Forever Lasting.

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Forever Lasting.

Submitted: December 21, 2012

Reads: 125

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Submitted: December 21, 2012





Forever Lasting


A Novel by Team Anonymous

Credit To: Stephanie Meyer

Without The Twilight Series i would not have the inspiration to write this




Chapter 1

Goodbye Family


So there i stood in my backyard with the spade and Mini Sunflower, i knew this would be the last memory my parents would have of me before i moved to Taghairm Village in native tongue meaning Witches Village.  Fancy that moving from the extreme heat of Australia to the cold and wet of Taghairm Village, but i knew where i wanted to be, it’s not that i hated my parents it’s just that i liked my Aunty better. My Parents Paul and Angela Stewart were very false people i would not surprise me if i was adopted. My Aunty my Mothers Sister had saved me from them 17 years was enough i had almost given up. Sure i would miss my friends but they were in the past now, i had never really clung to anyone too much, growing up in a false environment i had not really trusted anyone except my Aunty. I knelt down and started to dig the hole that was soon to be filled with the adorable yellow sunflower

“C’mon Hazel” the taxi driver slash next door neighbour shouted.

I smiled to myself as I patted the dirt around the little plant “coming Josef.”

I jogged to the front of the house taking one last look back at the two story Queenslander, sadly I would miss the house more than I would miss the people inside it, as I hopped in the taxi I felt new hope, hope for a better future.

“I’m going to miss you Hazel” Josef said with sadness littering his voice

“Yeah, me too” Armando said from the seat beside me not daring to look away from the window

I sighed of course this move wasn’t all good I would be moving away from the hot Mexican boy who lived just next door, the hot Mexican boy who treated me like a princess even though we never dated, Armando had confessed to liking me when we were 13, at that time I had just brushed it off, it’s not like I had not wanted to date Armando it was my father, my mother forced Armando  and myself to play together she had seen the money in their family, as if we didn’t have enough already. I had no complaints at the time of course but as I grew older my heartbreak counter went up and up I did not want this for Armando, to be one of the exes.

“And you think I won’t miss you?” i asked him as I grabbed his hand

He turned to look at me “Well you said-“I cut him off mid-sentence grabbing the back of his neck and crushing his lips against mine.

“Hazel Please, I know it’s too late, but don’t leave” he mumbled under the kiss

I pulled away and looked him in the eyes “I’m sorry Armando but it is too late I have made my choice.

“Hazel you’re not making this any easier for me” he said as he returned to look out of the window

I knew I saw a smile on his lips as he turned his head I couldn’t help but let a little laugh slip

“Quiet Back There” Josef said in a humorous tone

I instantly felt embarrassed had Josef seen everything that had happened

We all sat in silence for the rest of the drive.

As we approached the airport my stomach started to do little flips, I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted now, Armando grabbed my hand and whispered to me “Of all the people who could have stolen my heart I'm so happy it was you. Te Quiero Hazel”

“Te Quiero Armando” I whispered as I lifted his chin to kiss him softly on the lips.

“OK were here tortolitos” Josef said smirking into the rear view mirror

“Dad, really?” Armando groaned.

“Yes really, now get out of my taxi and help your chica bonita get her luggage out of the boot”

“Thankyou Josef for everything” I said as I closed my door, I walked over to his window and leant in and gave him a kiss on the cheek “I will miss you too Josef you were a better father to me than mine ever was”




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