Something Big

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Sports  |  House: Booksie Classic

A girl pushes her limits in order to make her dream team.



“Something is in the air bro.” I smiled breaking the silence between Elena and I.

“Yea it’s foul in this locker room, let’s change fast so we can get out of here.” Elena answered in disgust.

“No, besides that! Like I feel different about today. You know? Like something big is going to happen, I don’t know if it will be good or bad though that’s the thing.”

“Jordan girl, you’re just nervous about tryouts. Look let’s say you don’t make it, and that is a huge possibility it WONT happen. We still have another tryout next week for another team.” Elena rolled her eyes acknowledging that she was annoyed.

Elena and I walk into the gym analyzing everything before we took a step closer onto the court. I don’t know about this anymore, I immediately think when I witness the threes that were swished shot after shot from most of these girls, it seemed that they were only getting started.

“Remember when I said something big is going to happen? Yea I’m about to get crossed so bad. Look at these girl El!” I desperately wanted to make this team but at the looks of it I probably can’t get a layup on these girls.

“Hmph, not with that attitude you won’t. Just go get a ball and pretend you don’t know me, you usually do better when you’re in that little zone of yours.” Elena answered obviously nervous herself.

Then, that was that and Elena left to go talk to one of the “judges” and left me alone to “get in the zone” whatever that means I don’t change as much on the court from how I usually act like how  


everyone else says I do. That’s what I think anyway. Finally I pick up a ball and dribbled it to a three point line noticing some girls glaring at me trying to decide if I’m a threat or not.


Oh, woah, oh, oh, oh. I thought as I was getting ready to shoot.

Swish, first silence, I look around waiting for an ambush of how I didn’t use the proper shooting stance or someone saying “lucky shot”. Instead I get nothing but the bounce of balls when the girls regained from what seem to be shockness. Hmph “if they think that was a lucky shot they are about to get a huge eye opener.” I say under my breath.

“No, don’t worry they don’t think its luck.” One of the tallest girls I have seen in my days walks up to me and smirks.

“I can take a hint, the sudden silence in the gym? Pretty sure they had some nasty thoughts in that head of theirs.” I answer with anger knowing that most likely these girls don’t see me as a threat. And the thought of that just makes me want to try harder to make them change their minds.

“Do you under estimate yourself or something? Or just don’t pay attention when you play games on your old AAU team?” The girl questions me with the same smirk she had when she was walking over to me.

“Honestly, I know I’m not that great that’s why I’m pushing myself. So I don’t need someone telling me I need work.”

“Excuse me? Aren’t you Jordan Rusher?” Confusion splashed onto the strangers face.

Shocked I nod and ask how she would know who I was. If this girl knew who I was then who else would know and how in the world would they find out who I was and how I play.

“Are you serious? You’re the one everyone doesn’t want to play against! Your one of the best guards in Washington! How in the world would you not know this?”

“Wait, wait, wait before we start talking about me, what’s your name?” I ask not willing to continue the conversation unless I find out what this girl name is.

“Stacy.” She laughs “I’m surprised you haven’t heard of me I’m number one for centers in Washington.”

Go figure. I wasn’t a bit surprised from the looks of it, she could already dunk.

TWEET TWEET, the sound of a whistle fills the gym before I can continue the conversation and in comes Coach Ross looking as confident as anyone could really.

“Listen up! I’m here to push you girls to your limits and when we reach those limits were going to break those limits of yours. And in order for me to do that you’re going to actually want me to and you got to give me effort.” Coach Ross smiles making sure to look at every girl sitting on the court.

Okay kid head up lets go, just do you. I tell myself.


After Coach Ross stopped doing his inspiring words, he split us up into groups and sent us off to do the stations he set up so he can evaluate us. My nerves got the best of me and at the first station I missed every shot except one, by then I knew I had no chance if I didn’t turn things around.

“Alright Alright, good first day of tryouts ladies! Go home rest up eat a good dinner and I will see you tomorrow!” Coach Ross said with excitement obviously happy with the results from the girls. I just don’t know how I’m going to do it. This Coach really seems to know where he’s headed and he is going to push me to my limits! I need that to get to the top, I need to be on this team.


“So how was your tryout honey?” My mother asked me thinking that I had the team in the bag.

“It went great, very excited for the season.” I say with every word piercing my head knowing it was the complete opposite.

“That’s good! So, I was talking to Coach Ross after the tryouts when he came out to talk to the parents, he said he liked you game!” My mom smiled obviously confident that I was making the team.

“Yea.” Is all I could say as I lay my head on the window and do what I do best. Sleep.


The next morning I walked into the gym and smiled. Today was a new day and I still had a shot at this team. I walked around noticing that fewer girls were here then from yesterday.

Reading my thoughts Stacy comes over with that same smirk “Huh, looks like some girls couldn’t handle Coach Ross and quit tryouts!”

“Yea, looks like it.”


“Good for us, now we can really look at our competition and see how to pick them apart to make ourselves look better huh?”

“Pretty much.” I answer focusing on Coach Ross as he goes through papers. Surely those were scores from yesterday.

“Are you getting in that mood people tell me about?” Stacy asked giving me a weird look.

“Mood? Dang, why does everyone tell me when I play basketball it get in some sort of mood?”

“Hmph, cause you do kid. Well I’m going to let you get in that mood of yours good luck today!”

“Yea. You too.” I answer while walking away from and her and closer to the basket of balls.

I take one of the better balls from the basket and start dribbling it around. Before I start I make sure to block everything out and start practicing my moves. First behind the back, then between the legs and finish it with a crossover. I repeat that for about 5 minutes and then finally I declare that I’m ready to shoot the ball. Swish! Swish! Swish! Went shot after shot after shot! Today I was hot and I could feel it! Better the any day…. I think since today was the last day of tryouts. I hate how this tryout is now only two days, I mean 20 girls quit tryouts so they quit a whole day of it. I think while I’m swishing my shots. Even if I do turn things around today, it may not be enough to show out the girls from yesterday.

TWEET TWEET! Went the same whistle from yesterday and Coach Ross comes into the gym.

“Alright kids, as you all should be aware of a lot of girls decided that they were not ready for this team and did not want to continue the tryouts. Because of the amount of girls that quit I decided today would be the last day of tryouts.” “Now, Play hard show us what you got and good luck! You all are very


talented and I look forward to see where every single one of you girls will go in the game called basketball!”

I smile and nod, then it all happened fast he tweeted his whistle and we went back to stations. At the stations I turned it on, especially on the defense drill. We had to guard one another and I was getting steal after steal and when it was my turn to play offence nobody could touch me! I was pumped after that drill. I could feel it in my blood, my heart pounding, I live for this feeling!

The tryouts ended and Coach Ross asked us all to sit in middle and wait for the letters. Stacy and Elena were walking together laughing obviously happy with their game today. They sit next to me and asked how I did.

“I’m pretty confident with my game today.” I answered smiling for the first time since tryouts started.

“Plot twist Jordan is smiling and confident.” Stacy laughs obviously enjoying the difference from me.

“Hahaha, for real!” El laughs

Before I can answer to try defend myself Coach Ross walks in with envelopes in his hands and starts calling out names.

After what seems forever I receive my envelope and I get up and leave the gym. Hopefully will not be the last time. I walk into the locker room and rip open the envelope with eagerness.

I read what it says and shock fills my body and all I could do was say under my breath “something big is going to happen and I am so ready for it.”



Submitted: January 21, 2015

© Copyright 2022 taylorjordan. All rights reserved.

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Great story kid!

Fri, January 23rd, 2015 6:21pm

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