Through an Angels Eyes

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - My new partner?

Submitted: May 10, 2011

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Submitted: May 10, 2011



“So friend, what’s your name.” His eyes gleamed with amusement and a wicked smile formed on his lips. He was probably getting a kick out of my discomfort.
“Isn’t it rude to ask for ones name before giving your own?” His deep brown eyes hardened and stared directly into my own, as if trying to see what I was thinking. If I didn’t know better I would have said that he was trying to look into my soul. After a minute his gaze softened as if he approved of me in some way.
“Your right, please except my apologies. My name is Erik Cross, and now it is your turn to give me yours.”
“Kayla. Kayla Lite”
“Well it’s a pleaser to meat you Kayla.” Erik took my hand in one swift motion and placed a light kiss upon my skin. The way he had said my name sent shivers down my spine. I quickly recoiled from his grip and took a few paces backwards.
“ Well you have met me so it is time for you to leave.” His face turned to sorrow. “What’s the matter you have somewhere to stay don’t you?” He slowly shook his head as a sign of ‘no’. “well there are plenty of apartments up in town that you can stay in.” I grabbed his hand and dragged him to the front door.
“Hey! Wait a minute!” but to bad for him that the door was already closed leaving him outside. “stupid woman.”
I decided that I would just try to get some rest, pretty much giving up on dinner. I entered my little bedroom. While getting ready for bed I took my silver pistol and put it on my dresser. I quickly changed my clothes to a pair of green shorts and a gray tank top. A clicking sound coming from my window made me turn around. Someone was trying to get into my house! I reached out for the light switch so that I could see who it was that dared to enter my home at this hour. When I swiveled my head back towards the window I was met with the sight of Erik causally leaning against my wall. “Why the hell are you in my room.”
“Well you see that was the only window unlocked so-”
“here let me re-phase that for you. What are you still doing around my house!?” I had cut into his sentence demanding a real reason. He took a deep breath and let out a dramatic sigh.
“I have no were to go and no money to stay at an inn.”
“Then go sleep in a box. I don’t want something like you in my house.” I glared fiercely at him but it didn’t have any affect.
“Aww don’t be so mean Kayla” He appeared in front of me within a second and grabbed my chin . “You never know I may get angry with you.”
“You wouldn’t be able to hurt me.” I tried to pull away, but was unable, he was too strong.
“Tsk, tsk, tsk, your useless without your shiny little toy Kayla. And it just so happens that it’s on the opposite side of the room.” He was wrong. I wasn’t some weak little girl that people could control. Without thinking about it I kicked him right in the nuts. What? I couldn’t help myself it’s my self defense tactic. He grunted in pain and crouched on the floor. I laughed in triumph and dragged his crippled body out of my room down the hall into the living room.
“I thought you were suppose to be some strong demon.” My laughter still hadn’t stopped. “Well, I suppose a man’s still a man even if they are part demon.” I kindly helped him onto the couch and gave him a blanket and pillow.
“What are these for?”
“You may stay here until you get the money to stay at an inn. I can’t have my partner dying out on the street now can I” While smiling I turned around and started to head back to my room. “Oh and one more thing, my room is off limits so if I ever find you in there again you’ll be in a lot worse shape then you are now. Got it?”
“Yeah I got it. Thanks” He said, though it was a little unclear because he had his head shoved in the pillow.
“goodnight Erik.” I whispered before turning off the light. On my way down the hall I swear I had heard a soft ‘Goodnight Kayla.” In reply

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