"Plans" The Walking Dead fan made story.

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I'm a fan of The Walking Dead, a huge fan! I have written a story, I wouldlove to continue it, but i need feedback on it. So please read it! I'm using the comics as cannon.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - "Plans" The Walking Dead fan made story.

Submitted: January 15, 2013

Reads: 310

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Submitted: January 15, 2013





Arild Sundby

Sylvan Hills” It said on a sign, “Finally home” John thought to himself, he was eager to get home, but where were all the people? He was a bit surprised but he didn’t think so much about it, so he parked the car in the garage, walked to the balcony and locked the door open, and took a shower.

After he had showered and eaten a little food, he went out to pick up the mail, but there wasn’t any, not a single bill or letter. He was about to walk inside when he saw someone shambling down the road, “Hey!” He shouted as the thing turned against him, but he didn’t get an answer, “Who are you? Where is everyone?” He asked him as he came walking towards him like a drunk.

GAHWRARH” was everything he heard from the thing, as it came closer he saw it’s face was full of blood and it smelled really bad. As the thing came closer John started to back, he had no idea what it was and he ran back inside and closed the door, ”What are you!?” He kept screaming but didn’t get any answer and the thing kept following him and soon there was another one standing outside the door trying to get in, “What the hell is going on!?” John said to himself. He was scared, he had never been so scared, as the thing’s kept banging on the door, he hadn’t a clue about what he was going do, “The back door!”, he ran to the back door and ran to his neighbor Ben's house as fast as he could, “Anybody home?” John yelled as loud as he could but no one answered him, “Oh God what is going on?... Somebody please help me!” He just fell on his knees and didn’t look like breathing or moving at all.

Somebody there?” a voice said from upstairs, he was shocked and answered immediately “Y...Y...Yes, is it you Ben?” John asked as he stand up, “Yeah? And who are you?” Ben asked with a very rough voice, he didn’t seem scared at all, “I’m John, your neighbor…” as it remained silence for a while, “Oh yeah... I was just in shock, I'm sorry.. Of course I know you”, as Ben started walking down the stairs. “What the hell is going on?” John asked, “Don’t ask me, these fuckers came here yesterday, the whole neighborhood went crazy and everyone ran out of their houses started running and screaming like hell. I looked out the window to see what was going on, and you know what I saw?...I saw one of those fuckers eat a woman! It fucking ate everything, there was nothing left of her, I couldn’t do anything, just watched her getting eaten. You have no idea how it was like... so I took the shotgun and looked every door and window and went upstairs, I’ve have waited upstairs until you showed up. So what’s your story then?”. “Well, I just came home. I had recently been on a fishing trip and was very eager to get home , but there was no people here. But I didn’t think much about it and walked in and took a shower, after that I went out to get the mail, and I saw one of those “things” came shambling towards me, as he came closer I saw he’s face, it…it was all fucked up! He was full of blood and missed eyes and teeth, I have never seen anything like it! Then I ran back inside and there was another one coming towards me, I looked the door and ran over to your place, so that’s how I ended up here.” John said.

Well this world is pretty fucked up, and now it’s a matter of survival, and were not going to survive long around here, it's getting more and more of these fuckers, or what should we call them?” Ben said, “What about Walkers? Because they just, well, walks.”, “Sounds good to me! Well back to the point, I think we should be moving, soon as possible. They will gather up in the cities... I think, so we should head to the mountains, what do you say?” Ben asked John, “Hmm, what about food and all that, I mean…” “BOOM BOOM!” They heard, someone was on the door, “What is it!?” Ben yelled, “GRAWRAR” They heard, the walkers were after them, “John, pick up that knife on the table, we have to kill them silently, as I was scouting I learned that they are attracted to sound, and smell, and we don’t want any more of them around.” Ben said to John as he walked closer to the door, “Hand me the knife, please” Ben said, “Here you go” John said and gave him the knife. Ben opened the door and stabbed the knife right in its brains and the blood splattered and the walker just fell down, “We don’t have much time! Gather up anything useful, were leaving now!” Ben shouted as he started to gather supplies.

They were on the road, without knowing where they were heading, just getting away from there, “Where are we heading?” John asked, “Don’t know yet, what about the mountains, as I mentioned before? I don't thing any of those things are there, and we can just sit and wait things out, I'm sure the government will handle this, but it depends on how bad thing’s is.” Answered Ben, “Sounds good to me. But I really need to go check my parents, do you matter if we drive up to them, see how thing’s is up there?” John asked Ben very nicely, “Hmm, okay. But how far is it?” Ben asked, “Not far, it’s just up that hill over to the left.” John said, and Ben was taking left towards the hill.

OH MY GOD!” John said as he had his hands to his face in sorrow, “It’s gone, everything, everyone, it’s all FUCKING GONE!!”, “It’s okay bro, let it out, I know how hard it is for you” Ben said, “YOU DON’T KNOW A FUCKING THING!! Who have you lost!? What have you done!? You have just sit up in your fucking room and watch people die!” John shouted in anger as Ben looked at him, “SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH!! You have no idea what I’ve been through. Yes, I have watched people die, and yes I have just been sitting up in my room, but you have no idea what I’ve been through, it’s not easy to watch people die, and there was nothing I could do about it, NOTHING!” Ben answered John as they both were in a rage. It remained silence for a while, when they suddenly saw someone walk out the door, “A walker!” John said, “I think well just drive, John” Ben said as he started the car.

It was getting night and cold, “This looks like a good place to camp” Ben said as they saw a little cabin on the side of the road, “Yeah, but I don’t think we are far away from the shore now, maybe we should head for the shore instead, look for a boat and just head out to the sea?” John answered, “No, the plan is the mountains and it's safer there, I know it, we'll find a cabin and stay there until things have turned out good, you got me!?” Ben said as they were turning to the cabin. “This looks really nice, there’s two beds and a table, it doesn’t look old at all.” John said to Ben, “Okay, I’ll take the one to the right.” Ben said, “Fine to me, but, Ben, I’m sorry about what happened up there, you know... I think I did overreact a little bit.”John said, “It’s okay John, you don’t have to apologize, I got a little angry my self.” Said Ben as they were going to bed.

Morning!” John said to Ben as he woke up, the sun was shining and there wasn’t a cloud to see in the sky, “It’s really beautiful out today” Said Ben, “Yeah, we can travel pretty far today I think” Answered John, “Are there any food here?” John asked, “Yeah, it's some hermetic in the cupboards over there” Ben said. They had packed everything in the car and was ready to leave when they suddenly heard something, “What is that?” Ben asked John, “I think it’s a car!” He answered, and indeed it was, the car stopped, Ben walked to the car to see, “Hello, my name is Tyreese.” The man in the car said, “Hello, my name is Ben, and what do you want?” Ben asked , “Were a group of three, trying to survive, and we just came across this cabin, and I’m wondering if there’s place for us three?” Tyreese asked John, “Sure, were about to leave now, there’s two beds here, and it’s really comfy!” He said. “I think this is a really nice place to live, during these circumstances” Said Tyresse as they had packed out all their stuff, “Yeah, we have only been here for one night, were planning to head for the mountains” John said, “That sounds like a good plan to me, well just stay here for now.” Tyresse said, “Oh by the way, what’s your guys name?” John asked, “I’m Julie, and this is Chris.” Julie said to John, “Well, we better get going then, we have nothing more to do here” Ben said, “Yeah, it was a good to meet you guys, good luck, and goodbye.” Tyreese said as they were going in to the car, “Goodbye!” John and Ben said in a choir, they were now leaving.

Is it long to go?” John asked, “It's a long way to go, well be there in two or three days.” Ben answered as they sat in the car heading heading towards the mountains. 

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