secrets of a VAMPIRE ( IN PROGRESS)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

this story is about the journey of a girl where she goes to find someone she's lost and finds love ,tragedy and adventure along the way

Chapter 1 (v.1) - secrets of a VAMPIRE ( IN PROGRESS)

Submitted: November 05, 2015

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Submitted: November 05, 2015








I am like you just a little different we are all beautiful creatures you have smiling teeth I was cursed with fangs you are beautiful

and can bathe in the sun I however need a special ring to be like you .you drink your lattes and I drink blood not that I want to

m, yet again I was cursed but I am getting way ahead of myself let me go back to the beginning of my story it was the year 1492

in London that I died well not just me my sister and my father as well.i was 17at the time when the sickness hit it was the

influenza that had hit my family hard we were the richest family in London so we had our own personal doctor not knowing he

had a horrible secret , my sister was about to die when out of nowhere he bit her she screamed . if I had the strength at the time

I would have tried to pull him off of her , I yelled ad said what the hell do you think your doing he looked back at me fangs

exposed and blood covering his mouth . I could feel the air dissipating out of my lungs I was dying. I was choking. on my own

blood; he sighed under his breath and said “dammit “I was bitten on

the neck I screamed bloody murder. My father was next he stayed with us for a few days until we changed. Once we woke up

he told us what we had become and how to survive without human blood.

He told us that we had to create. alternative lifestyles now that we were vampires I had. decided to change my name from

fleutenere was Jessica Jessie or jess, they liked Jessie for me I did too .My sister changed her name from Guinevere to jenny.

My father had changed his name from Vincent to Jackson. We were set we were an original cla



Seventy two years late


A lot of things had changed since we had become vampires I had learned more and more about what we could do to humans

and of course I was frightened to my not existing core. Our father had. brought a human girl into the house for the very first time

, we had kept to ourselves and the reason why. he brought her to our home was to show us how to act like a human the first

thing we did was we bought a Car for me. what I bought was a Chevy cameo it. cost a lot of money ‘then our human taught me

how to drive .I learned how to drive as soon she started was very easy and fun she gave me directions on how to get to the mall

once we go there we bought every female article of clothing that fit my sister and I as well as shoes ,purses , accessories ,sun

glasses you name it , “luckily our human Sophie was the same size as myself “ I told jenny “because I am giving her

everything I don't’ like “ it had taken us seven hours to go through the entire mall . Once we got home Sophie had told us what

clothes to wear and how to act in certain circumstances Once we had gone through everything father had decided that he would

pay her a thousand dollars every hour and five hundred every half hour so in the end she got paid twelve thousand five hundred

dollars to take care of my sister and I. finally Sophie asked “why don’t you kids know about fashion and stuff?” “Finally you

asked” I said Jackson had come up with the best lie he had ever made “ well you see Sophie those two girls have been home

schooled their entire life and they are now going into public school for the first time and so we decided that they needed help to

fit in “ then she said “ but how can you afford to give me so much money “ she said “well one I am a very rich man and two my

entire family is wealthy so I can afford to help my girls out a little bit The first morning I didn’t know how to dress for the first day

so I decided to wear Sophie’s favorite outfit just to wow her and show her what I could do .the outfit that I wore was a 3 piece

office like outfit I had a nice white blouse a black blazer and a medium length pencil skirt that was black and then I wore my

mother's pearls. Then I said to Jackson “dad how do I look for my first day at being a human?” absolutely beautiful darling now

where is your sister is

she awake yet? “No I have to wake her up in an hour

I am really early to wake up today “I said I sat at the table after walking to the fridge and grabbed a bag of my favorite blood and

sat down at the dinner table and put a straw into the bag it was lions blood and it was the closest to human blood my father and

my sister and I all believed that taking blood from a human was wrong and that no other vampire should. so as soon as I had

opened my pouch my sister sniffed the air from the room upstairs i listened and said oooh yummy its lions blood Jessie’s

favorite can I have a bag jess ?jenny you

know that you can have whatever you want …. For a price any ways how much you want Jessie I want two thousand and fifty

dollars to anyone else this

would have seemed like a lot of money but to this

family it was petty cash fine you can have one bag

but no more than that ! I gulped down my blood then walked at a human pace to my bedroom to get ready it took me a few

seconds to get to my room at a human pace and it annoyed me how slow I would have to walk at school . I liked the way I

dressed for my first day at high school while jenny was going to elementary school. . While jenny wore jeans long sleeved t-shirt

tennis shoes and had curled her hair to look like her favorite person in the entire world Marilyn Monroe .she looked great.

After the two of us were ready we hopped into my

new car which was a Chevy camaro and it was a red

one which I may say is pretty damn sexy and is also my favorite color … (i know what you are thinking blood right ? well it was

my favorite color before i was turned into a vampire anyways ). It took me a

total of five minutes to get from our house to the

elementary school. Everyone stared and gasped as

jenny got out of the car and everyone surrounded the car and started welcoming her to there school. Then I drove off to my

school it was five minutes away from the elementary school. I was probably one of the first cars in the student parking lot. I

walked past a lot of men that had there jaw open … I enjoyed this

thoroughly and smiled as I walked by them and then I walked into the building and went into the office to get my school papers.

after I got my class schedule guys were popping up everywhere asking me for my phone number and asking me what classes I

had and so a hoard of boys walked me to my first class which was

English half of the boys took a seat next to me or

around my chair .after the second class it was time

for lunch and all the guys from my previous classes

had walked me to the lunch room that’s when my

entire world changed in one instant. That’s when I

met the others in my time I had never come across

another vampire except the vampire that had

changed my family. I told the boys that I had to go to the restroom I knew this school along time ago when I first went to the

school almost a hundred years ago. Luckily I had thought through and thought of ways to send a message to the others .I had

brought some petty cash with me to school that day and decided that I would strengthen the economy just a little bit so I took

the money out of my wallet and threw it up into

the air and everyone went grabbing and I ran to

there table with my note it said “ come to my house

after school I must talk with you all “ then I rushed to the restroom were no mere boy would ever journey into that black pit .

Then I returned to my next two classes and ran straight to my car and the boys were staring at it wondering whose car it was

then I walked past them and got into the drivers seat. They all

started to freak out Because I had a hot car then I drove to the middle school and picked up jenny who had had a rough day just

like me … little monsters crushing on her. We drove home and by the time we got into our driveway eight other vampires in two

cars had pulled up behind my car. I suddenly felt the urge to growl but I had kept my composure tight. I leaned up against the

side of my car and had Jenny take in my bag and hers. then I recognized one that hadn’t been there

earlier as soon as he saw my face he froze I let out

a growl and snarl .. I was mad beyond mad I was

pissed to see this mans face this was the vampire

that had turned my sister my dad and my self, yet on the other had I was grateful for having a full life ahead of me when I was

so expecting to die any moment I said sorry I wasn’t expecting to ever see him in my life time again. then they stared at me and

said you are the only family of vampires true blooded that live in this world , we have looked all over the world and done

research to find true blooded family’s but we now have you three . I said sorry I don’t know your

names and then they went in a line and said there

names the first one was the doctor that had

transformed us he said “my real name is Scott foster. this is my wife eleanore but we all call her Ella she likes it better than

threes the rest of my family Roslyn , alix , then we have Jazik , michal , and my single son Stefan the doctor winked at me and

laughed , then he said how has your sister taken to

immortality ? “Jenny cans you and father comes here please?” I said as soon as I had said her name she was at my side

defensive and hissed then my father walked out and said “ nice to see you again my old friend “ then Scott said “ I think your


daughter wants some information . “you see Jessie

… “he paused “your real mother was the queen of

England and you have royal blood in you and your

mother and I had an affair and we didn’t want her to a loose her crown for infatuating with a commoner like myself so what

happened was once she had given birth we had stolen you away in the middle of the night and took you to a place where you

could grow without becoming a snobby princess and never getting to meet me. your mother came to see you very often she

loved you very much you were her first child and she missed you then a while later when you had turned sixteen she wanted to

meet you and I told her no because I know of a way to preserve

her so she doesn’t die during the influenza I

searched and searched and searched for an answer then one day Scott was hunting and heard me talking to myself and

walked up to me and we talked and then he told me he was a vampire and he knew a way to help me and my family out he was

a doctor as well so he came by every day to watch over us until when we almost died then he went through with his plans of

turning us into immortals and living forever . “ he sighed after saying that and being relieved of all the

pressure of keeping that a secret I sat in the driver seat of my car and stared and said “oh … um….There's a lot I need to think

about “ jenny took out her phone and texted someone then my pocket vibrated and I opened my phone and it said “Stephen is

totally staring you down you guys should go out “ then I texted her back and said “shut it sis you don’t

know anything “ I closed my phone and put it in my

but pocket and said to everyone “would you like to

come in to our home?” to a vampire the time that we were standing outside would seem like a long time. To a human time

feeling it would have been about five minutes.” we would really love to come into your home “ said Stephen I smiled and turned

around Scott nudged him in the arm and said “Stephan I think you have found you true mate I think she likes you A LOT !” I

chuckled under my breath and guided them into the living space which was as soon as you walked into the front door.

Secret #1 all supernatural creatures have to be invited in or they can’t come in

“You are all welcome here at any time please come

in “I said let me ‘give you a tour of our home ““oh my goodness, it looks the same as when I turned you all ….. Such vivid

memories “said Scott “ we are

planning to do a major renovation sometime this

month “ said Jackson the other vampire stayed for

most of the night I showed them around our home

and then we just talked about everyone’s stories of

how they became a vampire . Stephan and I went

into my room to talk and he said “my sister seems to think that you and I should mate “….. there was a moment of silence and

my eyes were huge with

shock and I said “im sorry im still learning how to act like a human I haven’t been in the outside world in years “ “ is that an

excuse to not date me then ?” he said “no im just saying that I have a lot on my plate at the moment and once I get this under

control we can possibly think about dating even though you kind

of are a selfish as whole and are kind of …..Arrogant

and I'm not into that type “I said “how do you even

know what type you like since you haven’t been in the public for the past sixty some years? “Stephan said everyone was quiet

in the other room then I yelled at Stephan and said “GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY

HOUSE “ I deserve that … I was rude we will leave

and I will see you tomorrow in English he said I was

pouting that I would have to see him tomorrow and so I pointed at the door and said “go “ and I opened my bag and got started

on my homework which would only take five minutes because I already knew everything that was on there . The next day would

be torturous because the other vampires would be there and on Stephens’s side.


chapter 3: the next day


the next morning was frightening as a vampire i was scared to go to class there would be a horde of angry vampires waiting for

me to arrive in a place FULL of humans and one of our rules “ you can't expose your own kind “ that is very important in our

world they , i mean we have very strict laws to go by .

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