Through an Angels Eyes

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Encounter

Submitted: May 10, 2011

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Submitted: May 10, 2011



Night. This is the time when dark creatures come out to play. If you stay out to late then you may become there next toy. A young woman in her early 20’s was walking down a poorly lit road. Her footsteps echoed throughout the abandoned streets and alleys. If you looked close enough you could see eyes in the darkness. Though they would never show themselves to her, for she was the superior. Leaving there hiding spots in the shadows would be a death wish. For she was the hunter, and they were her pray.
Her dark silhouette walked gracefully down the eerie street until she came to a halt in front of a small house. Digging through her hand bag she pulled out a shiny little key. She unlocked the door with a ‘click’ and entered. What she didn’t know was that there was a shadow of a person watching her from the rooftops. The young woman gave a tired glance to the clock. She groaned in exhaustion.
“I didn’t know that they would keep me so late. I’m never staying after work again.” She walked into her small kitchen and threw her purse on the table. “I need to eat something before I die of starvation.”The young girl searched the cabinets for something edible. But to her misfortune there was nothing left but ramen noodles. Joy. “Well I guess this will have to do.” She picked up the orange package and read the instructions on the back.The sound of glass being broken alerted her that an intruder had daredto enter her house. “Looks like my meal will have to wait.” A growl was heard from behind her. She lazily turned her head to look at the beast before her. A demon. They came In all shapes and sizes. This one just so happened to look like a dog. It was sold black and poison dripped from its fangs. Nothing that she hadn’t seen before. The massive thing launched itself into the air coming straight towards her.
A gun shoot echoed through the air and a terrible screech was heard. The woman stood there with the blood of a demon covering her light brown hair. Her cold deep brown eyes looked at the dissolving mess on her floor. The corpse of the demon slowly disappeared before her unmoving gaze. Only when it fully dissolved did she move.
“What a reckless way to kill it. Your style is sloppy and may not always work in your favor.” A deep voice rang throughout the room. A man in his early 20’s stepped out of the shadows.
“Who are you?” Her cold voice shot back only to get silence as a response. She couldn’t sense his presence and that scared her.
“What’s the matter. I can’t come to visit my new teammate.” Her eyes widened considerably. The elders had asked her to stay after work to speak to her about her new partner. Every demon hunter needed a partner, and she still didn’t have one. They told her that he was different and that he wasn’t a child of god. No, he was a child of the devil. A demon.
“I was never told that my new partner was a demon.”
“Oh. But your only half right.” He started to walk towards her from the opposite side of the room. When he was only two steps away he spoke. “You see my friend. I am a half demon.”

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