Through an Angels Eyes

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - The Competition

Submitted: June 30, 2011

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Submitted: June 30, 2011



I was currently briefing the two competitors on what they had to do. “First you have  to find her and start up a conversation. You then wait for her to ask you back to a hotel or to your house to have some fun. Next you bring her back to the house that was provided to use by Lucifer. After that you wait for her to attack you first, you never know, it could just be a regular whore.” They both nodded their head.

“What if it’s not her?” asked Chase.

“Then you just tell her that you lost interest pretty boy.”Erik said annoyed that he had stopped the debriefing for a question such as that.

“ Well don’t bite my head off ‘hulk’.”

“Hulk? What the hell kind of comeback is that.”

“Like the incredible hulk. You know the guy that says ‘Hulk Smash’!”

“Oh so if I’m the hulk that makes you…”

“Okay! That’s enough!” I said cutting off his sentence “ Now back to what I was saying. As soon as she turns and starts to attack you, show no mercy. Got it?” I finished up my debriefing and I could tell they were both pumped. They both wanted to win so that  they would have bragging rights. “Okay anymore questions?”

“Yeah where are you two going to be during all of this?” Erik asked. Wow he actually asked a smart question. I’m so impressed.

“Well me and Kayla are going to be watching you from these necklaces.” Becca said, holding up two dog tags that had their names engraved onto them. “There are mini little cameras hidden in these so don’t lose them. Got it.”

“Yeah I get it Becca.”  Chase said looping the necklace around his neck

“That’s a first.” Erik said

“Alright that’s enough save it for tonight.” I said putting the dog tag around Erik’s neck and made sure that the camera was in the right position.

“thanks Kayla.” It almost sounded like he was genuinely Thankful, but we all know that will never happen. The day Erik is sincere is the day that I grow wings and fly.

“Okay so you guys go out there and do your best!” Becca said shooing them out the door. Me and her then sat down in front of the two televisions that showed everything they were doing. The one on the left is chase and the one on the right is Erik.

“I’ll take chases and you take Erik’s, is that okay Kayla?” Becca asked.

“Yeah that’s fine. I don’t really care.” I stared carefully at Erik’s screen right now he was riding down the main road towards the city. The road that there heading towards is shorter than most and not many people walk it at night except for the local gangs, drunks, and whores. They were either going to ride down this road or walk it.

“Erik just arrived how ‘bout chase?” I asked Becca though I was still staring at the screen.

“Chase took a different route so he’ll be there in a minute.”

“Okay.” I watched as Erik drove down the street looking for a possible target. Just then a girl came into sight. She had skimpy clothes on and long black tresses. She fit the description.

Erik pulled over in front of her and waited to see if she would take the bait. She did. she stopped in front of the passenger window and leaned over into the car. God she needed to cover up, she had so much cleavage showing that it should be illegal. I hate girls who have no dignity or self preservation.

“So big boy got anything certain you wanted?” She asked seductively.

“What do you think I want?” I couldn’t see his face but with how cocky he just sounded I would bet anything that he was smirking. 

“O I don’t know, I was thinking that you  wanted me to come back to your house with you so we could spend some quality time together.” She said smiling seductively while leaning in a little further.

“Just what I was thinking, get in.” Erik said unlocking the passenger side door. He’s almost too good at this.

“Slow down there big boy. How much where you looking to pay me?”

“How much where you looking to get?”

“Around eighty dollars. Is that okay with you?”

“Whatever you wish.” Erik knew he was overpaying her but he didn’t seem to really care. The hooker got in the car and Erik drove off to the designated house.

“Hey Becca how is chase doing?” I asked looking over to her.

“Fine, he hasn’t found anyone yet though. You?”

“Erik already picked her up. At least I think it’s her, there heading over to the house now.

After about fifteen minutes of the chick throwing herself all over my partner and saying such nasty and perverted things they finally made it to the house. I bet Erik is enjoying this, he would to, what a pervert. As soon as they got in the house she wasted no time in throwing herself onto him. I couldn’t Watch this anymore. We had cameras inside the house so we could see what was going on at all times. She still didn’t look like she was going to attack him. I saw Erik’s hesitation in his eyes. He was starting to think that this may not be her just like I was. When he was just about to say that he lost interest she said something that perked both our interests.

“This is the last night you will ever feel like this.”

“Really why is that?” Erik asked looking at her.

“You will die tonight.” Bingo. We won.

“Really?” Erik asked kind of amused.

“Yes. I know who you are. You’re that half breed that betrayed his whole clan, and started to help the hunters.” Her voice had become more twisted and demonic and her eyes gleamed red. “There’s one specific hunter that your very protective over.” Erik grabbed and unsheathed his sword that he had hidden in the house. He pointed the blade at her and waited for her to make her move. “I know that you could easily kill me with no emotion what so ever, but what if I looked like this.” As she said that her whole body started to morph and change shape. When  she was finished she looked completely different. She looked like…me.

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