Kemen: Legend of The Voidwalker

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Welcome to Kemen, land of the elves. A land of magic and adventure, a land of piece and tranquility between the three kingdoms, but also a land of great beasts and dangers beyond your wildest dreams.

Gildor is an elf from Kelvar who dreams of going on adventures, slaying powerful beasts, and becoming a great hero; and he may get his chance as an ancient evil rises again to plunge the land of Kemen into chaos. The way it was so many centuries ago.

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Submitted: March 16, 2013

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Submitted: March 16, 2013




Long ago, the realm of Kemen was filled with chaos and dismay. Horrifying beasts roamed the wilds while bandits attacked the defenceless villages slaughtering anyone and everyone that got in their way.

The only salvation was inside the walls of Ia. A powerful kingdom said to have walls as high as the mountains, to isolate it's people from the outside world. But even Ia was no heaven.

Inside the walls, the guards would brutalize and bully the very people they swore to protect, killing the men, raping the women, and stealing what little the citizens had. And at the center of it all... was The Voidwalker: Taurnil.

Taurnil was a powerful elf who harnessed the magic of the demons. He controlled the beasts of the wilds and allowed the bandits to do as they please. It was by his command that the people of Ia were made to suffer so that he could feed their pain to his god. There was no limit to the evil this man would do, in order to keep the demons power. But where there is darkness, there is also light.

Three men stood up in defiance to the Voidwalker, but were soon after brought to death by his hand. The sons of the three men, in mourning, prayed to the gods for the power to end the chaos, and in response, they were each given magic of their own: Light, Darkness and Nature.

In honer of their fallen fathers, the three sons challenged the Voidwalker and were soon in a heated battle to the death. They say the battle lasted for five suns and five moons before the son of Nature struck the final blow thus ending the chaos that plagued realm.

And so to honer the three new kallo's (hero's), three kingdoms where made. For the son of light, Kalina was built on Mount Seldarine. For the son of darkness, Du was built inside the Whispering Caverns. And finally, for the son of nature, Kelvar was built in the Woods of Aggeron.

Thousands of new magics have been created since then and we've only just begun to scratch the surface of magic arts, but always remember the core magics of light, dark, and nature; because it was by the power of these magics that we are even here today.

“Tell me the story again Atar (father).” Pleaded the young elf.

“Gildor, the deal was I tell you a story and then you go to bed.”

“But I'm not even tired yet.” Responded Gildor in a tired tone, while rubbing his eyes.

“Alright, if I tell you one more thing, will you promise to go to sleep?” Asked the young elfs Atar.


As the Atar finished tucking in his son, he looked into his expecting eyes, waiting for him to continue the story. “They say that the three hero's never finished off the Voidwalker. They say he entered the void just as the son of Nature was about to strike the final blow. They also say the Voidwalker is just biding his time and gaining power, so that one day he can come back and plunge the realm back into chaos.”

“Don't worry Atar. If the Voidwalker comes back I'll become as strong as the son of nature and I'll send the Voidwalker back into the void!”

“I'm sure you will my son. I'm sure you will.”

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