Through an Angels Eyes

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Chapter 12 (v.1) - The Cross Sisters

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Submitted: July 05, 2011



Everything huh?” I said thinking of a way out of this. I could tell him that my mother died giving birth to my brother and he died from disease soon after. Then I could say that my father left with my sister and never looked back. Or I could just say they were all living over in Australia. Yeah that could work.

“Remember Kayla. I’ll know if you’re lying.” He said staring at me with those amused eyes of his. “But if there is something that you don’t want to tell me then you don’t have to. I’m not making forcing you to tell me anything.”

“Thanks, then I would rather not speak about my family If that’s alright with you.” I said hoping he would understand that it was a touchy subject.

“ Could you at least tell me if you have any siblings?” I looked over into his eyes and saw that they held something other than amusement, pleading.

“Yes I had a younger brother and an older sister.  Their names where Christopher and Lucia.” I said walking into the kitchen. I came across a piece of paper on my counter. It was Becca’s mission report. “ God Becca your just so forgetful.” I ran into my room and quickly changed into white shorts, a navy blue t-shirt and a light gray jacket. I through on a pair of white shoes and ran out the door screaming to Erik that I was going out for a bit. I ran over to my car and jumped into the driver’s seat. I sped down the road and headed towards Becca’s house.

When I arrived at there I jumped out of my car and ran up to her front door. I knocked a few times and waited for someone to answer but of course with my luck there was nobody home. I slid the piece of paper under her door and started off towards my car. Sense I had nothing better to do I decided to stop at a little coffee house and order something. I sat there sipping at my latte and reading my favorite book, vampire academy. I am love Dimitri, he is just so amazing!

I had been sitting there for a while when I felt a small tug on my sleeve. I looked over and saw a young girl she was maybe eight. Her vibrant blue eyes looked up at me innocently. I took me a moment to notice that there were two of them. They both looked exactly alike except the one that tugged on my sleeve had long flowing hair with messy bangs. Her sister had short shoulder sweep hair and messy bangs just like her more outgoing twin.

“Yes, can I help you two?” I asked giving them a gentle smile.

“Could you help us find our brother miss? We have something very important that we need to tell him.”  Said the one that still had her hand glued to my sleeve.

“Okay before anything I’ll need to know your names and the name of your brother?” I wasn’t’ certain that I could be of any help but I’m sure I could at least try.

“My name is Alicia and this is my sister Alice, where looking for a man named Erik.” She said smiling. I couldn’t believe it. These two girls where Erik’s younger sisters! Good thing I asked about his family our I would have had no idea.

“Yeah I know where you could find him here follow me.” I said holding out my hand. She grabbed it without hesitation, I held my other hand for the other girl to grab but she held onto her sister tighter then she had before. Alicia turned towards her and held out her hand so that she would be less scared. I walked the two girls over to my car and let them inside. I made sure that both girls where buckled before started to head home. When we arrived I walked both inside and called for Erik yelled back that he was in the kitchen. I walked there with the two girls closely behind me.  “Hey Erik! You got some little visitors.”

“Who?” He said looking at me then at the two ecstatic girls.

“Brother!” Alicia screamed running up to him and giving him a big huge. Erik lifted her and gladly returned it.

“Hello brother.” Alice walked up to him more slowly and gave him a loving smile.

“Hey what are you two girls here for? Don’t tell me you’re here to take me back.” Erik said while setting Alicia down.

“No father told us to come and give you a message. Go on and tell him what father said Alice.” Alicia said running up to her sister.

“Father told me to tell you that ‘He escaped.’” I saw Erik pause for a moment then his face exploded with shock and fear.

“There’s no way! He was suppose to be sealed for all eternity!” I never saw him show fear before and for there to be this much of it, I know that there was something seriously wrong.

“What’s wrong Erik? Who’s He?”

“’He’ is my half brother. My father had him with another whole demon. After that my father found my mother and their relationship just kept growing. The full demon that was already pregnant with my half brother loathed my mother, and naturally when she found out that my mother was pregnant with me she lost it. She raised her son to hate my mother and I and she soon died with that hatred still intact.” He looked so small like a little child afraid of a monster that had been hiding under his bed. Erik had his hands on his forehead and was looking down at his lap.

“So he’ll go after your mother first right?” I asked trying to get a grasp on what was happening.

“No. Kayla whatever you do you are never to leave my line sight got it?”


“got it.” This time it wasn’t a question, but a demand.

“Yes I understand.” His eyes seemed to hold just a tiny bit of relief that I had agreed without a fight. He was to stressed right now to put up with my stubbornness and I knew that, so just this once I’ll let him tell me what to do without a fight.

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