Heart of Fire

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action adventure and a taste of romance an amazing novel.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Heart of Fire

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012





Hello, I'm Amorey. I'm a 14 years old girl. But age doesn't matter out here. Your never to young to die. I'm a fire. Are there others? I hope so.... Ages ago there where a lot of us. Elements lived in peace. You had the mental's (abilities weren't stable), the shadowfollowers (they could change into animals enz.), the souls of water, the ears of the earth, the eyes of the wind and the hearts of fire. After a few years a new kind was created. They had no name. I still don't know why their created... They are useless, no abilities and no reason for existing. Later on they called them selfs the basics. Which is a stupid name anyway! But we accepted them. There where a few issues though. They didn't felt accepted. There was no king ruling are world, no one to say who's good or right. In are minds that was a good thing. But they said it was unfair. So a group of rulers was created, called: minds of justice.

It worked out well. Until something bad happened. A mental killed a basic. Of course mental's where strong, mostly because their powers are unstable so they could do anything! But killing someone.... That was new. As soon as it happened a new law came in. Al mental's had to be limited. They where forbidden to learn more about their powers. It was a hard time because everybody was in shock of what happened. A few months later a basic died. Nobody knew how. The minds of justice pointed at the mental's for the crime. "They made that mistake before! We must stop this unforgivable crime!" And with those words, a new law came out. The hunt on mental's. Everybody believed the lie about them  being evil. Except one ear of the earth. She stood up to the minds of justice. "This all is your fault! Before your rase there was no murder, no ranks. There was peace!" The woman was right, but speaking against the minds of justice... That was a crime. They wanted to lock her up but she rejected. She went on a fight. That woman, would be my personal hero. If she made it out alive. Which of course... She didn't. A new law: the ears of the earth should be locked in camps. More new laws came up. You could not trust a shadowfollower, they could be anything. The souls of water where to strong. They could drown someone. The eyes of the wind to, they could cause storms. Anything to keep the basics save. My element's turn which even now, makes my skin smoke. Fire is pure destruction. They had to look at themselves! Fire is light and warmth, warmth of a heart. Basics where ruling the world, there world. The minds of justice became The lords of justice. New generations came. All trying to destroy what the lords of justice build, and bring back are beloved world. Until now they failed. Now it's my turn.


So.... I'm sitting on a rock right now in the middle of nowhere. I thought I was going east, but I can hear the waves and smell the ocean breeze. So east, became south. I hate the ocean. It always makes me nervous. Water is my weakness. To much could make me faint. I stood up and looked over the rocks to spot the ocean but I could not see it. Mmmm.... Maybe if I follow the rocks the other way, it leeds me north! Time to visit my friend tyler. He's a shadowfollower who lives in the mountains with an old smith. The smith took him in to hide for the guards (they work for The lords of justice), now his secretly working there. Makes me free weapons. Rule number one #1 always have a weapon with you. I learned that while trying to survive. Killing is normal now, it happens a lot lately. I remember my mom telling me that only bad people kill. That smart people know better. I miss her.... She and my dad are basics. They where happy with me, happy their child would be safe. But when I was eight, they found out I was a heart of fire. And I had to run away. My mom said she was proud of me, that I'm a strong independent girl. But I was eight. I didn't understand. They brought me to my aunt. She took me in and explained everything. My uncle learned me to defend myself. But at my 12 birthday, the guards find out my uncle and aunt had a child which wasn't in the system. There was no time to think straight. I had to run, as fast as I could. Alone. But not for long. I met a friend along the way. He sniffed my elbow when I was crying. It's a raccoon and I named him sparky. Now his traveling with me in my bag. But enough thinking about the things I miss. I stood up. "Let's go sparky." I climbed of the rock until I stood on solid ground. I sighed and start walking away from the sea. I should buy a map!!! The sun was hot which felt nice on my skin.


After a view hours I saw a wagon stopping. I stopped walking. What if their guards? Or just basics, picking me up to take me to the dungeons. I waited until someone came off. A woman with a white dress came off. She looked right in my eyes. "What does a young girl like you doing on her own out here?" She asked. I felt irritated, al though she didn't do anything wrong. She had a scarf covering her face. "I'm armed" I said putting my hand on my knife. "Of course, everyone is these days.... You need a ride?" She pointed at the wagon. "How do I know I can trust you?" I said. She's smiled and pulled her scarf down. Her eyes... Eyes of floating water. "A soul of water?" She nodded. "And the flames in your eyes explain your element to, so.... About the ride?" I smiled. Al though I hated the element water, this lady is nice. An I can trust her. I walked to the wagon and automatically covered my nose. "IEK! What's that awful smell!" The lady laughed. "Goats."

"Well that explains..." I jumped on the wagon and began to check my bag. The horses in front of the wagon started galloping away. "What are you doing?" the woman asked curious. "Just checking if my pet us still in here. He sometimes gets out to take a walk, but he always come back." I opened the back and Sparky jumped out of it en went sitting on my shoulder. "A RACCOON!?" I laughed. "You can just call him Sparky." I patted Sparky and gave him a little bit if bread that I had in my pocket. "You know do's animals are filthy, do you?" My defends came up again. "Sheep's are filthy to!"

"Alright.... But keep it away from the horses." I nodded. "Thanks for the ride by the way" I said. If she wasn't there I would still be walking. "Oh, yeah. No problem. Where are you heading to?"

"To Silver Mountains."

"What a Coincidence! I'm going to the market. I'll bring you to the market, but that's as far as I go." I smiled. "That's why the goats, wright?" The lady smiled back. "Have you ever been to the market?" I frowned. "No, I always wanted to but never got the chance." an awkward silence came up. "So.... Your a runaway?"

"No! These stupid basics made me to!"

They destroy everything the meet! "Whoa! Calm down, this wagon is from wood!" I calmed down. I looked up to say I'm sorry but the lady was looking at something in the distance. "Hide your eyes" she said quickly. I grabbed in my bag for my sunglasses. We passed a little house where a few guards where playing cards. "Hey! Stop, Lords of justice security." Ah, that name always makes me mad. The lady made the horses stop and we waited for the guards to come. I hold my breath while waiting. I was scared, but also angry. "Ma'am? Passports please." The lady showed her passport. "And is this your daughter?" The lady nodded. One guard whispered something in the other his ear. "Ma'am? Why is your daughter waring sunglasses?" No! Where doomed! There's no way she could explain my eyes.


She's blind" the lady said. "Oh… well. Could you take your sunglasses of miss?” I bit on my lip. “Are you really asking a blind young girl to show her eyes?” I said softly. The man was speechless for a second. “No of course not, miss. That would be rude. Uhm… Well, you can go on.” The lady nodded and the horses started galloping away. After a few meters I took my sunglasses of. “That was close!” I said putting my sunglasses back in my bag. “You better keep does on.” I putted the sunglasses back in front of my eyes. “What’s your name?” She asked. “Amorey, Amorey Quade. And you?”

“Neria Deem.”

“Neria… Nice name.” There was a silence for a while. “Amorey means beloved right?” I frowned. “Yes.” She smiled. “What’s so funny?” She looked at me right in my eyes. “It’s an beautiful name… That all.” I looked away. “Are we almost there?” I asked irritated. “Yes, if you look closely you can see the market over there.” She pointed at little dots in the distance.


The dots where now so close you could see the people walking around. "Where almost there, Amorey. Please calm down. I can feel the heat over here and as I already said, this wagon is from wood."

"I'm sorry, it's just that I'm really exited." The horses began to run slower and slower as the finally stopped. "Destination reached." My eyes widened when I saw the place. It was full of people and everywhere you looked, you saw colors, and weird thing hanging. "Thank you very much! How can I pay you for your kindness?" Neria smiled. She smiled a lot...  "Stay alive, Amorey. Your the first heart of fire I've ever met." Then she disappeared in the ocean of people.


I went looking for a map. But looking for something so tiny in a place so big... I stopped for a stall filled with paintings and drawings. But there was nobody behind the stall. "Um... Hello?"

A girl popped up behind a painting. "Heey, you wanna buy any?" The girl had short black hair and floating water as eyes. "Uh... Maybe. They look very pretty!" the girl looked around her overloaded stall. "Yeah, I made them myself." I nodded. An awkward silence came up. "Why are you wearing sunglasses?" she asked. "Why are you not hiding your eyes?" she laughed. "You don't have to hide out here! The market is free zone." I took my sunglasses off. She stared at me. "What?"

"Your a heart of fire... I always wanted to meet someone like that." I smiled. "I'll take that as an

compliment. " She smiled. "Well, it was nice chatting with you but I have to go...."

"Where are you going?" Mmm... I learned from my aunt that shouldn't trust anybody that easily... But she seemed nice. "To the silver mountains." a silence came up. I wanted to leave but the girl opened her mouth again. "What's your name?" I frowned. "Amorey, why?"

"Well, Amorey. My name is Cocoa. Can I come with you?"

"WHAT?! Why?" her face turned sad and she looked down. "All my life I lived in the market. The mountains are right behind me and I never even been there!"

I bit on my lip. "It's a maybe..."


"So your gonna think about it? I'm a good fighter!" I didn't want to travel alone, but it was safer. She looked sad again. "Oh... I understand. You cant trust anybody huh?" She took a piece of paper and started drawing. "That's beautiful" I said. "Can you leave now?" she didn't look up from her drawing. "I'm sorry..." she didn't response so I left her stall. When I was walking, I suddenly noticed that the girl was right. Everyone I saw was different. Al weird with almost glowing eyes. Not so many hearts of fire though. But a lot more than the eyes of the wind. They where a mystery. Nobody knows where they went when the basics took over. Story's explain  that the eyes of the wind are the most delicate people there are. They where insulted because the basics said they where harmful. They left to somewhere high. Some people say the silver mountains... But I don't think so. If they are smart, they know that the silver mountains isn't a good place to hide. It's to public. I stopped for a stall with maps hanging. A big man was standing behind the stall arguing with his wife. "No! Falcon city isn't over there! This is the second time you made that mistake." I held my breath. I lived in falcon city. Lived. "Excuse me. How much is one map?" The big man looked up. He had scars all over his face which make him look angry. "Well hello! One map is two blue pieces." I looked in my bag for money. I had one blue piece and two purple pieces. "Uh... I have one blue piece and two purple." the man sight. "I'm afraid that isn't enough...." he turned around to go back to he's wife. "Wait!" he turned back. "I know where Falcon city is." He's eyes widened. They where dark brown. An ear of the earth. "Wait, your an ear of the earth. Can't you sense where places are?" he's face turned sad. "I can sense earth. Falcon city isn't earth, but metal.... I'll make a deal with you. If you tell us where Falcon city is i'll give you the map for free."

"Deal!" I walked around the stall and entered the back. The woman showed me what she already had. I pointed where Falcon city was. "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I lived in Falcon city. I know that you don't like it because it's not earth. And I agree that's stupid, but it's a beautiful city." the man laughed. "And ignoring the basics." I nodded. The man took a map and putted in my hand. "Thank you" I said giving him one blue piece. "No, thank you. Are maps weren't complete until now. I can see your on a journey, success." I smiled and left whit the map in my hand.


After a few hours walking around, I bought some food for me and sparky. I'd took my last purple pieces but I was starving. And so was sparky. He ate the ribbon that was on my bag. I sat down on a table and took sparky and the map out. "Lets see... Silver mountains. Ah! There." sparky placed his hands on mine. I laughed. "You want the map?" he looked at me. "Ow... Don't look at me like that." I patted him and looked at the map again. This is gonna work. I putted the map in my bag and looked at the sun. Mmmm..... It will be dark soon. "Come on." I took sparky and placed him in in my bag. "See you later buddy." I stood up and left the market. "WAIT! AMOREY!" I turned around to see who's calling my name. A girl with black close was running towards me. "I'm coming with you if you like it or not."

"Cocoa?" She laughed. "Of course!" she wore goggles on top of her hair and she had a pouch on her waist. "You can't send me back, I will follow you." I don't know why but I felt released. "Alright... But we have to get going. Its getting dark."

"Thank you!" she embraced me. She was going to be my first friend.


"I know you want to leave because you want to see the mountains. But wasn't it hard to leave your family behind?" A silence came up. I was about to ask if I said something wrong but she suddenly answered. "No, it wasn't. I don't have any family."

"I'm sorry...."

"No, don't be. It isn't your fault. They where killed when I was seven. Right..in front of me..." I looked at her to see if she was crying but she stared in front of here. "First it was hard, but I accepted. Now it's hard for me to trust anyone."

"You trusted me right away" I said confused. "Yes, your an element."

"Well, than we share the same. I don't trust a basic to. Why where you on the market?" I was curious about her. I hope she didn't mind. "I was hanging around the market because it was free zone. But my clothes where ripped, I was hungry all the time and I was out of money. I was to young to have a job so I started my own business by selling my painting and drawing."

"Wow, Cocoa that's quite a story. What did you do with your painting? You didn't just leave them there, did you?" She smiled. "No, I gave them to my neighbor. She loved what I painted."

I looked around. "It's really dark" Cocoa said. "Yeah, are you tired?"

"A little.... You?" my shoulders and my eyes felt heavy. "The same... We'll walk one more hour and then we sleep." she nodded.


Minutes past as I forced myself to keep walking. "My legs hurt..." Cocoa said. "Where almost at the mountains... I think." I grabbed the map out of my bag but my sight wasn't stable. My eyes felt heavier than before. "Can we stop for the night?" she asked.  I stopped walking and looked around. "There..." I pointed at a hill. "If we sleep behind it, the hill will stop the wind and nobody sees us." I looked at Cocoa. She was almost sleepwalking. "Good idea or not?"

"Fine..." I took her hand and walked to the hill. I lay down to see if it was save because of the scorpions. "It's safe..." She went trough her knees. "Ah.... Finely. Good night."

"Good night." I closed my eyes and listened to the wind rushing over the hill. We couldn't be far from the mountains. I could see them. We saw them the whole time! But the stayed where the are, far away. I felt myself falling away in thoughts and went to sleep.


I saw my parents. They where laughing at me. Pointing. "Did you missed me?" I asked. They didn't answer but kept laughing. Hands took my arms and pulled me away. "LET ME GO! MAM,DAD HELP ME!" they waved me goodbye. It's just a dream, it's just a dream. The hands grabbed me harder. "AMOREY! AMOREY WAKE UP!" I opened my eyes in shock and looked around. Cocoa was pulled up in the air by two guards. Guards!? The hands that grabbed me where real. I looked up to three angry faces that pulled me of the ground. "Let me go!" I concentrated on my skin and made it burn. The guards dropt me. "We have a heart of fire here!" one yelled. I kicked one in the stomach and pulled my knife. But one had a bucket with water. I held my breath and tried to avoid the one with the bucket. I stabbed one in the shoulder but the other one grabbed me. The man with the bucket walked towards me. "Cocoa, help!" she's was fighting for her own life. "We should extinguish this fire." he said. "No! No, please..." the man held the bucket above my head and slowly turned it over. Oh no... When I faint. They will probably take me to the ice chambers. And I'll be locked forever. I closed my eyes, hoping that it wouldn't hurt so much as I that. Waiting for the cold water...


She grabbed a stone from the ground and walked towards the wagon. “What are you doing?” I asked. She climbed up the wagon. “Just check if the back is empty” she said. I walked to the back of the wagon and pulled the wooden doors open. Goats. No….. Did they stole Neria’s wagon? How could they be so mean to someone so nice. I heard a hard *BANG* and ran back to the front. “Cocoa are you oke!?”

“Yeah, I’’m fine. Why?” I looked at what she was doing. She slammed the stone into the iron knot that kept the horses with the wagon. “No, stop! If we lose the horses the wagon becomes useless!” Cocoa ignored me and broke the knot with one last hit. I was right, the horses ran away. “I don’t understand a thing of what your doing, please explain.” I said calmly. I’m not really patient, I try hard but that’s a thing that belongs with fire. “I can’t control regular horses….” She pointed her hands to the sky and closed her eyes. I waited for something to happen. “Can’t you do your Yoga exercises later?” I asked frustrated. Now I finally understand why water and fire just can’t live with each other. Water is calm and patient, fire definitely not… She changed position and pointed at the place where the horses had been. I could see she was full of concentration so I waited. I didn’t have to wait long. Water just floated out of the air and filed in the empty space the horses left. My mouth went wide open as I stared how the water made beautiful see-through  horses. “I can’t control regular horses, only water. So I created my own horses. I call them: the riding rivers.”

“This is amazing! When are you going to stop surprising me!?” She laughed and I climbed next to her. “Next stop, Silver mountains!”



“Watch out!” I yelled. The wagon went of the road almost hitting a tree. “This is the second almost death experience he have since we’re riding!”

“I know!” she yelled back. This went on the whole ride, trying to avoid trees, rocks, hills etc.“It isn’t as easy as it looks like! I have to control every muscle of the horses to make it move. I need pure concentration.” She closed her eyes. “No, Cocoa! Open your eyes!” The wagon went over a hill and with a hard *BANG* it came down again. She almost fell of the wagon. I wanted to help her up but I had to look for my self first. “MAKE THEM STOP!” I screamed. I tried to stand up and look at the horses. They were gone.


Now at these moments, I can only think of two words to describe my feelings. I’m screwed. Or in this case: were screwed. The wagon was heavily shaking and we were riding in full speed with nothing to hold on to. “What happened to the horses?” Like there was nothing better to ask! Luckily Cocoa was smarter than me. She grabbed me and pushed us out of the wagon. The ground came unexpected fast and surprised me. Cocoa went of me and watched the wagon ride by it’s own speed. I looked to and saw the wagon crash against the foot of the mountain. “You saved me…. Again.” She frowned. “Why did you start screaming?” she said mad. “Are you serious?” She stood up and grabbed my bag from the ground. “Of course I am! I had everything under control until you start screaming to me like nuts.”


“Like I said, I had everything under control….”

“No you didn’t!”

“Yes, I did.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“I DID! I was….uh…. making them go slower. But you broke my concentration.” I laughed sarcastically. “Maybe I did, but you closed your eyes while we were riding a wagon with horses of water that run like psychos AND we were going to crash.”

“Hey! Not a bad word about my horses! Can you make animals out of fire?HUH?”

“Am I interrupting?” A boy’s voice said carefully. We both looked up in shock. A boy with brown short hair and beautiful green eyes smiled at us. “Tyler? TYLER!” I ran to him and embraced him. “I missed you to Amorey!” He laughed. “What are you doing around the mountains?” He asked looking at Cocoa. “I was going to visit you. This is my friend Cocoa. Cocoa? Tyler, Tyler? Cocoa.” They shook each other’s hands. “Well, I was just heading back to the smith. Come with me.” I nodded and followed him.


It was getting colder when we reached the smith. Large storm clouds filled the air. "Tyler, I ask for some berries and you bring me two girls." Tyler laughed. "I got the berries to! Derren, this is Amorey and.... What was your name again?"

"Cocoa" she whispered shy. "Nice to meet you" Derren said friendly and he shook are hands. "So, this is the girl you keep talking about?" He said with a smirk on his face. Tyler's cheeks went red. "Yeah... She's my best friend." he looked up and smiled at me. His beautiful green eyes hooked in mine. "So..." Darren interrupted. "You two need a place to stay?" I looked away from Tyler (which was very hard) and answers de smith. "That would be great, but we won't stay long." Darren nodded. "Tyler, show the ladies a room. I'm going to prepaid de workplace for the storm" he sighted and left. We followed Tyler further the smith in. Everything was from wood so it looked old, but it was modern decorated. Skeletons of creatures that lived in the deep forest hang on the wall. "This place is kind of creepy" Cocoa whispered

We walked down a small hall with at the end, four doors. "There all the same, but that's mine." Tyler said.  Cocoa opened a door and walked in. "Which one is from the smith?" I asked. "Oh he doesn't sleep here. He's bedroom is next to the kitchen." I opened a door to and stepped in. I made a flame out of my hand for some light. "You better not do that, everything is from wood." there was a bed and a window, that was all.... "I know it's not that luxe but it's not terrible right?"

"No, it's good enough." I turned around to look in his eyes again. The first thing I noticed wad the black mark his neck. The sign of a shadowfollower. I don't really know what is supposed to look like but it looks like an dust cloud, a black one. I do know were it stands for.  Breath of the shadows. They could change in anything the want. Tyler and I met when I was nearly a month away from home. I saved him from the tiger-cobra's. We traveled together a year long. Then we split up. I didn't want to but it was the best thing to do. I didn't want to because..... I care about him. Because I was afraid that I would never see him again. He took my hands in his hands. "I missed you" he said softly. "I missed you to...." the truth was, I cared to much. Everything you love is a weakness. I couldn't stand the idea of Tyler getting hurt! He smiled at me and placed his hand on my cheek. Little butterflies tickled my stomach. But a hard scream made it fade away. "HELP!" Cocoa screamed.



Tyler and I ran into Cocoa's room. "Cocoa!" I yelled. She was standing on her bed pointing at something in the corner. "LIZARD!" she screamed. I walked to the corner she was pointing at and picked the lizard up. "Your kidding, right?"

"GET IT OUT!" I opened the window and let the lizard run of. Cocoa came of the bed. "Is it gone?" she asked. "Yes.... But when your a sleep it will come back for your soul."

"NOT FUNNY!" she said. I laughed.


We helped the smith with bronze blades and Cocoa and I made dinner. Berries for dessert. We played cards until the smith almost fell asleep. He went to bed and we split up. Cocoa and I were arguing were we should go next. "Alright, then we'll compromise" I suggested. "I want to go to Bermurian city, that's all I want." I frowned. "Why?"

Cocoa looked at me with an expression that said: ''Are you kidding me?''.

She stood up and took the map out of my hands. "It's the city of art...." Sparky went sitting on her shoulder trying to grab her necklace. "It's filled with basics, super dangerous." I interrupted. "City of art, but also a city were the minds of justice come together to talk." she nodded sadly. "We could check it out.... But don't get exited!" Cocoa smiled and embraced me.


We got bored so Cocoa insisted to draw me. Not so good idea. I had to sit still, which I simply can't. Al though I looked really angry the drawing was beautiful. I noticed while she was drawing how easy she does it. How smooth and elegant her hand moves the pencil. When I draw.... Well let's not talk about that. She showed me how to draw a humming bird.


Cocoa and I still didn't felt the need to sleep. But we were so bored! The moon was are light so not enough to play cards, draw or read. We couldn't do anything. Luckily there was Tyler and his good ideas. He came to our room and we talked a while. But that got bored to..... "You girls want to hear a scary story?" I looked up. "Yeah sure. Unless it's a story that's starts with: once upon a time or a friend of my great gran father had a friend..."

"I love scary story's!" Cocoa said happy. "Alright. We had this customer that climbed the silver mountains. He was a man full of experience. We got talking and he told me this..."

"Darn.... That's really scary" Cocoa said sarcastic. "As I was saying... He told me there's a ghost in the mountains. Halfway till the top. He heard voices whispering and saw shadows."

"Sounds more like the man is a psycho" I said. He gave me and mad look. "You girls don't take this seriously do you?" Cocoa and I shook are heads. "Then we'll go take a look to see if it's true! Or are you girls to scared?"


“Well…. It’s really dark huh?” Tyler said. “Yeah…” I said. Alright, I admit that I’m a little bit scared. Just because I have no clue where we are right now. We were just walking upon a path. “Are we even going upwards?” I asked a little nervous. “Yes, we are” Tyler respond. Cocoa was walking in front, not scared at all. “This is getting boring…” she said with a sigh. “Wait” I stopped and Tyler and Cocoa did the same. “What’s….”

“SSSTTT!” I interrupted. Total silence, but you could hear footsteps in the distance. “Do you hear that?” I whispered. “Yes….” Tyler said. “Let’s go back.”

“No! Just when it gets interesting? Cowards” Cocoa started walking again. I followed. “Amorey?” He asked. I know what he was thinking. He noticed I was a little scared to. “Well…. If we leave now, we’ll never know if it’s true?” He nodded and grabbed my hand. The butterflies came up again. I looked at his face and then looked back in front of us. “Cocoa?” She was nowhere to be seen. I lit up a flame from  my hand and looked around. My hands were shaking. A icy wind came up and blow out my flame, leaving Tyler and me in darkness again. Tyler grabbed my hand harder and pulled my close. We heard a voice whispering. “Who’s there?” Tyler asked. “SHOW YOURSELF!” The voice stopped. “Tyler, Amorey?”

“Cocoa!” I ran to her. “Where were you?” She sighted in release. “Man… I thought you guys disappeared…” I embraced her. “Did you hear a voice to?” She frowned. “I did, but I thought it was Tyler.” Tyler walked towards us. “No, Tyler was with me.” I looked at his face. He looked nervous around. “What are you doing here?” a voice whispered. A shiver went down my spine. “That wasn’t any of you was it?” The both shook their heads. “Alright I’m done with this” I said. “There is no ghost, that’s just rubbish to keep kids like us out of the mountains.” Just as I said so footsteps became louder. “It’s coming from over there” Cocoa said and she stood next to me facing the side were the footsteps came from. Tyler grabbed my hand again. The footsteps became louder and louder, as a icy wind came up again. It sounded like someone walked pass you but there was nothing to see. “I don’t understand” Cocoa said mad. She stepped for words. “If it doesn’t show its self it has to be a ghost.”



"I'm not a ghost" the voice said. We all held are breath hearing the voice so close. The icy wind came up again but this time it came from everywhere. Tyler putted his arms around me to protect me and grabbed Cocoa. "Hold on! Or we'll be blowed of the mountain!" the winds became harder until it suddenly stopped. I looked up to see why it stopped. Air just filled in a shape of a body. A boy, are age. The air became solid and the boy smiled at us. He had eyes of air and silver, short, pointy hair. My mouth fell open as the boy started to speak. "My name is Wilson." Cocoa stepped forwards and shook his hand. "Cocoa"

"That's a beautiful name" he said and Cocoa giggled. "And you are?" he asked carefully. "I'm Amorey and this is Tyler." I stepped away from Tyler and slowly touched Wilson's cheek. It felt could. I took my hand away quickly. "Uh.... "

"Why didn't you show yourself?" Tyler asked. "I don't know, a few kids hanging around in the mountains talking about a ghost.... I was curious."

Cocoa laughed. "We thought you were the ghost!" he stared at her face. His eyes were almost glowing and I suddenly remembered what I wanted to say all the time. "An I eye of the wind huh? I'm a heart of fire, Tyler is a shadowfollower and Cocoa is an soul of water." He smiled. "Well my dear elements come with me for shelter, it's going to rain in 5 minutes."


His place for shelter was a cave in the mountain. I expected some air palace with beautiful big pillars. But no, a cave. I should be glad though, the rain is dangerous for me. I made a campfire so there was light. It created shadows all around us and we started talking. "We are you from?" I asked. "From jeanalece lake, I went here to look for others...." he looked sadly down. Cocoa placed her hand on his shoulder. "You lost the others?" he looked up to her face. "I think.... I can't remember. All I know is that I woke up locked behind metal. Eventually, I escaped and hang around the lake. I heard stories that eyes of the wind were up in the mountains so went to check it out."

"That's brave..." Cocoa whispered. "I kind of lost my parents, they were killed. I lived on the market." I frowned. They were all alone, all had to struggle at there own. I didn't. I had parents. I still have but they just don't feel like parents. "And your story?" Wilson asked at Tyler. "Uhm.... I don't have like a sad story or something. I hated my parents, so ran away." a silence came up. "And you? Amorey right?" I nodded. "My parents are somehow basics, I had to run to protect them." Another silece followed. The fire was nice and warm, which made de cave cozy. Cocoa's head was resting on Wilsons's shoulder, her eyes closed. I suddenly felt tired to and did the same on Tylers shoulder. He was warm, which was special because nobody felt warm to me. Al though the ears of the earth are just as warm as the shadowfollowers, Tyler felt warmer. My eyes slowly closed ad I listened to he's heartbeat. "So..." I heard Wilson say. "You two are together?"

"No" Tyler whispered. "But if you dare touch her..."

"No of course not" Wilson interrupted. "Why were you guys in the mountains?" I could feel Tyler sigh. "Bored, looking for adventure. I live with the smith."

"Oh really?" The conversation went on like this but I couldn't pay attention anymore. My mind went blank and I fell asleep.



From Tyler's eyes


I couldn't fell asleep like the rest did. When I closed my eyes something just opened them again. I looked down to the beauty that was resting on my chest now. I was surprised when she rested on my shoulder, definitely didn't expect that. Maybe she kept me awake? Knowing that's she's so close.... But still out of reach. I loved her since we first met. She kind of wanted me to leave her alone. But one night, I found her crying.


-Flash back-

I looked behind the tree to see who was crying. Amorey sat on a tree that felt over and hides her face behind her hands. "Are you ok?" I asked carefully. If I learned one thing about girls, it's that their sensitive. She looked up. Black tears stream down her face. I went sitting next to her and placed my arm around her. "Tell me what's wrong?" she stopped crying and rested her head on my shoulder. "I miss my life.... I miss my parents, my family, my room, house.... And I know I can't have it back."

-End of flashback-


Since them I am her best friend. Although I see her as more. She took a deep breath. How could someone be so irresistible? I raised my hand to touch her cheek. I wanted to be get everything, her missing puzzle piece. I let my fingers go over her cheek to her lips and stopped. She was the warm heart I needed. And with those words, I finally fell asleep. Dreaming of her burning beautiful eyes.



Back from Amorey's eyes


I slowly opened my eyes. I heard the sound of rain and a heartbeat close to me. When my eyes were used to the light I looked around. Tyler, Cocoa and Wilson were still sleeping, and it was Tyler’s heartbeat I heard. Outside the cave it was raining like crazy! I yawned. The ground of the cave was cold and hard, luckily I had Tyler to lean on. Can’t believe I slept on his chest all night…. I looked for my bag but realized it was still at the smith. I looked back at Tyler. He’s brown hair was messed up and he looked cute in his sleep. ‘Stop it Amorey!’ I thought to myself. I don’t need to make things confusing for myself. Life is hard enough. I know, I know. Some people’s life’s are more difficult than mine, but still. I grow up as a rich, nice girl. Who played with dolls and stuff. I was polite and know table manners. Mostly because my father had an important job but still. My mother wanted me to be a doctor, so I wanted that to. But I’m no longer that girl, I’m a fugitive now. Hiding for my live… I sometimes wonder if my parents still think about me. Or they just moved on. Cause I miss my life. I miss my yard with the big apple tree. I miss my parents. A tear streamed down my face. ‘Stop crying’ I said to myself. You have to be strong. I closed my eyes. This is a hard world, were you walk on a dangerous road. You don’t have a choice.

“Are you awake?” I opened my eyes and saw Wilson stare at me. “Yes, yes I am.” Wilson looked around. “Dam, it’s still raining…” I nodded. “So…” He said uncomfortable. “I’m starving.”

“Yea, me to” I responded. He got up and pulled me up. “What are you doing?” I asked. ‘Well, your hungry, I’m hungry. Bet the rest will be hungry to. Let’s go get some dinner.” I frowned.

“But it’s raining….” He laughed. “What? Your afraid of water?” He took my hand and pulled me with him. “No, you don’t understand!” He just kept laughing and we left the cave. Immediately I could feel the raindrops on my skin. “See? Is it really that bad?” He asked with a smile. I couldn’t answer. It felt like the raindrops burned through my skin. Pain, lots of pain! A shock went through my body and I could hear my heartbeat beating like crazy. Breathing went harder and the pain became more and more! I wanted to go back to the cave, out of the rain. But every raindrop felt like a heavy stone, bruising me. Black went in front of my eyes as I heard Cocoa scream.



"I'm so sorry! I should have known." someone said. "Don't say sorry to me" another voice respond. "Is Cocoa back already?" silence.... "Yes! Yes I'm here. Let's carry her back to the smith" obviously, this was a girls voice. Cocoa... Everything that happened came back to me. The rain! I wanted to sit up and open my eyes but I couldn't move. "Can I come to?" Wilson asked. "No" Tyler said angry. "Tyler.... He didn't know."

"ISN'T IT A LITTLE OBVIOUS THAT WHEN WATER MEETS FIRE, FIRE LOSES!?" his voice was close to me. "Calm down! This isn't helping anyone!" Cocoa came in between. "You two go, I'll carry her myself..."

"Can you..... Never mind. Come Wilson, we'll see you in the smith." I heard their footsteps leaving the cave. One hand went under my knees and the other on my back. The hands lifted me up and hold me close and tight. I frowned. A huge headache came up as soon as I leaved the ground. "Amorey?"

"Good morning..." I mumbled.


"How are you?" he asked. I opened my eyes further and looked up to he's face. His green eyes looked worried. "I'm fine... You?" He laughed softly. "I'm okay." He looked forwards again. Not so okay. "Don't be mad at Wilson, he didn't know"

"Then he's stupid" I began to push his arms away. "What are you doing?" he asked. "I want to walk on my own..."

"Is this because I said he's stupid?You like him don't you!?" I stopped struggling. "No, I think he's friendly. Now let me go!" He carefully let me go. I walked forwards. "Are you mad at me?" he said with a smirk. I looked at his face. His beautiful green eyes. And he's brown messy hair. "No..." He laughed and grabbed my hand. "Then let me carry you, you look a little green."

"No I'm okay" I lied. I had the feeling I was going to throw up but he didn't need to know. "So... What happened when I blacked out?" I asked. Tyler didn't answer. "Tyler?" I looked around.

He was standing next to a tree, emotionless. "What's wrong? You look scared." He still didn't answer but he's face became paler and paler. I looked at what he was staring at. Three persons were looking around. One woman and two man. The woman and one man showed a picture to the other man. I could hear her talk. "Excuse me sir, have you seen this boy?" The man looked confused. "Yes.... Yes I do, he works at the smith." I looked at Tyler and then looked back again. The woman had tears in her eyes. "Lacon! Lacon, our son!" My mouth felt open in amazement. "Tyler..... Are they..... Are they your parents?"



I looked at Tyler’s parents again. They looked like him. Brown hair and green eyes... Suddenly, I felt two hands grabbing my waist. His mouth was close to my ear. “Don’t move, don’t speak. Don’t do anything to attract attention” he whispered. I held my breath and did what he asked. “We nee

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