Through an Angels Eyes

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - My hot pawn!

Submitted: June 29, 2011

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Submitted: June 29, 2011



“Kayla! I’m finished!” Becca said running into the living room.

“Okay come here and give it to me.” I said holding out my hand in her direction. She handed me the papers and I quickly flipped through them.

“Each mans route home has one road in common, but their favorite bars are far away from each other.”

“So that means it’s that one road that she walks.” I said looking over the routes.

“Yeah, but I can’t give you a time frame, sorry ‘bout that.” She said looking kind of disappointed in herself.

“No its fine this is all the information I need.” I said putting the papers down on the coffee table. “But there is still one more thing you could get me.”

“What is it?” She said looking somewhat unsure.

“A pawn.”

“A what?”

“I need a pawn, someone who can go walking the street and pick up our little hooker.”

“O a pawn, I get it now.” She said with a looking of understanding bursting across her face. “Yeah I can get one for you! Actually I already have someone in mind.” She said smiling and running for the door. “I’ll be back in a bit!” She screamed from the door way, and just like that I was alone. I looked over at the clock and it was already going on eleven o’clock. Crap. Mr. I love tomatoes is probably starting to wonder where I went. It’s been four hours sense I left after all.

I ended up going home. When I walked through the door I didn’t see anyone.

“Erik! You there?” I got no reply so after looking through a few more rooms I realized that Erik must have gone out. I went into the kitchen and noticed that there was a whole sink load of dishes waiting for me. Sighing I walked into my room, grabbed my iPod and blasted the music to the point where I could barely hear anything. I walked back into the kitchen, rolled up my sleeves, and started to work on the dishes. When I was about half way through I had this feeling that there was someone behind me, Then suddenly something grabbed my shoulder. I screamed, spun around, pulled out one of my loaded guns, and started shooting . My hand was grabbed and was forced to face up towards the ceiling. I opened my eyes and saw Erik standing there, shirtless. Why does god hate me.

“Watch where your shooting that thing psycho!” He said looking just a tiny bit mad.

“Well don’t sneak up on me you idiot!” I said back.

“I didn’t! You just didn’t hear me calling you over your blasting music!”

“ Sorry! I called your name and nobody answered so I assumed that you weren’t here, so naturally I didn’t expect for you to come sneaking up behind me!” I said starting to flush from both anger and embarrassment.

“I was in the shower, so I didn’t exactly hear you call my name!” That did explain why his hair was all wet. I then noticed just how good he looked. No shirt, ripped jeans, Wet messy hair. No! get your head out of the gutter Kayla! 

“You’re lucky you didn’t get shot, you could have gotten really hurt.” I said just realizing I could have put a hole in his head.

“I would have been fine. A single bullet would do much damage.” He said looking a little cocky.

“Really? Even if it had some holy water in it?” I said holding up one of my bullets. I saw his face drop slightly.

“Yeah if I were to get hit with one of those then I would be going through hell right now. It wouldn’t kill me but it sure would be painful.” He said looking at my bullet like it was his worst nightmare come true. I put my bullet away and turned around so I could finish doing the dishes, when I was once again interrupted. This time not by a tomato loving half demon but by the doorbell. Great I wonder who it could be.

“Could you get the door Erik?” I asked nicely so that I wouldn’t have to do it myself.

“Sure.” He said while walking out of the room. A minute later I hear a  squeal. Next thing I know Becca comes running in through the door way towards me.

“O my god! Who was that hot guy that answered your door! Where did you get something as fine as him? Girl you better start explaining yourself, cause if you got him at a party of something I want in next time!” Looks like she doesn’t recognize Erik.

“It’s just Erik okay there’s nothing to freak out about.” I said smiling at her forgetfulness.

“There’s no way that that’s the same person who came to see me yesterday! He looks so much more relaxed and girl did you know he had a six pack!” Here we go. She’s going to go on about Erik for the next hour until she finally gets over it.

“I hope I’m not interrupting anything.” I looked back to see Erik leaning in the door way. I look over to see Becca blushing. “Kayla do you mind cooking me something to eat?”

“You’re hungry?” He nodded yes. “Well here you go.” I said throwing him a pop tart that I got out of the cabinet. He looked at it for a minute then started to eat it. “Satisfied?”


“By the way Kayla” I looked back over towards Becca “I found you a pawn. Hey Chase! Get in here!” I looked over to the doorway and saw a man start to enter. He had gorgeous sapphire eyes and blonde hair that was just long enough to touch his eye lashes.  His smile was genuine and caring. “Kayla this is my older brother Chase. Chase this is my friend Kayla.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” I said smiling.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He said showing me his pearly white teeth.

“I didn’t know you had a brother Becca.” I said facing towards her.

“Yeah he’s part of the tactical division. He comes up with all the strategies that we use when we go after large groups of demons and so on.” She said proudly.

“That’s cool. So Chase I see that you’re going to be my pawn.”  

“Yeah. I didn’t have much choice in the matter though. I don’t think Rebecca was going to take no for an answer.” He said laughing. I know exactly how he feels, after all that is how I got dragged into all of this.  

“Why do you need a pawn Kayla?” I just remembered that Erik was still here.

“Well you see Becca dragged me into this case she was working on and asked me to help her. I told her that I would need a pawn and she and she got one for me. That’s why chase is here.” I explained.

“Okay but that still doesn’t tell me why you need a pawn.”

“umm. Well, you see I basically need chase to walk down this street and try to pick up a prostitute with long black hair. The reason behind this is because that person is believed to be behind the murders.” I said trying to think back on all of the details.

“Well wouldn’t that be easier with two people?”

“I suppose it would be.” I said starting to think about it.

“Great, then I’m in.” he said looking confident. I was about to object when Becca decided to impute her opinion.

“What if you make this a competition! Whoever can get the demon first wins!” She said joyfully. Great Erik never backs down from a challenge.

“I’m in. how about you chase.” Erik was just daring chase to say no.

“Fine with me.” And so it begin.

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