Through an Angels Eyes

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - My little secret

Submitted: May 10, 2011

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Submitted: May 10, 2011



I woke up the next morning with my head throbbing. I walked out into the living room and found Erik half falling off the couch.
“What am I going to do with you?” I walked up and picked up the blanket that had fallen on the floor and recovered him. I turned towards the kitchen and dug through the cabinets looking for something to eat. Again all that was left was that same ramen package. I let out an exhausted breath. Looks like I’m running to the store today. I through a pot of water on the stove waiting for it to boil so I could make my ramen. One package of ramen wasn’t going to fill both me and the thing in the living room. After I was done cooking I quickly ate what was there, changed into a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt, put on some sneakers, and was off to the store.
When I arrived I grabbed a cart and just started to fill it up with random food. Everything from Oreo’s to pineapple. I was looking through the meat section when someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around to meet dark chocolate eyes.
“Erik? What are you doing here, your suppose to be asleep.”
“I got hungry.” He looked like a lost puppy. How could this be the same person that spoke with such malice and hatred the night before. He went and started to dig through the cart looking at what I had picked up. “You don’t have any tomatoes.” He said looking up at me.
“Yeah there really good. Can we get some.” I just looked at him for a few minutes.
“Just tomatoes. Nothing with them?”
“Yeah what’s wrong with that?”
“Nothing.” I said picking up a packet of ham. I walked through the isle’s with Erik trailing behind picking up a bunch of different things. Including tomatoes.
Walking through the front door of my small house not bothering to wait for Erik to bring in the grocery’s
“Well come on I don’t have all day.” I said walking through the house into my room. Looking through some of my files I have on my desk. I picked up the mission review that I had written out for the company. Walking back into the kitchen I found Erik sitting there trying to find were stuff goes. He looked up at me when I walked through the arch way.
“Kayla where does all of this stuff go?” He asked holding up a jar of peanut butter.
“Just leave everything here but can you do me a favor?” I asked looking up at him.
“Yeah sure what is it?”
“I need you to run this down to the company building. When you get there, hand this paper to the front desk secretary.” I said handing him the mission report.
“Yeah fine.” He started to walk out the door. By this time it was going on three o’clock in the afternoon. I started putting grocery’s away when I heard the front door close.
Walking down the drive way I jumped in the car and headed down towards Lucifer. I really hate coming here. The whole building smells like holy water. When I arrived I walked through the glass doors and was once again greeted with stares, but these where less friendly. I walked up to the front deskand waited for the secertary to notice.It was the same girl from before but i forget her name.She finallylooked up at me and seemed surprised.
“Hey your that guy from yesterday that came in with Kayla.My name isBecca if you dont remember but I forget yours, what was it again?"She asked looking at me with a grin.
“Erik. Here Kayla told me to give these to you.” I held out the papers for her to take. She looked at them then back up at me.
“Come on, you can put them in your file folder in the back.” She entered a door right behind the secretary’s desk, and I followed. We entered a large room filled to the brim with files.
“Lets see where’s Kayla’s” She said searching through the L section. I looked as well. I came across a tan file folder with the name LITE written across it in capital letters I looked around for the secretary to tell her that I had found it but she was nowhere to be seen. I opened the folder and found a piece of paper with Kayla’s picture on it, with a whole bunch of information. I started to skim through it and endedup getting sucked into the writing.
Name: Kayla Marie Lite
Gender: Female
Age of entry : 5
Current age: 22
Reason for entry:
Demon attack. Theair was clouded with mist and filled with the smell of rain. A small house lay on a hill in the middle of the woods. They were celebratingtheir middle daughter’s birthday.Kayla Lite. She was a bright young girl, with an elder sister, Lucia Light, and a new bornbrother, Christopher Lite.Her mother, Catherine Litealong with her husband Kenneth Lite.
At 11 o’clock that night glass shattered and blood was spilled. Catherine ran with her only surviving daughter into a room and closed the doors making sure to lock it. Putting her child under the desk she covered her in water from head to two making sure not to miss an inch.
“Kayla whatever you do, do not make a sound no matter what you hear. You have to understand this is for you safety.” Twisted growls could be heard down the hall along with the echoing click of nails. “Also DO NOT MOVE from this spot until help comes do you understand.” The young girl looked up at her mother one last time before she disappeared in front of the desk. Pounding on the door could be heard and then the wood finally broke. Her mother’s screams of pain where heardand the vicious snarls and growls of the monster hurting her mother echoed through the room. Soon the screams stopped and there was just silence. Kayla tried desperately to not make a noise by covering her mouth. The footsteps of the monster could be heard getting closer, and closer. Gun shots were fired and a yelp fallowed . A young man in his mid 30’s reached out to Kayla but when he touched her she broke out into a fit of screams. When she finally opened her eyes. She came face to face with a man dressed in black and kind blue eyes.
“It’s okay Kayla there is no need to be scaredI’m here to help you.” He said picking her up. The young girl curled up in his arms and he covered her with his cloak, not wanting her to see the remains of her family. On their way out of the house there was a portrait of the kind family, but there smiles where ruined by the blood the splattered the glassed.
I just stood there staring down at the piece of paper. I heard footsteps coming around the corner so I closed the file. What was in there was not met for other people to see. Becca walked over in my direction while saying, “Oh, look you found it!”
She took the file from my hand and placed the report inside. “Thanks for helping me find her file it would have took me forever.” She said rushing me out of the file room “Bye have a safe trip home.” She waved goodbye as I walked out the main doors.
On my way back to the house I contemplated on whether or not I should ask Kayla about her past. We hadn’t know each other for that long so it may not be a good idea. Would she be mad if I asked? She was my partner so I had a right to know if there was something that had happened to her. I have a right to know. Eventually after about ten min’s I decided against asking, if she wants me to know then she’ll tell me. I took a quick look at my watch, it was already going on six thirty. I sped up the car so that I could get back and see the person that had been haunting my thoughts.

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