Chapter 1: Master of Medical Science

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What is MMSc?

Master of Medical Science Program (Also termed as MMSc) is designed to provide additional opportunities to those individuals who would like to enhance their medical career by offering a strong, challenging medical science core curriculum.

Texila American University has developed knowledge; competency and research based customized Master of Medical Science programs in various medical specialties to augment the dearth of specialty doctors in various medical fields.

Demand for MMSc degree holders?

Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates a shortage of 4.3 million physicians; nurses and other health workers worldwide, especially in many developing countries often have physician shortages due to limited numbers and capacity of medical schools and what more for specialty doctors.

Salient Features of the Program

oStudents will complete a mentored research project focused on delivering health care in a low-resource setting.

oThe projects will be directly relevant to care delivery.

oStudents will actively work on innovations to deliver health care

oThe opportunity to contribute to the quality of health care at the sites where they work

oGives an opportunity for the doctors to upgrade without disturbing their current practice/job

oThe blended learning is very much user friendly

oOnline support for the complete duration of the program


•1 year MMSc program:
Eligibility: For doctors who have a Post Graduate diploma in Relevant Specialization

•1 year 4 months MMSc program: 
Eligibility: For doctors who are MBBS / MBch Equivalent Qualification

Academic Process:

After enrolling in the university, student will pursue his course from his own place of residence and from the place where he is working

He/she will identify a mentor, who will monitor and guide the students during his/her course of study

Students will submit periodical reports to the university PG coordination office

The students will also review the latest research articles in his subject and publish it in international journals. These articles will be peer reviewed before publication

At the end of the course student will appear in clinical theory and practical examination



·Maternal and Child Health

·Reproductive Health


·Family Medicine

·Maternal and Neonatal Care


·Geriatric Medicine

·Emergency Medicine

·Forensic Science

·Laboratory Medicine

·Tropical Medicine

·Preventive Medicine

·Medical Education


·Clinical Cardiology

·Preventive Cardiology

·HIV Medicine

·Pediatric Emergency

·Pain Management

·Translational Medicine

·Palliative Care

·Sports & Exercise Medicine

·Critical Care

·Medical Genetics

·Clinical Laboratory Techniques

·Health & Family Welfare

·Advanced Oncology

·Palliative Medicine

·Newborn and Infant Care


·Clinical Trials

·Infectious Diseases

·International Primary Health Care


·Psychological Medicine

About the University:

Texila American University is located in Guyana the only English Speaking Country in South America.

The university is created to break down educational barriers between nations, serve the national & international community and solidarity, and lead highly qualified applicants to study health science programs.

TAU is registered with the National Accreditation Council Guyana, a body constituted by Act of the Parliament of Guyana, overseen by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health-Guyana.

TAU inspires within every graduate of the university the humanity and desire to provide the highest quality of medical care to their patients.


MMSc in Cosmetology

The students who are willing to do cosmetology, they should have technical knowledge as well as creativity. Beauty is a fascination which combines the elements to create charm and elegance. And now our TAU brings Masters of medical science in Cosmetology into a total educational experience.

Masters of Cosmetology in the Texila American University offers you a beautiful profession with an excellent infrastructure. To be successful in this cosmetology profession, you must have a good teaching guidance from the experts.

The students may seek the excellence in training from the TAU. The cosmetic students can dream the future in the beauty industry that includes fashion, independence and self-fulfillment.

The student can do their practices in any of the workstations. The practice may include hair, skin care, nails. These beauty techniques may be practiced to customers but only under the supervision of licensed professional instructors.

The styles will change accordingly. The students should have the ability to understand the materials and work along with that and the ability to recreate it.

Texila American University proudly dedicates its professional excellence in cosmetology training, and we provide our students with the same excellence in skill and self-confidence.

MMSc in Cosmetology is particularly designed for the students to train them as physicians in the field of beauty treatments. Personality depends not only how you are looking great but also how you are feeling great. This cosmetology course not only gives importance to treatments but also to healthy food habits.

The career in Cosmetology is a worthwhile profession globally. The Polluted environment has increased the need for effective skin and beauty treatment. This Cosmetology course also teaches naturopathy which maintains a healthy body and a stress free mind.


MMSc in Diabetology

Diabetology is the division of medicine devoted to the research and treatment of diabetic issues.  A Diabetologist is an Endocrinologist who has obtained unique exercising and training in this area. 

There is a tremendous increasing of Diabetic Patients worldwide which gives plenty of opportunities for Medical Learners to exercise / implement themselves in this specific area.  The Diabetes Treatment becomes a Specialty treatment and it is recognized all over the world. Many of the Medical Colleges are in the process to identify such Specific certificate or diploma Courses. Texila American University also implements several diplomas, and postgraduate courses (Master of Medical Science) in Diabetology and other fields


Our Master of Medical Science in Diabetology based on the program of certification and diploma. At the end of the semester, the students can apply their research skills into practice that they have learnt from the course of MMsc in Diabetology or under the guidance of one of our experienced staff.

TAU has been integrated into the new Avicenna directories, an international listing of educational organizations for health careers. Master of Medical Science in diabetes is currently accredited by the world directories. Eligible health professionals are asked to apply for MMSc in Diabetology at the TAU as an aspect of credentialing.


After the completion of MMsc in Diabetology, the students may become the qualified physician. They not only identify, but also direct appropriate lab assessments and treatments and observe their progress to avoid long lasting problems. The significant focus of this course MMSc in Diabetology will be in following factors


·Epidemiology of Diabetes

·Management of Diabetes

·Advances & Research Methodology


Career opportunities

Students generally find an innovative career in the chronic disease field.  Students with a clinic-based health or related to other professional generally gain a career in the field of diabetic issues and care. Eligible graduates may be better placed to other designations related to diabetes.


MMSC in ergonomics

Ergonomics (or human factors) deals with the scientific discipline which understands the knowledge of interactions among humans and other elements of a system. The students of Texila American University may seek profession that applies theoretical principles, data and methods to improve the welfare of the human well being and overall system

This master of medicine in ergonomics program will provide the students with the skills to manage the ergonomic risks in the related environment. Ergonomic medicine in TAU provides work-based learning to have the interaction with the experienced staff and other students. MMSC in ergonomics gives an opportunity to the student to develop their current knowledge and creative approaches to implement in their workplace. The masters of medicine in ergonomics have the following aspects

·Principles of Ergonomics for Improving Performance

·Managing Organizational Behavior

Career opportunities:

During this course you will create more skills to help you assess projects, tasks, items that are suitable with the needs and restrictions of individuals.

If you are well known in this field, then you can enhance your performance in your current organization. The MMSc in ergonomics will allow you to perform as an ergonomist or in an associated area.



MMSc in maternal and child health


The Maternal and Child Health Program promotes the health and welfare of the women and children. Mothers and Children always need special care. The death rate of maternal is gradually increasing rather than improvement in the maternal and child health service. In the modern days, there are rapid advances in health care and technologies, so the professionals in all fields should develop their knowledge and skills according to the health situations in general and mother and child in particular.

Texila American University offers MMSc in Maternal and Child Health is particularly designed for the students who are interested in learning the complexities of maternal and child health programs. The students of TAU apply their scientific information on several regions learned in maternal and child health programs. 


The main focus of the maternal and child health program has the following aspects


·Specialist and common information required for collaborative working in maternal and child health. 

·Update the skills and knowledge of health providers in maternal and child health.

·Enable the professions to make effective in the field of mother & child.


A key aspect of the program is to

·Provide immediate support to community health organizations.

·Promote analytic abilities.

·Increase the capability to implement medical and research at the organizations where the senior MCH specialists are assigned.

After the completion of the program, the Maternal and Child Health, the students will have a deeper understanding of this field. These include:

·Understanding of the scientific, public behavior and foundation for an MCH program;

·Knowledge of the traditional growth of MCH;

·Knowledge of past and present legal requires comparative to MCH

·Capability to determine and explain the MCH students in a community;

·Knowing of the regular styles of individual development

·Knowing of the style, execution, and assessment of MCH applications locally and internationally;

·Capable to know the essential gaps in applications of maternal and child care.

MMSc in Advanced Oncology


The course in Advanced Oncology is a recent program designed for the specific students in the field of Clinical and Medical Oncology.


TAU provides the advanced oncology which helps the students to develop their careers in this field. They can equip them with a high level understanding of theory and practice of cancer science. TAU promotes advanced cancer treatment and research. These are all to benefit the cancer patients.

The Master of medical Science in Oncology is well suited for scientists and students who wish to have the understanding of science as well as the practice of oncology. They can work with other clinicians or health care professionals. As a result they can acquire further training in the aspects of oncology.

The MMSc in Oncology continues to provide current knowledge and training to the students of TAU. Advanced oncology provides improvement for cancer patients. This course helps the students to apply healthcare and clinical excellence and increasing the cost effectiveness of care.  The program specializes in the following segments

·Interdisciplinary Oncology

·Clinical Research

·Innovative Treatments and allied Concepts


MMSc in Clinical Cardiology:

Texila American University provides this course for the students who are interested to develop their knowledge and skills in the field of clinical cardiology. The faculty of TAU has a number of international speakers and consultants, has excellent knowledge in the field of courses offered. The students can apply their skill in the particular field and for the welfare of the community.

However there is a wide gap between the physicians of cardiology and the patients in the rural area. Whatever the students are qualified, they used to practicing in cities or large towns.

The MMsc programs offered by TAU aimed to train a larger number of students in Clinical cardiology to manage effectively with the, management and prevention of common cardiovascular diseases and associated diseases particularly Diabetes Mellitus.

The objectives of the MMSc in clinical cardiology program are:

  1. To provide learners with a high level academic experience which will motivate the research of literature, documents, policies and codes as they connect with cardiological practice;
  2. To create a conceptual understanding that allows the student to assess critical issues and moral situations within which cardiologists function;

3.To allow learners to complete a systematic evaluation shows a crucial knowing of research techniques and problems in a particular subject of cardiology.


MMSc in Clinical Laboratory techniques

The degree of clinical laboratory deals with the clinical or predisposition diagnosis. Students will be qualified in factors related to scientific and ecological microbiology, biochemistry, clinical immunology and hematology; and to the scientific assessment and presentation of the results acquired via scientific techniques.

Texila American University provides this course and employs the laboratory procedures to help the doctors so that they can analyze the illness of the patients. TAU students of clinical laboratory must be able to test blood and biological specimens by both technical and manual and produce results to the physicians in a correct manner.

To accomplish these tasks, the student of TAU must have a theoretical and practical knowledge. The student should categorize and organize the work, based on its priority, and function. And they should create a detailed laboratory reports to the physicians. Based on the report the doctors will analyze and continue their treatment. The students should dedicate themselves in their field as the treatment based on the report. They should be dependable, and able to work cooperatively with others. They should also communicate effectively orally and in writing.

To acquire knowledge regarding clinical laboratory:


•The university teaches the students about the functioning, distribution and responsibilities of the program

•To learn the mechanisms of an organism and the biological causes of physiopathology. These tests performed in clinical laboratories.

•To familiarize students in the field of analytical methodology, diagnosis and selection of analytic error.

•To analyze the results and clinical interpretation


MMSc in Clinical trial

Clinical trials are series of tests taken in the medical and drug development research. These tests are very useful in the health interventions with safety and efficiency. The reactions include drugs, diagnosis, and therapy. This process would be complete only after the approval from quality of nonclinical and health authority.

There is a tremendous need for evaluation of health care. It is gradually increasing worldwide since it is considered as a global health issue. Texila American University offers MMSc in clinical trial for the students who are willing to gain an overall understanding of this course. Also this is applicable for the students who have general or specialist experience in clinical trials and wishes to expand their knowledge in design, management, and reporting of clinical trials.

The course aims to develop:

•A practical understanding of issues involved in design, analysis and interpretation of trials.

•Abilities to gather information, to evaluate and bring out research, and to communicate successfully.


MMSc in critical care

The aim of the course is to allow students to develop their knowledge to an advanced level in all aspects of critical care. The program critical care allows the students to expose their talents in the critical care through the module assignments and teaching components.

Texila American University provides

•Its central location allows access leading clinical and academic resources.

•Access to seminars and lectures given by professional in healthcare around the world.

•A multi-faculty environment from a number of leading schools provides inter-professional learning experience.


The Master of medical science in critical care is a professional course designed for health care professionals who want to specialize in the field of critical care. The course of emergency care is provided with the following outcomes:

§  Develop an approach to critical care;

§  incorporate knowledge from different areas such as the biological, psychological and, pharmacological sciences;

§  face the approaches to manage patients who are critically ill;

§  develop a knowledge for caring patients during the critical care period;

§  Encourage research, concepts and frame works to consolidate patients in the critical care.


The trained component allows the student to face the nature of caring for a critically ill patient. This approach allows students to learn critical care from an evidence-based so that they can learn further and move to the next step. The assessments are arranged to allow students to assess the subject in regards to their exercise and professional platform.



MMSc in emergency medicine


MMSc in Emergency medicine is a special care towards the patients who are suffering from acute illnesses or injuries which require immediate medical attention to save the life of the patients. The emergency medicine does not include long-term or continuing care. This emergency medicine diagnoses a variety of illnesses and undertakes acute interventions to give artificial respiration and stabilize patients. The physicians in emergency medicine are practiced to do all things which are the first aid to save the life of the sufferers.

MMSc in Emergency Medicine is the course particularly aimed at doctors who have a special interest, care or extended role, to do something in the provision of emergency medical services. Texila American University offers emergency medicine courses with fully trained staffs, more practical knowledge than theoretical classes. Then only the students of TAU can cope the learning materials and apply at the time of emergency


The Masters of Emergency Medicine offers the course in-depth, exploration and research. These techniques can be used outside the hospital and at the time of Emergency Medicine.  Research, review and seminars taken by the several hospitals, nursing and medical colleges make the students more useful and entertaining. TAU hope that the successful applicants of masters of emergency medicine will appear more qualified, assured, sympathetic, and thoughtful towards the injured patient that provides themselves wherever that may occur.


MMsc in endocrinology

Endocrinology is the branch of biology that deals with the endocrine system. Endocrinology is concerned with the study of the biosynthesis and physiological function of hormones, the endocrine glands and tissues that secrete them. An MMSc in endocrinology will include all the significant places as described below.

Scientific: it deals with the invention and examining of structures of various hormones

Clinic: This deals with the clinical disorders of endocrine system and their management.

Food Production: Endocrinology is widely used in increasing animal production

The TAU provides masters of medical science in endocrinology to create students with greater confidence. The students will have the capacity to handle the patients with endocrine disorders, by several case studies and seminars.

The TAU supports the students to develop skills and utilize these skills to assess, evaluate and disseminate the disorders of endocrine care. The University strongly assists the master of endocrinology students to develop problem-solving approaches in critical situations and deliver care for people with endocrinology-related problems.


The masters of medical science in endocrinology offer careers in endocrine-related posts or any other positions. This Masters of endocrinology course many demands so it will assist the student in career development and specialization.


MMSc in epidemiology

The branch of medicine deals with the distribution and control of diseases. Epidemiology is the study of science related to causes and effects of diseases in defined populations. The MMSc in epidemiology identifies risk factors in diseases and provides evidence based medicine to improve the health care of the people. If you want to know more about epidemiology course contact Texila American University. The TAU makes the students as an Epidemiologist help with study design, analysis of data, understanding and distribution of results. This course help the students of TAU to develop methodology used in clinical research, public health and basic research in the field of sciences.

Texila American University concentrates on the following fields

§  Design and research of epidemiological studies

§  Statistical analysis of epidemiology

§  Epidemiological techniques of control of diseases

The TAU offers a thorough knowledge in epidemiological research. The students of TAU can learn more things from theory for the control of chronic and infectious disease.  The course provides opportunities to the students to have a research in a variety of challenging biomedical problems.

·Provide skills to meet the challenges required for research in epidemiology;

·This course widen the knowledge of existing clinicians and also who wish to update their skills in the field of research to epidemiology and biostatistics;

·Allow students to design and research studies to interpret and analyze the resulting data.

·promote medical discussion and critical evaluation skills;

·promote the interdisciplinary approach to detect and solve the problems of communicable and non-communicable disease;

·develop expertise in this field with an exposure to the disease;


MMSC in Family Medicine

Family medicine is particularly designed for the students of TAU who wish to flourish their skills and knowledge in this field. This facilitates the students to meet the community needs by doing general practice in its clinical practice and research. On completion of MMSc in family medicine, the students may undergo a project which is visible to both national and international students.

Masters of medical science in Family medicine are a special field that helps the health care of the people of all ages; the specialist in this field may call as a family physician or family doctor. According to the World Organization of Family Doctors, the aim of this program is to provide continuing care for the individual in the account of the family and the community.

Masters of medical science in family medicine help the students to provide medical care services. In addition to the treatment, the physicians of family medicine also provide preventive care, immunization and screening tests to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Research training of MMSC in Family Medicine


In our day to day life we are facing the difficulties in our health and immunization. So there is a need for primary care physicians in general. The Texila American University provides MMSc in family medicine with current updates and practical based training with the experienced staffs to provide better options.


MMSc in Forensic Science

Forensic Science is the use of technology to law and its enforcement. Forensic Scientists analyze components to identify or exclude a link between the criminal and the victim. In the present day, there are many latest technologies. The professionals of forensic can implement these technologies in the crime scene and create a detailed report regarding to the evidences and is present at the court of law.

Texila American University in Guyana offers MMSc in Forensic Science. This master of medical science in forensic attracts the students who are interested in the investigation of crime and analysis. The science of forensic program provides an intellectually challenging study of the full range of forensic applications. Masters in forensic course has multiple subjects including physics, biology, chemistry, psychology and law. The program provides enough teaching in the theoretical and practical experience in all fields of Forensic Science. It is a challenging career that a student can choose since it works towards public protection and battle for justice!

The Forensic program is specifically designed for the students who are willing to meet the emerging trends in forensic science; it has joined the global of cyberspace.



MMsc in Geriatric Medicine

Geriatric medicine is a specialty of internal and family medicine that concentrates on medical care of senior citizens. Masters of medical science in geriatric medicine focus on older adults by preventing and treating diseases.

Now a day, the program in geriatric medicine increasing gradually. So the medical colleges offer these courses very well. The Texila American University also offers this course with great experienced faculties and in affordable cost. There is increasing number of illnesses in elderly people so there is a need for a specialist in this field.

The students of TAU want to meet the needs of patients and guarantees that a quality service is provided successfully and efficiently.

The MMSc in Geriatric Medicine practice the doctors with excellent knowledge and skills which enables the students to deal with the problems faced by older adults. In this busy world there is an increasing rate of illness and diseases in the elderly people. Ageing is unavoidable and irreversible. The treatments and features of diseases may vary with the age group. Geriatric management needs not only medical treatments, but also unique financial and ecological interventions


MMSc in HIV medicine

The Master of medicine in HIV is the first education that brings together training in scientific and organizational management. The HIV medicine system is for all those with a scientific, community wellness or organizational management in HIV prevention, therapy and care. The Master of medical science in HIV focuses on HIV in an international view, as there is a complex play between HIV and other diseases.

This makes the Masters of medical science applicable to people in a multitude of working positions.

Texila American University offers this course applicable to students in a multitude of working positions.

The HIV medicine provides the students with comprehensive training, as well as the understanding of complicating factors in the prevention of HIV.

MMSc in HIV medicine focus on the below described points

1.Distribute appropriate details on HIV/AIDS in the community

2.Accomplish the negative thinking of stereotypes and delusions about HIV/AIDS

3.Promote prevention techniques of HIV/AIDS in the community

4.Counsel customers on various HIV/AIDS aspects

5.Provide pre and post HIV test

6.Dealing with social and sex-related diversity


MMSc in infectious disease

MMSc in infectious disease provide a broad understanding of diseases through public health and epidemiology. The TAU teaches the students to control the infectious disease with an opportunity to work with other professionals.

Texila American University provides all the students with excellent study materials. Students may receive tutorial support in the form of email and conferencing. 

·Provide doctors with experience in research skills of complicated diseases in poor developed countries

·Develop knowledge of the students of TAU in the preventive and curative management of infection that promote well being of the people

·The skills needed to diagnose and control infections in a variant of regional and resource settings

·Enable students to understand and conduct heath-related research in infection prevention.

·Create students who are proactive and effective, capable of leading professional roles

 Develop techniques in infectious diseases that will allow students to keep understand in the future


The MMSc in Infectious diseases are developed to provide complicated strategy in a contemporary medical care setting.  It will offer useful abilities for anyone seeking a profession in medical care perspective, particularly in Infection Prevention and Control.


MMSc in Laboratory Medicine


The MMSc in Laboratory Medicine deals with the research and training programs of the molecular mechanisms of human disease. The Texila American University conducts studies and teaches courses related to laboratory medicine and supervise students in the MMSc program. The university also offers academic research that encourages the students to get interacted with the clinicians, scientists and trainees. As a result the students can learn about the discoveries in basic and clinical research.

The TAU Department of Laboratory Medicine provides a curriculum of courses which are based on the multiple approaches to research human disease.

The doctors are responsible for the health team doing laboratory techniques and research essential for the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease.

The students of Texila University analyze the human fluids and tissues by physical, chemical and biological methods. They seem to result for blood transfusions and tissue transplants; management of diseases like diabetes and hemophilia.

An MMsc in laboratory medicine provides more opportunities in this field and also provides opportunities in the field of forensic laboratory science.


MMSC in Maternal and Neonatal Care


The MMSC in Maternal and Neonatal care program delivers the practicing of medicinal advisor positions. This program has the courses of Reproductive-Health, Child-Health, Public-Health and mechanism of Maternal and child fitness. TAU also provides all these courses very effectively.

The Infant humanity rate is identified by the factors of P.Q.L.I. (Physical-Quality-Life-Index). The world health organization tried its best to decrease the Infant-mortality rate by conducting several programs. The maternal - Mortality rate is gradually increasing now. The Texila American University offers an MMSC program of maternal and neonatal care helps the students learn effectively and complete those vacancies in the developing nations.

The signing concentrate of the maternal and neonatal program will be in following aspects

To get better details and abilities in maternal and child health (M.C.H.) for healthcare learners with particular prominence;

 Enhance healthcare ability of medicinal employees for supporting quality M.C.H Care.


MMSc in Medical Genetics


Medical genetics deals with the specialty of medicine characterized by the diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders. However Medical genetics differ from the human genetics. In human genetics, it refers to the hereditary disorders that may or may not apply to medicine, but medical genetics deals with the application of genetics applied to medical care itself.

The MMSC Program defines genetics broadly into place of origin, mental or physical disabilities and other characteristics.


MMSc Medical Genetics is designed for the students who are interested in the field of genetics. This allows the students to understand and knowing the latest techniques of genetics and genomics. By using these techniques students can develop their knowledge and skills to equip them for future careers related to medical genetics. Texila American University offers several developing skills for students to become effective practitioners.


The genetics of medicine are based on problem based learning within a lecture and practical sessions. Students of TAU undergo case studies to research something and implement new ideas in the field of medical genetics. As a result the students can gain practical skills necessary for the analysis and interpretation of scientific data and a research project.

The program focuses on diagnostic methods and treatment strategies. It will enable the students to experience a competitive research in the industry.



MMSc in pain management:

Pain management is a branch of medicine which approaches the people who are suffering from pain and improve the quality of life of people who are living with pain.

This pain Medicine helps the people to get cured from the injuries; An MMSC in pain management  helps the students to treat the chronic pain include pharmacological measures, such as analgesics, Tri cyclic antidepressants, anticonvulsants, and physical therapy. Psychological measures include biofeedback and cognitive therapy.

Texila American University is a major center for research and knowledge in Pain Management, assisting and analyzing new practice for all students in various disciplines. Now the University provides Postgraduate courses in Medical Science of pain management. Texila American University is proud to show our record in teaching quality as confirmed by the outcomes following the latest Teaching Quality Assessments.

The medical science in pain management has been developed by the members of TAU team. They are professionals in their area and scientifically effective in Pain management. The aim of the course is to make Professional Experts in the field of Pain Management and developed specifically to:

·Promote an advanced stage of expertise

·Allow multidisciplinary practice

·Facilitate an evidence-based educational strategy

·Promotes the career opportunities of the students who are interested in pain management

The program mainly focuses on the philosophy and meets the International Association for the Study of Pain Management.


MMSc in palliative care

Palliative care is an area of medicine that focuses on preventing and relieving pain of the suffering people. Palliative medicine includes the care of the people in all stages, which are undergoing treatment for curable and chronic diseases. As well as patients who are nearing the end of life. Palliative medicine has an approach in all disciplines to promote the patient care. The students of this program get input from pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, and other health professionals and evaluate a plan to relieve suffering in a patient's life. MMSC program of palliative care concentrates mainly on

·Describing palliative care

·Supporting the patient’s needs in palliative context

·Supporting patients for their physical needs

·Care during the end of life


Texila American University offers MMSc in Palliative Medicine. The experienced faculty develops knowledge and skills with the specific intention of scientific and critical assessments. The TAU provides practical based learning with appropriate tutor and lecturer support.


The medical science program in palliative medicine develops the research and measurement tools, to meet the critical skills of the patients. Students can use the theoretical knowledge with the practical knowledge through a process of critical evaluation. Texila American University can prove by the students’ ability to design, execute and report a research project.

MMSc in Pediatric Emergency

Accurate assessment of a child with an acute illness or injury requires special Knowledge and skills. The majority of children have mild illness and injury.That is, they will reliably identify and categorize the ill or injured child. The TAU pediatric program makes the student fit to attend such cases

Texila American University has been designed this program to provide the educational background required for clinicians managing medical emergencies in children.

MMSc in Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM) will deliver a comprehensive and world-class educational opportunity both on a local and international basis. The program is designed to be flexible aiming to provide a complementary set of knowledge such as Emergency Medicine and Pediatrics.

The Pediatric physicians provide a range of medical care for ill and injured children. They treat acute medical conditions and complications that result from chronic illnesses. Our TAU pediatric Medicine also is part of the Trauma Services, which provides trauma care to children. Part of the Pediatric Emergency Medicine is a Child Life specialist who provides services for children who need emergency care.

Ours Pediatric Emergency Medicine is certified. They are leaders in pediatric emergency also conduct and participate in various research studies that aim to improve emergency care and services.

This program has been designed to get a successful career in Pediatric emergency medicine with a high quality and the latest understanding and knowledge.

MMSc in preventive cardiology

The Preventive Cardiology program is the division of Cardiovascular Medicine. This heart disease may change the life of a human. Many people suffering from these diseases and they cannot recover from it. Hence this is regarded as one of the major problems in this lifestyle. The MMSc program in preventive cardiology focuses primarily on avoidance, early recognition and the treatment of heart problems, with a focus on recovery.

The Texila American University offers this course with experienced faculty and with reflective clinical practice. The University aims at training students to be fulfilled with the necessary knowledge, skills and competences that are required for the preventive cardiology. The university gives importance to practical based training rather than theory driven so that the students can apply their knowledge to the well being of the people.

The cardiology program is supported by an innovative based learning platform. Students of TAU are required to fully get involved in the course.

The Preventive Cardiology system will allow students to:

·Interact with some of the major professionals in cardiovascular health.

·Develop and knowing of how to handle heart risk and increase the factors of care in preventive cardiology

·Acquire the appropriate credentials to complete professional content in services related to the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease


Students will obtain information and experience in the concept and scientific program of evidence-based cardiology medicine.



MMSc in Preventive Medicine


Preventive medicine is the healthcare that specialized with public health. The physicians of preventive medicine include training in public health, through schools or any of the fellowships through the Centers for Disease Control.

The MMSc in Preventive Medicine covers the current knowledge of all medical areas and their measures to highlight the task of prevention. The Texila American University provides this course with excellent faculty and different outreach. This enables the student to get more information and apply the knowledge in the public health.

This Master of medical science also helps the doctors who are trying to improve their professional qualities in this field. This course in Texila is taught by a qualified team of lecturers, who satisfies all the requirements of the student. This course of preventive medicine also gives professional occupation.

Many people are interested to get information on preventive medicine such as non-pharmacological and alternative therapies. This course gives the study of evidence-based exercise with group objectives, so that exercising physicians are better able to provide quality details and assistance on all health techniques.



MMSC in International Primary Health Care

The MMSc in International Primary Health Care builds a professional setting to students. The students of Texila American University can practice primary health care under the guidance of expert lecturers in different countries.

The Master of Primary Health Care is offered to students who have completed Bachelor degree or equivalent qualification. The approved students must plan to develop holistic approach to their career within an integrated, complex health care system.

The primary health care course provides an educational program for the professionals capable of providing leadership in the health care industry. In this course, the students can work with the health care professionals that facilitate relationship between them.

The TAU creates the students with specific skills to practice safe and effective primary health care. The students may come from various backgrounds. So these skills may be oriented towards clinical practice and primary care research.

The student may understand the advanced techniques of nature and practice primary health care in selected areas and may get experience in working with other professionals involved in primary health care. In addition, the student will have the ability and skills to work independently and carry out research in the primary health care field, and able to contribute to new knowledge and developments in health care delivery.


MMSc in Psychological medicine

Psychological medicine deals with the practice of medicine to treat both mental and physical disorders.  A medical psychologist is not allowed to prescribe medicine but the psychologist can do.

The Texila American University offers this course to the practice of medicine. The Medical psychologists of TAU may apply theories, scientific findings, and techniques. These can be used to identify behavior modification; family and lifestyle improve the physical and psychological health of the people. Clinical psychologists with doctoral qualification are the practitioners with enhanced abilities in scientific observation of the field of psychology. The clinical psychologists may observe the central nervous system, adaptation and lifestyle changes in several mediums of treatment.

Once they completed the course they may move to the practice of medicine. The highly qualified doctors are trained for primary care centers, hospitals and residential care centers. The psychologists of medicine are well trained and they are allowed to carry several researches to modify physical disease and functioning of the central nervous system and related systems using psychological functions. Not only that they also continue to provide prevention and treatment for the progression of disease. These include conceptualization, behavioral patterns, and severe exposures lead to negative thinking, attitudes, and negative contexts

The theories of the course include methods applied to clinical applications, evidence based practice and case by case analysis.

The practical component of the course maintains a relationship with all the experienced professionals. Students of TAU may get a chance to placements in clinical practice with any of the Clinical Psychologists


MMSc in Rheumatology

Rheumatology is a specialty in internal medicine dedicated to analysis and treatment of rheumatic diseases. Physicians who are dedicated to rheumatology are known as rheumatologists. Rheumatologists deal mainly with scientific problems including joints, soft tissues, auto-immune illnesses, and heritable ligament disorders.

The course aims to develop understanding of the scientific basis and clinical practice in Rheumatology. The program MMSc in rheumatology evaluates research findings, and promotes communication and management skills in a multidisciplinary approach.

The program rheumatology deals with musculoskeletal diseases and needs a special training. The MMSc course has been designed to meet these needs at pre-consultant level. This covers the theoretical and clinical practice of rheumatology; research, design and the national approach to rheumatologic care. 

The Texila American University offers this course with an intention to practice students in the sciences of musculoskeletal diseases. The students of TAU may continue further studies related to clinical teaching that students might be learnt in their training program. The rheumatology course promotes an understanding of the practices in this field which can be used to improve health care in musculoskeletal diseases.


MMSc in sports and exercise medicine

The MMSC program in sports and exercise medicine is developed to promote the medical specialty in this field.  This program is concerned with the diagnosis, management and prevention of injuries those who participate in physical activity.

The sports and exercise medicine constitutes three elements;

·exercise as a way to improve health

·sports as treatment for illness and

·The treatment of injuries from sport.

The Texila American University provides this course which has a large scale application in developing the welfare of the people. The MMSc in Sports Health is developed to give students a wide understanding of sports medicine, injuries and prescription for exercise.  The TAU introduces the key areas relating to sports and exercise science, namely musculoskeletal, exercise physiology, psychology. The course also provides how to work with sporting teams how to develop their physical activity to prevent and treat disease.  As a result the students of TAU will gain a thorough knowledge in the management of treatment and exercise. The Teaching sessions include lectures, practical and field trips. These can be delivered by the faculties who are highly experienced in their field. 

The students can be qualified for MMSc degree in sports science that has the degree related to sports and health science such as physiotherapy podiatry etc. While studying this course the students of TAU undergo a research, or they can search for employment.



MMSC in Medical Education:

In the last ten years, the medical education has faced lots of new challenges, and is constantly to do so. Most of the students become professionals to engage in some of teaching methods or other teaching opportunities.

The medical education program seeks the development of medical educators. It combines study days, workplace, research and teaching. This course is particularly designed for those who are interested in teaching roles and make contact with the students.

The attendance is compulsory and students must meet with the clinicians to discuss about educational issues. There are also a variety of demonstrations from program instructors. As a result the MMSc in Medical Education is designed for the doctors who are wishing to develop their career as educators.

The primary models provide an introduction to the key issues of program development, teaching, assessment and research methodology. The MMSc in medical education course encourages you to apply educational theory to your everyday teaching.

The Texila American University offers this program to enable the students to gain more knowledge and learning. This enables the students of TAU to develop practical skills and techniques to become effective educators. The medical education students will use proper teaching strategies, and educational theory. This enhances the way to support their learning.

The students of medical education must show their interest and be definitely involved in training medical students as well as trainees.

MMSc in Translational medicine

The Master of Translational Medicine (MTM) is designed for the students who are interested in applying translational research to solve the problems in health care delivery. The program of translational medicine has the technological resources to provide students with the real world problems.

The translational medicine program is applicable for the scientists and clinicians who are interested to create innovative treatments in the clinical field. Students who are interested may be encouraged to apply. The Texila American University expects the students to be working in the field that delivers health care treatments and products after completing their course. Training material contains translational factors of therapeutic science and concepts of technological innovation design.

The translational course of TAU focuses on the areas of therapeutic design, construction of medical devices and delivery. A detailed report in the written form and presentation is required for degree completion.

This program includes the following procedures:

·Basic research which determines the scientific effects of therapeutics in people.

·Investigations on people which determine the chemistry of illness and provide the medical base for growth of new or enhanced treatments for human illness.

·The clinical studies concentrated on the therapies to develop application of human disease.


MMSc in Tropical medicine


Tropical medicine is otherwise called as International medicine. MMSc in tropical medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with illnesses that happen exclusively, are more extensive. Sometimes it may take time to control in tropical and subtropical regions.


This course MMSc in tropical medicine helps the student how to manage and treat the infectious diseases. Many people were dying from these infectious diseases every year. This is one of the biggest difficulties of the Twenty-first century.  This is based on classical Parasitology. The Students of Texila American University may get benefit from the faculty members who are responsible for the course work and research in a number of bacterial and parasitic diseases.


MMSc in Tropical Medicine and International Health (TMIH) will allow guys to:


·Understand and explain the scientific functions, analysis and management of the main communicable diseases

·Develop skills in the field of diagnostic Parasitology and laboratory methods

·Understand and implement epidemiological concepts in the field

·Apply and understand primary mathematical assessments for the research of quantitative data

·Critically evaluate published literary works to make appropriate clinical decisions

·Understand the primary sciences scientific and community practice

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