Inspired by the book Dragon Champion

As soon as He was out of the egg,He pounced on his kin until they would beg,

The Mother raised him to vain, The father to ignore the pain,

The Mother sang him songs about battle, And not to gorge on the plentiful cattle,

The Father lectured him on pillaging for treasure,And not to provoke humans for pleasure

He was the champion of the nest, truly better than the rest

But the weakling got involvled, Thinking humans and dragons could make peace once evolved

The weakling brought the mortals to the lair, Trapped Mother in a snare

Father was not there to protect,Leaving the nest wrecked

Yet He escpaed into the night, A perfect time to learn the skill of flight

He sailed over the sky, Pondering over how and why

He spent his drake-hood searching for the haven, getting tips from the night ravens

He met his mate in the haven nest, Leaving him truly blessed,

And tonight he sings his life song, Until he wishes the haven so long

Submitted: April 04, 2012

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Ah, Dragons.funny thing is that my sister is reading a book called Dragon's Keep and i am reading Dragon Song. Hmm...this is a unique Dragon.You know what you could do is post his song on here too!Anyways,I envy your poetry skills.:D

Mon, September 3rd, 2012 5:06pm

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