Through an Angels Eyes

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - Facing Reality

Submitted: June 27, 2011

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Submitted: June 27, 2011



The rest of that night I stayed awake thinking about the nightmare that I had experienced. Was it a sign. Was having a half demon as a partner really that bad? All that night those types of thoughts rushed around in my head. Before I know it Tiny rays of sunlight started to come through my window. I looked over at my alarm clock and realized that it was going on six o’clock. I forced myself out of bed and then into the shower. Maybe the water would wash away my hectic thoughts.
The hot water on my skin felt nice. I felt at ease for the first time sense I had that ‘dream’. Thirty minutes later I decided that it was about time to get out. I changed into Black shorts, a deep Blue tee-shirt, and a dark gray sweat jacket with a pair of black and blue pastry shoes. Next I loaded my guns and put them in the holster that I wore around my shoulders, under my jacket. Walking out of my bed room I quickly and silently made my way down the hall. On my way to the front door I passed by the living room and noticed that Erik was still out cold. I paused and decided to write a note so that way he wouldn’t come looking for me.
I took a slip of paper and quickly jotted down that I was going for a walk and wouldn’t be back for while. I put it on the coffee table and made my way out the door.
Walking down the road I thought about where I should go to clear my head. After about 10 Minutes I had finally made it to the main road that came through this area. I lived on the outskirts of New York, but even so it was still more crowed then normal towns would be. Several people walked the streets and Lots of cars came through, even at this hour of the morning. People where getting up and heading to work.
“Hey! Kayla! Wait up!” I stopped and looked backwards, all I saw was blonde and then I was being talked.
“KAYLA! It’s been forever sense I saw you outside of headquarters!”
“God Becca, Give some warning before you go and tackle someone.”
“oops. Sorry about that.” She said taking a step back and gave me a sheepish smile. She was wearing a bright blue sun dress, white sandals, and a anklet. Her hair was up in a messy bun and her sunglasses were on top of her head. “So what are you doing? Are you going anywhere important?” she asked, she was smilingbut the look in her eyes told me that if I said yes I would regret it later.
“No, why do you ask?” I asked hoping that she wouldn’t ask to much of me.
“Great! Just the answer I was hoping to hear!” She then grabbed my hand and started to drag me down the sidewalk.
“Becca! You could at least tell me what you want first before you go dragging me off to who knows where!” I said quickening my pace so I was in step with her.
“O right sorry ‘bout that, I wanted your help with this murder case I was working on.” I looked over and saw that her facial features had become more serious. “I’ll go over the details when we get back to my house. You in?”
“Yeah.” I said. Maybe this could be a chance to get my mind off of the nightmare I had.
After about twenty minutes of walking we finally arrived at her little town house. It was much more homey inside then my house. I had only bought the necessities that I needed to live, but Becca had Beautifully decorated rooms with family photos lining the walls. She lead me into her small study towards the back of the house. Thesmall desk in the middle of the room was covered with papers and books. This was the only room in the house that wasn’t clean. I took a seat in one of the two chairs that sat in front of the desk and waited for what she had to say about the case.
“Sorry this place is such a mess.” She said sorting through some papers
“Don’t worry about it. So tell me the details on this case that you dragged me into.”
“Well where should I start…” she paused thinking about what she should say “Well recently there have been a string of murders all believed to be by the same person, or should I say ‘thing’. Right now we have kept what happened out of the news so nobody out of the Intelligence department knows about it. Well that is including you of course.” She said flipping through a file that she had hidden inside her desk. “All the murders where related in some way. The first one started out as a man being murdered in is home. It was a pretty clean murder so the scene wasn’t very bloody. We didn’t really see it as a problem. Then came the second murder. This time the victim was a man also. The only difference is that this time the scene was much more gruesome. The one behind it was much more carless this time around. When the third murder came, we noticed a pattern. All the victims where men that worked late. Either the Demon follows them home or they pick it up off the street and invite into their homes for some ‘alone time’.
“So basically prostitutes.” I said starting to understand what we were dealing with. “These men are basically picking up women after a long day of work and taking them back home as a stress reliever.If you ask me men like that deserve a horrible death.” I said a little disgusted at the topic.
“I agree that there pigs but nobody deserves a death like that.” She said looking up, she looked just as disgusted as I was. She handed over the file so I could flip through it and go over anything that she might have missed.
“Well what do you guys plan on doing about this?” I asked flipping through the papers, not really taking any time to really stop and read any of it. “I mean how are we suppose to catch this girl if we don’t even know what she looks like?”
“At the scene we found some hair that might belong to her. They looked to be black and would go to about the middle of your back. Does that help any?” She asked looking kind of hopeful.
“Well it helps to narrow it down, But do you think you could get me some key information?”
“That depends, what is it that you want?”
“I’ll need to know where these men worked and the routes they would normally take back to their house, do you think you could do that for me?”
“Of course I can! Who do you think you’re talking to I’m no amateur. Getting that type of information is easy.” She said with her head held high.
“Well then if you’re so good do you think you could get me the bars that they most frequently visited?”
“Yup! I’ll just have to take a look in their Banking accounts.”
“Good have that to me by tomorrow.” I said starting to get up from the chair.
“ Are you crazy!” she said standing up from her chair and slamming her hands down on the table. “I hate it when people underestimate me! I could have it in two hours flat!” She said looking at me like I had just shot down her ego.
“Okay, Okay! Calm yourself!” I said taking a few steps back “gosh I’m sorry.”
“It’s okay, why don’t you go eat or something while I search for what you need.” She said sitting back down and putting her laptop on her desk.
“Sure see you in a bit.” I said walking through the door way.
After thinking about all the information that Rebecca had just given me I realized that there was one more key component that I would need to win against this demon, and that my friend is a pawn.

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