Through an Angels Eyes

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - Nightmare

Submitted: May 25, 2011

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Submitted: May 25, 2011



I was in the middle of searching the T.V. for a decent show when I heard the front door open and close. Erik came walking into the living room as silent as ever.
“How did It go? Did you give the papers to Becca?” I asked looking over the back of the couch.
“Fine, and yes I did.” He said taking a seat next to me. “What are you watching?” He Looked at the TV
“Nothing, there isn’t anything one.” Said flicking through the channels.
“Can I look?” He asked holding out his hand for the remote.
“Sure knock yourself out.” I said handing over the clicker. He wouldn’t find anything anyway so what was the sense in arguing. After about fifteen minutes of looking through the shows he was still going. He must be determined. Another ten minutes passed and he was starting to look frustrated.
“Frustrated?” I asked looking at him with a mocking smile.
“No.” he said, his voice flat. But I could see impatience starting to show in his eyes.
“I think your lying.” It was fun messing with him. He acts just like a child sometimes.
“And I think your being annoying.”
“awww, is someone starting to get angry?” I asked in a baby voice.
“Would you just shut-it I’m trying to find something to watch.”
“Erik, you do realize that you’ve been through the list of channels at least twice, I don’t think that something new is going to pop up out of nowhere.” I said dumbfounded by his persistence.
“ Forget it, I give up there’s nothing on.” He said throwing the remote on the floor. I stood up, stretched and started towards the kitchen.
“Want anything to eat?” I asked looking back.
“That’s it?” I was hoping that the whole tomato thing was joke but I guess not.
“Okay then.” I walked through the kitchen arch and grabbed a tomato off the counter. I also picked up an apple that way I could have a quick snack and head off to bed. I walked into the living room and chucked the tomato at his head. Even though his eyes where closed he still managed to catch it with ease.
“I’m heading to bed. Make sure you turn out the lights before you do. Okay?”
“Yeah, yeah, goodnight.”
I walked into my room and changed into a pair of shorts and an old shirt. Getting under the covers I laid my head down and quickly fell to sleep.
I opened my eyes to meet darkness. I looked all around and saw nothing. Suddenly something started to appear. I took a good look and came face to face with Erik.
“Erik? Where are we?” I asked as I walked up to him. His face was clouded with darkness. “Erik?”What was wrong with him? Why wouldn’t he answer? He finally lifted his head and I looked into unfamiliar eyes. Blood… They were the color of blood. A color I knew all too well. This wasn’t the person I knew. “Who are you?” I asked taking steps backwards.
“What? You don’t recognize me Kayla? It’s me, Erik.” His voice was a twisted. Sinister almost. I stumbled a little, turned around and then ran. That’s all I could do was run. I turned my head back to see if he had fallowed but there was nothing. I suddenly bumped into something and stumbled backwards.
“Kayla? Are you okay?” I looked up to meet eyes. Erik’s. Well at least they’re the ones I remember. He then suddenly grabbed me and pulled me into an unbreakable embrace.
“Let go of me! Let go!” I screamed, and I screamed but he wouldn’t loosen his grip. Light started to cloud my vision. I opened my eyes and saw two familiar figures floating above me. “Mom? Dad? But how…” Tears started to roll down my cheeks. “Is that really you?”
“How could you.” They spoke at the same time.
“We sacrificed our lives for you to live and this is how you repay us!” My father spoke.
“I don’t understand, what are you saying?” I asked still struggling in Erik’s grip.
“You repay us by speaking to this demon, He is the same kind of person that killed us! Your family!” My mother said.
“No! He’s different! He protected me!” I screamed
“Wrong. You don’t deserve our prayers.” They spoke at the same time and started to fade.
“No! don’t go!” I said trying to reach out.
I had almost forgot that Erik had me in a death grip. But he finally started to pull away but still griped me tightly around the shoulders.
“Let. Me. Go.” I said starting to get sick of this.
“Never.” I looked into his eyes and was met with the sickening color of blood.

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