The Cloud Chaser: The Awakening

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Joshua experiences a nightmare that he will never forget.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Worst Nightmare

Submitted: May 10, 2013

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Submitted: May 10, 2013



Chapter I - My Worst Nightmare

Okay. Introduction time, folks.
My name is Michael Jackson. No, I'm just kidding. My name is Joshua Servine. I'm your regular annoying fourteen-year-old kid. There's nothing so special about me; I'm bad at drawing, at cooking, at Mathematics, and pretty much everything. I don't have any skills—unless you consider swordsmanship a skill.
Oh, what am I talking about? Of course swordsmanship's a skill. Right?
Anyway, that's pretty much everything about me. About my friends? Well, I have my two best friends: a fourteen-year-old beautiful (Don't get me wrong!) girl named Selina Runner, and a smart fifteen-year-old kid named Michael Rodge. These two are my best friends. I do have a lot of friends in school, but if I list them all in here, I would fill this whole notebook up.
Yes, I'm writing in my notebook. Don't question me.
You know, it feels quite weird that I'm talking to a notebook. I mean, most girls write stuff like “Dear Diary...” in their diaries, but for a boy? Meh... I'm just going to get on with the story.
It started on a very scary nightmare I had.

* * *

It was a dark and stormy night. I can hear the loud sounds of strong gusts of wind flying around outside. There seems to be a typhoon raging outside.
I finally opened my eyes and got out of bed. I stretched—then realized it wasn't still morning. I got surprised by the wreckage that I'm hearing outside, so I peaked out the window and wished I haven't.
Two huge tornadoes (Is that a word?) were whirling outside. Trees were being uprooted, and after a couple of seconds, all of the trees in Fable Street were gone. Several cars were flying everywhere. Strong gusts of wind slapped the window, and I was worried that, maybe, there's going to be a rock that will fly towards my window and break it.
And of course it happened.
I heard a crashing sound, like a window shattering, and I felt something hard hit my face so hard. I dropped on the ground and immediately made my fingers hold the part where I got hit. I opened my eyes and found myself holding a rock. It was as big as my fist, and it was covered in moss. That's just great.
There was a rattling sound, like wood getting chipped by a chainsaw. I listened carefully, and I discovered that it was coming from the ceiling. Panic started to rise up my brain.
Then the ceiling got blown away by the strong gusts of wind. Rain started dropping down on my room. I bet my laptop got wet, but I had no time to waste. I immediately realized that my house is getting wrecked by these tornadoes, and I have to get help as fast as I could.
I opened the door to the hallway and started running towards the flight of stairs. I went down on it as fast as a speeding bullet (It's an exaggeration, by the way) and found my mother and father staring at me. Their eyes were bulged, and their mouths were opened. For a moment, my heart raced. What are they, some kind of ghost? Then I realized they were just staring at me for no plain reason.
“Mom, dad,” I asked, “what are you doing!? Our house is getting blown apart!”
“Oh Joshua...” my mom murmured quietly.
Okay, now I can't actually remember what happened, but I'm sure I did something funny here. Did I grab the rock that hit me and threw it at her? I'm not sure, but yeah, I did something funny.
Then there was a quake. I stumbled and fell on the ground. Now, the scary part is: my mother and father were still looking at me, their appearances like ghosts, and when the quake hit, they were still standing perfectly. Is this some kind of The Exorcist spin-off or something?
The wall then went boom. Thick smoke covered the living room and the dining room. Chunks of painted smoking walls flew everywhere. One hit me in the leg, and I stumbled and fell again. I was too tired to stand up, oh, and maybe too lazy as well. And then, I watched the most horrifying scene I've ever watched.
A huge mechanical arm stretched out of the large hole in the wall, its gears and pistons clicking in place. It reached out even more and grabbed my mother in father in its grip claws. And then, since I've watched so much horror movies already, I thought it was going to crush them into powder. Thank goodness their imaginary deaths weren't so violent.
The claw crushed them, and instead of their blood splattering (Not sure if it's a word, sorry for my English folks) everywhere, they exploded into bits of yellow light. I catched some of the sparkles, and they felt warm. Now, I know you're thinking: oh you should be sad, little boy. Well, for some odd reason, I didn't feel sad. It was as if I already knew that everything was just a dream. But the weird thing is: I felt extreme anger surging through my brain. I felt that I really wanted to avenge my mother and father.
And then, I wasn't controlling my body anymore. My right hand stretched up my head, and then there was a brilliant flash of violet light. I looked up and saw a violet translucent three-feet sword. If you look at it clearly, you can see the night sky inside it, enveloped by some purple crystal covering. The sword looked awesome.
Then my feet moved by itself. I ran towards the mechanical arm, and it “saw” me. It faced me and opened its claws, ready to crush me into tiny specks of yellow light. I sidestepped to the right, avoiding the tackle of the arm, and I smashed the hilt of my violet sword at the tiny computer at the back of the arm. I think it's the control panel of the entire arm. I smashed the hilt once more and slashed on it. After doing so, sparks of light flew out of the control panel. Smoke came out from it, then it ignited in fire. The arm shook helplessly.
“Give back my mother!” I shouted at it. Trust me, I didn't say that.
The arm vanished in thin air. I stepped outside the hole and found myself wet in the dropping rain. I looked around and found ten or more tornadoes rushing around Fable Street. Roofs and whole houses flew everywhere, and I was afraid that I was going to get hit by one of them. I looked up and got terrified.
There was a huge U.F.O on the sky. It was black. I'm not sure if it was really a U.F.O, but it was a huge circular plate that is levitating. Then, four more mechanical arms reached out from its sides and faced me. I was terrified, but my feet moved on itself again. I charged at one of the tentacle arms, sidestepped to avoid getting crushed, and slashed at its control panel. The control panel bursted into smokes and flames, and the mechanical arm got vaporized. A mechanical tentacle charged at me, and then miracously, I got gripped. I struggled helplessly in its claws, but it's useless. The tentacle arm rose me up in the cold wet air.
Give up, son of Harold.” a voice spoke in my head. “Struggle, and you die.
For five seconds, I didn't move. Then, my hand moved by itself and slashed the claws using my weird violet sword. There were multiple sparks that flew everywhere, and the claws got ripped in half. I fell on the ground and landed with a roll. Now, I have to learn that in real life.
The mechanical arm that grabbed me got vaporized. The two remaining ones charged at me at the same time. Then, I felt my amazing combat instincts went poof. I can finally move my body on my own. Then, I realized it was not so good to have them gone.
Instead of grabbing me, they smacked me. I was sent flying in the air and dropped on the ground so hard, I felt the ground crack. My back hurt so much. I looked at my violet blade, and it flickered and died. Now, I'm left with no weapon, and this huge mothership is killing me.
You struggled,” the same voice teased me in my head, “so you die.
Another mechanical arm stretched out from the side of the U.F.O, and it was completely different. The arm was thicker than the rest, and instead of claws, it had a huge hammer at the end. It faced me, rose its hammerhead, and slammed it down on me.
Then, I woke up.


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