Gears of War 3: Act 2

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After escaping from the unusual invasion of Anvil Gate, Hoffman tells Marcus they have a new way to defeat the Lambent and Locust. The invasion begins.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Adam Fenix' Legacy

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Submitted: July 21, 2010



Act II: Hollow World

Hoffman began to speak. "Fenix, your father may be the key to defeating the Lambent once and for all."

Marcus was dumbstruck by this. His father's ideas to kill the Locust have failed once already and has cost too many lives. He was unsure of whether to trust his father's judgement anymore.

"What do you mean 'the key' to defeating the Lambent?"

Hoffman took a pause before saying "Your fathers discoveries before he died are more valuable than we had ever believed. Years ago, during the Pendulum Wars, your father had discovered a high amount of immulsion on one particular area. It was surrounded by immulsion fumes and we were never able to get to it from the outside. The hole is very large but we can't get to it from the surface. There are complex tunnels made by the Locust that lead straight into the hole."

"And why the hell is this hole so important?"

"Its important because something is at the bottom. Fenix, we know the Locust wasn't infected by immulsion by just bein around it. There is a high level of immulsion readings at the bottom. Fenix, we think its a sybiosis, a heart."

"A heart of the Lambent huh?" asked Marcus, slyly.

Dom couldn't beleive what he was hearing.

"A heart? You mean, we could kill the Lambent with one major hit?" asked Dom.

"Exactly." replied Hoffman. "But the hole leads close to the core of Sera. We cannot get down into it ourselves. So-"

Marcus was beginning to peice it together, the shifter, the titanium -- it all made sense now.

"So we are making a lightmass bomb?" asked Marcus.

"You got it, Fenix." replied Hoffman, shaking his head. "There's something else."

Hoffman pulled out two boxes from his pack container. He handed both Dom and Marcus one of the boxes.

"You two have shown the enemy countless times that we will not be taken lightly. You killed the worm, the General, Skorge, you have confronted the Locust Queen on her own turf, and you have sucessfully deployed a Lightmass Bomb into the Hallow. Fenix, your criminal record has already been pardoned. We need more soldiers like you these days. Congratulations, Sergeant Santiago and Leuitenant Fenix."

"Thank you, sir." replied Marcus. Marcus then shook Hoffman's hand. For the first time, Marcus felt like he was getting along with Hoffman. He saw a bright future ahead of him with his newfound agreeance and friendship with Hoffman.

"Thank you, sir." replied Dom.

"The lightmass bomb is near completion." said Hoffman. "Leuitenant Fenix, your squad and several others are going down into the Hallow again. Your going to clear out and reduce Locust numbers. We need to get that Lightmass Bomb into the Hallow. The only way to do that is to kill every one of them. The attack on Anvil Gate with such a large force shows us they are desperate and their numbers are dwindling. We are gonna make 'em fall some more."

Marcus had one other question after some thought. "Sir, how will this make any difference with the Locust?"

"Well Fenix, you wil be whiping a large number of them in the process of dropping the Lightmass Bomb. The Lightmass will blow through the Locust tunnels too."

The King Raven was now in sights of the Raven's Nest. Dom leaned out from the side to look to the back. He could see movement in the distance and could hear roaring and wailing. He knew the roar was from Brumaks but he had no idea what the wailing was. Suddenly he saw it. Reavers, dozens of them, were trailing the King Ravens. One shot its missle pod at a KingRaven and blew it down while other pursued other KRs. One Reaver flew straight up to the side of the KR. This Reaver was fitted with a gun turret. It fired the turret straight through the King Raven. Jace grabbed his Plancer. He was waiting for this chance for years. To finally make a difference in someones life as a Gear. Instead of brutality, his final moments were with compassion and bravery. Jace pushed himself off of the King Raven at the Reaver. Marcus was shocked to see what his old friend was doing.

"Jace no!"

Marcus reached out to pull Jace back in but missed him. His broken leg kept him from making a perfect jump. As he landed, he stood in front of the gun turret with his Plancer held in the air. Jace stabbed the Plancer through the Drones face as it revved the turret up and fired. Dozens of bullets emptied out into Jace's chest. The last thing he did before falling down backward into the ocean was tag a frag grenade onto the Reaver. The grenade blew and the Reaver dissipated in red mist, the remains falling into the ocean below with Jace.

"No." was the last thing Marcus could say before sitting back down with a melancholy expression. He put his hand over his face and stayed in position for the rest of the time they were in the Raven.

Dom had barely an emotion at all. He held his head down for a few seconds then back up. as he turned to Marcus he said "You'll get used to it." in a low care-free, and saddened voice. Dom was now Marcus' only true friend, beside Anya. Marcus swore from then on to never let anything happen to Dom. He would never forgive himself if something happened to him.

The Raven finally found the platform of the Nest and landed. Hoffman, Marcus, Dom marched below the platform down a flight of stairs.

"Hey, what the hell happened?" yelled Baird.

"Hoffman turned around and replied, "Come with us, Sergeant." He turned back around and continued to walk down the platform. Baird was left speechless. "Did he just say Sergeant?" Baird turned around as to make sure nobody was behind him. He stood in place for a second and quickly rushed down the stairs to Hoffman. Cole printed up to the top of the stairs and as he looked down he yelled "No love for the train!?"

Hoffman pushed open a door and inside were engineers and scientists working on a large mechanical object. Marcus knew immediately that it was the lightmass bomb.

"This is the bomb?" asked Dom.

"Yea." said Marcus.

"Damn, it looks much bigger than the others made before." replied Dom

"Thats because it is. This LMBholds three times the power than the LMB you shot down into the Hallow before."

"Well, colonal. This li-"

"General." said Hoffman. "Fenix, I am now in charge of all military operations in the COG remnants."

"Well, sir. This lightmass bomb has an equal chance of killing the Lambent as it does blowing the whole damn planet in half. This doesn't seem like a good idea."

"It's a risk humanity has to take Leuitenant.-"

Hoffman continued to talk to Marcus as Baird said "Did he just say Leuitenant?"

"Yea, man. Me and Marcus just got promoted."

"Well, I think I just did too." replied Baird.

"Sergeant Baird, Your being reassigned to a new squad. Unfortunately for you, son, I am leading it. I want a shot at the Locust. I want to be there when they fall, or I'll die trying."

"Leuitenant, your still in Delta 1. Almost everyone in your squad is reassigned."

"Who's in my squad?" asked Marcus quickly. He hoped Dom was.

"Private Dizzy Wallin, Corporal Clay Carmine, and Private Anya Stroud."

"Dominic, your taking control of Delta 2. I'll show you your squad members later. We are going to get back down into the Hallow and we are going to destroy BOTH of the sons a bitches!"

One hour later

"Sir." said Sven, nervously.

Private Sven Brant was a young german Gear. He was very muscular and tall, standing at approxamately 6'2, surpassing his fellow squad members by inches. He wasn't very good with long range and always wore a helmet for his eyesight. Sven, to himself, was a cannon fodder. As long as he got his bullets out of his Lancer, he was happy. He loved the chainsaw on his Lancer. He loathed to shove the chainsaw into a Locust stomach and revv it until the Locust lay in half, bloody on the ground.

"What is it?" replied Wolf.

"It is true? Are we really going down into the Hallow again?"

"Yea, Sven. We are."

Hood coughed up the water he was drinking and said "What? Back DOWN?"

Rick Hood was the Baird of Sigma 2. Sarcastic, annoying, obnoxious, and stubborn.

"Watch it, soldier. That water is the only water your going to be drinking from now until tomarrow if we are lucky."

"If we're lucky. Jesus help us." replied Niles. In every squad theres always an older soldier, grizzled from war, that respects his squad leader. That soldier is Niles. He fought in the Pendulum Wars and he was one of the COG on Aspho Fields that fought for the Hammer of Dawn. He wondered what it would have been different if they hadn't gained the technology for the hammer.

"Gears, in a few moments you will be lifting off to a location given to your squad leader. When you get there you will enter the Hollow and begin to fight your way toward Jacinto's remnants. We are going to strike straight into the Jacinto Basin and when we do, we will continue into the ground. There will be locust tunnels. We will progress through the tunnels until we come to a hole. The biggest and longest hole to exist on the planet. When we get there, A LMB will be dropped into the hole. When it blows, not if, the Lambent will DIE!! The LMB has been created with enough power to blow through the Hollow in its entirety. The Lambent and nearly every Locust will be destroyed in a matter of minutes! Some of you will survive this, most of you won't. This is Humanitys pivotal moment!. What we do here will decide the fate of our race! Now load up, get into those tunnels and blow those bastards to hell!"

The Gears all across the Raven's Nest began to cheer in yell in excitement and anger. Hoffman, Baird, Cole and Sam: Echo 4 got into their Raven and flew off the base while Dom's Delta 2, Marcus's Delta 1, Wolf's Sigma 2, and dozens of other squads followed.

Dom looked at the only picture of his wife one final time. Dom threw the picture over the edge of the Raven, his face full of anger. This is the moment he was waiting for.

"Good to meet you, sergeant." said a Gear.

"Whats your name?" asked Dom.

"I'm Edward Pitt, but most people just call me Pitt."

A female gear sat opposite of Dom said "Names Nicole Williams. Call me Nicole."

"I'm John Graves."

"I'm your squad leader. Name's Dom."

0100 hours into the Lambent Insertion

"Sergeant, we are about to land." said the Raven pilot. "Just get into the grindlifts and it will shoot you down into the Hollow."

Dom , Pitt, Nicole, and Graves entered their grindlifts and soon shot down through the ground. Dom opened the door of the grindlift and stepped out to an unexpected sight. There were see-through lambent stalks pumping Immulsion laying all over the ground and walls. Dozens of Locust bodies lay on the ground.

"Control, this is Delta 2. We are inside the Hollow. But something is wrong here."

"This is control, whats the problem?"

Dom kicked a Locust body and said "The Hollow is...changed. I think the Locust are much more desperate than we thought. I'm seeing Lambent stalks covering the walls and floors and Locust bodies laying everywhere."

"Dom this is Marcus. I'm seeing it too. I'm thinking what your thinking."

In the backround, a voice yelled "AGH!" and Marcus yelled "Carmine!" The radio cut off.

"Marcus whats wrong? Marcus! Dammit!"

Alright Delta lets move out. We just need to head forward and kill whatever we see. My orders said that the tunnels we are in should all meet up together so eventually anyone still alive will meet as one big squad."

"I'll take point." said Pitt. Pitt held up his Lancer and walked through an open stone walkway to see more Locust bodies scattered and Sandbags covered in blood.

0200 hours in the Lambent Insertion

Tickers crawled all around the stone platform ahead. Pitt and the rest of Delta 2 hit the sandbags and fired on the Tickers. They continued forward until they came up to a tunnel. They ran through the tunnel and stood over the edge of a cliff. As they looked down. Four Gears were hiding behind grindlifts, shooting at Locust drones.

"Shit im out!" yelled Marcus.

Carmine jumped over cover and tossed a Lancer round behind his back to Marcus. Marcus reloaded and continued fire at the Locust. Dom and the rest of his squad unpacked Snipers and took out the Locust shooting at Delta 1.

"We gotcha Marcus." said Dom.

"Thanks Dom. See ya in Jacinto."

"Thanks brother!" yelled Dizzy, through his comm.

Marcus, Carmine, Anya and Dizzy all ran out through a passageway below and out of sight.

0230 hours into the Lambent Insertion

"I got him sir!" yelled Sven. Sven grabbed the crawling Locust and snapped its neck then pushed the locust off the cliff and into the sea of immulsion below.

"Control, do you have a fix on our location?" asked Wolf into his comm.

"We read ya Sergeant. It looks like your very close to a sinkhole. Your gonna see the sunshine soon. Your about 5 miles away from Jacinto. Make sure you try to meet up with other squads too.

"Copy, control. Wolf out."

"Alright guys, we're close to Jacinto now. Keep fighting, this is over soon.

0300 hours into the Lambent Insertion

"Sergeant! Contact ahead!"

Dom spun around and fired his lancer at a lone lambent soldier. After killing it, Dom spotted a wooden ramp. As they got to it Dom said "Alright lets cross this ramp and get over to the other side. Don't go yet."

Graves didn't hear this. He quickly ran across the bridge As he did, he looked down to see frag grenades tagged to the bridge.

"Graves come back!" yelled Dom.

"GRENADES! GETDOWN!" yelled Graves. He leaped across the bridge as the grenades blew apart the bridge. Graves was thrown across the ground and finally landed face down. He wouldn't budge. As he hit the ground, he was knocked unconscious. The immulsion level was rising rapidly on the platform Graves was on. He quickly woke up to the burning feeling of the immulsion and screamed in pain. His armor was melting through and skin was being burned part. The rest of Delta 2, without one look back at Graves, climbed up a rocky wall to avoid the immulsion as Graves fell beneath the levels of burning immulsion and didnt come back up. As they arrived at the top of the rocky cliff, they noticed there was a massive tunnel, bigger than any other they had seen before.

"Is this the hole?" asked Nicole.

"No, the hole goes down into the ground, not forward. I think we just entered the main tunnels."

"This is huge." said Niles, rubbing the dirt from his hands.

"Well, lets get moving Delta. We need to link up with the other squads."

"This is Marcus We've just entered the main tunnel. Any other squads here too?"

"We hear ya Marcus. We just arrived at the main tunnel, we are moving to your position." replied Dom.

Another voice came over the comm. "Watsup boys! We comin in hot right now toward the main tunnel. We'll be meeting up with you in a few minutes. Cole out!"

Dom looked worried for Wolf. "Any of you come in contact with Sigma 2 yet?"

"I heard some talk from a sergeant Wolf earlier. Said they were in the Ilima sinkhole and were close to Jacinto. They might not yet be in the main tunnel." replied Marcus.

"Hold it Dom we got a contact!" yelled Marcus.

In the backround Carmine was yelling "Come on they don't call me Grub Killer for nothing!" and then a loud turret could be heard being shot.

"Lets go Delta, We need to link up with Delta 1 and the other squads."

Dom reloaded his lancer and ran down the long tunnel, his squad following, covered with more locust bodies and immulsion.

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