The Curse: Chapter 1

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A vengful ghost of a young girl comes back to haunt her peers after being teased 4 years ago.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Curse: Chapter 1

Submitted: October 13, 2008

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Submitted: October 13, 2008



Chapter 1

Everyone one at Leander Middle School remembers Taylor Giddens. New to the school 2004, she was a nobody. Often teased by her peers mostly about her intellect and her families severe poverty. She walked the halls with the most depressed look on her face, hugging her books tightly to her chest, no one saw, they were all too absorbed in their own little worlds, only snickering as Taylor walked by. She smiled back. Little did she know that their giggling was not for their joy of her presence, but due to the note stuck to the back of shirt, The sloppy hand writing read, "dumb Ass." The work of none other than Brittney Sellers, the schools cheer leading captain. Taylor's own personel demon, responsible for making her life terribly miserable.

Every day Brittney had something planned, and, as always, the whole school approved of it, and whether they did or not, they always played along. I remember in particular one monday when Brittney had poured her bottle of "Sunny D" on top of Taylor's head, creating an orange water fall streaming from her face and all sides of her head. Yes, Brittney never gave up,it seemed her job to humiliate Taylor.

At which point Taylor had had quite enough. After yet another of Brittney's sinister plots--this time gluing Taylor's locker shut--Taylor finally announced, after trying for many minutes to thrust open her locker door...

"ENOUGH!" she had said, balling her hands into fists, her teeth clenched. She then had stomped up until she was right in Brittney's snickering face. This commotion had already gathered the attention of her perrs, as they all gathered round ready for a cat-fight.

"What?" Brittney insisted, although it was quite obvious she had heard loud and clear.

"I am sick and tired of this!" She continued, shouting loudly, "But mostly I am sick and tired of you, you fucking, selfish bastard!" She pointed one limp finger at Brittney but Brittney just smiled at it.

The bell rang. Some students ran off to class, but the migority stayed. 

"What are you going to do about it Dumb Ass?" Brittney inquired, reffering to the sign that she had stuck on Taylors back a week or so ago.

There was a pause. Taylors face still tensed and showed no sign doubt. Not a whisper aroused from the audience. The silence was then interrupted by the voice of Taylor, "You'll see..." She had stated, in a tone just to where Brittney and a few other listening peers could hear.

"You will all see!" She shreiked loudly, grabbing her locker handle and thrusting again, no luck, she banged her fist against it. leaving a small dent.

A quiet laughter arose form the students due to Taylors attempt to open her locker. She let out a grunt, and threw her science text book at the crowd hiting One of the taller boys in the front.

"I doubt that," Brittney said, the smirk never lifting from her flawless face.

Taylor directed her attention back to Brittney, tears of anger filling her eyes. "No," She said, "NO!!!"

This shreik caused a loud uproar from the still audience. "One day...." Taylor started, "One day you will suffer, and i promise...." She paused, whispering now, "I will be there when you do."

And with that Taylor Stormed out the back doors of the school, "yeah will see about that, Bitch!" Brittney  called after her, just before the doors closed. 

Taylor Giddens didn't return to school at any time during that day, nor did she return to school the day after that. Many students thought that she was off, deciding how to kill the damned Brittney Sellers, while others believed she ran away. But the secret was reavealed a day later, two days after the incident.

Two students, or rather, two cheerleaders, Star and Amy, were walking to the bathroom from after school cheer practice, walking into the school main bathroom, they screamed, and ran out the door. They quickly fetched Brittney and pulled her into the bathroom to see the message that was clearly met for her. She too shreiked as she saw Taylors dead body hanging, rope around her neck, from the bathroom's ceiling. Blood all over the floor, and on the walls, a message also written in red blood, on the mirror, that read...

"You're Next Brittney Sellers"

In a sloppy bloody hand writing.

Later the police had confirmed that Taylor Giddens had, indeed, commited suicide, although he never saw the note on the mirror, the girld had quickly washed it off, not wanting to be charged with murder. But to this day, Everyone remebers Taylor, Taylor the nobody, Taylor the laughing stock. And others still fea that Brittney may still be in danger, Brittney says otherwise, she believes Taylor got what she deserved, or rather wrote it, as she did on Taylor's grave. Carved into the back of the headstone in the cemetery where Taylor lies, Brittney deliberatly carved the words...

"Go To Hell" 

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