Through an Angels Eyes

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - What have i done.

Submitted: May 10, 2011

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Submitted: May 10, 2011



My eyes fluttered open and daylight filled my gaze. I had a feeling that today is going to be a good day. A small smile graced my features. A loud alarm going off shoot me out of my thoughts of peaceful mornings. I take that back maybe today isn’t going to be so great after all. I quickly got out of bed and ran to the source of the noise. The kitchen. I rushed through the door expecting to see a fire. But no. All I see is Erik looking sadly into a frying pan. I took a deep breath and rounded up the courage to ask what was wrong.
“Um Erik?”
“It burned.” He said still staring at the pan.
“Huh? What burned?” I walked over to where he stood and took a good look at the ‘food’ that he tried to cook.
“Oh I see… Wait a minute how the heck do you burn eggs this badly!”
“I don’t know, I only left them there a few minutes to cook.”
“and how long is a few minutes?”
“around 15 maybe 20.”
“god! No wonder there burned! Eggs only take 5 minutes to cook 10 at the most!
“Well I didn’t know that.” A loud growling sound echoed through the room.
“What do you think?”
“I think you should move out of my way so I can cook us something edible.” I pushed him aside as I took the pan and through the scraps away.
“Yeah, Yeah, just make it quick before I die of starvation.”
“Hey. Don’t rush me be lucky I’m cooking you anything.”
After about 10 minutes of cooking I brought both of our plates over to the table. “There, is that better?” The meal I cooked consisted of Half a plate of eggs and 2 hash browns.
“Yes!” I didn’t even have time to set the plate down and he was already stuffing his face. I took my seat across the small table and started eating my own meal, but not nearly as fast. When I was about half way done my breakfast I heard a large sigh of relief come from Erik.
“Yup. So when do we go to work?” he asked while getting up to set his plate in the sink.
“We? You mean when do I go to work. You don’t work there.”
“I’m your partner aren’t I, so that means we both work at the same place. I think we should get a job.” He said not really caring.
“No that’s out of the question, we don’t even know each other’s abilities yet. How do you expect use to go out on a mission together.”
“It would help use to understand our abilities better if we saw what both of use could do first hand.”
“Yeah but did you ever ounce think that this plan of yours could go terribly wrong and we could both end up dead?”
“No, because you got me to protect you.” He replied with a smirk.
“Ha. More like the other way around.” I said with a confident smile. and with a word our bet had been set. I would show him just how strong I was.
The ride to the company was short and silent. No words were exchanged. We were both thinking about what would happen later that day. Then, we arrived at Lucifer. The building itself looks as if it could touch the sky. Erik and I entered through the large glass double doors and made our way to the front desk. we must had attracted a lot of attention, because everyone’s eyes seemed to follow us across the room. I was then rudely awoken from my thoughts by someone’s loud yelling.
“Kayla! Hello earth to Kayla!” I moved my gaze towards the sound. My eyes met with those of the front desk secretary, and I was genuinely surprised at who it was. “Rebecca? What are you doing working the front desk?”
“It’s punishment for setting another building on fire while out on an mission. But enough about me, who is your friend?” Her large green eyes stared at Erik hoping he would introduce himself but he made no move to do so.
“This is Erik Cross my new partner, but anyway getting back on subject I would like a mission.” I took a side glance at Erik, his body looked tense and his gaze was unmoving.
“Of course, here give me a minute. Okay so you already have a mission on file and it has to do with a cavern of wild demons going on a murdering frenzy, sound good enough for you?” She asked looking up from her computer.
“Yup that’s good I’ll take it. See you later Becca.” I said starting to walk away and waving over my shoulder. I stepped out of the building looking back to make sure that Erik had followed. He had, and he was a step behind me none the less. “Happy now we got a mission.”
“Ecstatic.” He said, his voice flat. “That place smells like death. It’s sickening.” His face grim while he spoke.
“Really? I think it kind of smells like flowers.” I gave him a teasing smile. Erik just looked at me and gave an over dramatic sigh.

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