could have been avoided had you listened to me.” I walked to one of the downed wings and plucked off a feather, sticking it in my pocket.


“I...I've only one regret...That I couldn't save Bell from a madman like you!”


“Oh, I'm not mad. It's the angels like you, that make me feel miffed and frankly less of a human.”


“You lost your humanity the day you...Picked up those gloves.”


“What do you mean?” I turned to face him, curious as to what he means.


“Do you think normal gloves can allow you to kill angels? You...Got lucky with the first three. Symphonia died with her own Halo's, Iacio was carelessly shot with his own gun and Lamina was done in by her own blade. But those were holy weapons, then you get...These gloves. Don't you think it's strange?”


I never really thought of it, but he's right, the first three were flukes, killed by their own weapons but...These gloves that I got. This power I get from them, what is it?


“Then what do you know? Tell me, before you fall.”


“It's simple...Those are de-Gaaarh!!”


“What?!” Before I noticed, sharp spines rose from the ground and impaled Manus in all parts of his body. Silenced before he could tell me. Gently, a rose fell from the sky. I picked it up and stared at it.


“A rose?” The spines retracted back into the earth and Manus' corpse fell flat. I plucked a feather from his severed wings. Heavenly light whisked his body away and the Life Containment Field faded away. There I stand again, in the park, as if nothing happened. I threw the rose away on the ground and stared at the gloves. What are these gloves? Where does the power come from?




Back at my apartment, I placed the feather with the others. Just two to go...It's not far now Celina. Please just wait a little longer! Looking at the feather bag I thought back to earlier today.


“Those were holy weapons, then you get...These's gloves. Don't you think it's strange?”


Manus was right...But clearly someone didn't want him to finish that sentence. Probably another angel. A de? I don't know what he could have meant. I glanced over at the gloves, placed on top of my living room table.


“A de...Damn. I just don't know!” Sigh. I just can't figure it out. I guess I'll find out when the next angel shows itself. It probably won't be long from now. In the mean time, I should rest...

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