Gently In Love

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You'd never think I guy could get pregnant...well since ive seen nothing like this before I'm starting to write one now

Ryan was Jace's bully since the day he stepped foot into Fairveiw highschool. Till one day Jace stays at Ryan's house and the unexplainable happened...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Gently In Love

Submitted: February 20, 2013

Reads: 306

Comments: 2

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Submitted: February 20, 2013



Jace walked into the school,he felt numb like he was unable to move his body. Yet he was moving,he had yet to tell Ryan what happened...I bet your pretty curious to well lets start at the beginning...

-exactly 4 weeks,2 days,18 hrs,30 min and 14 seconds ago-

Jace walked into the the school,someone slammed him into a locker and he winced feeling a sudden pain fly down his back. Ryan,that was the only explanation;he slowly looked over to see the guy that hated him most. For what reason? He had no idea why just one day he started to get beat up by him and his idiotic friends. \"What do you want Ryan?\" They sat in a empty hallway,his friends weren't there which was weird he thought. \"Oh the fag speaks?\" \"Yes,this fag does fucking speak! Now what do you want?!\" \"Well...\"he punched me in the stomach,\"first don't talk to me like that and second-\" \"Ryan,\"Jace had a worried expression cross over his face as he felt like like he was gonna puke,\"I'm gonna puke.\" \"Yeah right yo-\" he puked all over Ryan,\"you fag!\" \"R-ryan I'm s-sorry...\"he started to cry from the burn in his stomach,he fell to the ground wrapping his arms around his legs. Ryan looked at him with sympathy,\"fuck.\" Jace was picked up off the floor after Ryan tugged off his own shirt and carried him out of the school; Ryan sat him gently in the back seat and walked over to the drivers side. \"Where are you taking me?\" \"My house.\" \"Why? So you can beat me more?\" Jace said weakly,\"if so then let me out...\" \"No. I'm not just gonna let some wounded person out in the middle of camel shit no where.\" \"It didn't seem to faze you beating me up all those other times...\" \"Well that was different I-\" \"Changed? If I had five bucks every time I heard that...\" \"Well yeah I've changed...\" \"Huh I don't believe you,\" he stooped in the middle of the road thankfully there wasn't any cars. Wow,Ryan lived in the middle of no where;the middle of the forest. \"Why don't ya believe me?\" \"Because your a jerk now can you please just keep driving...\" Don't you want me to take you home?\" \"No, isn't the greatest;will you let me stay with you?  Just for tonight I won't tell anyone I promise....\" \"Yeah sure,my parents won't be home I guess it's okay...\" We got the huge mansion I've heard so many people at school talked about,he had party's all the time. I've never been to one of course,when your a loner nobody really wants to be seen with you in public. Not even my dad wants to be in public with me; I sat in the car for a little while after we got there until Ryan pounded on the window and told me to get my asa out of the car. He looked angry with me and I had no idea why;\"what did I do?\" I said as I stepped out of the car and he pushed me towards the house. \"Just shut up!\" He shoved me inside,\"how did someone find out that your here with me?! Someone just texted me asking me why I was with the fag!\" He slapped me as hard as he could. \"I didn't tell anyone Ryan...\" I looked at him biting my bottom lip, \"How did someone find out then Jace?!\" \"I don't know! I don't need your crap okay! I get enough beatings from my dad I don't need you to add to it!\" \"What if you deserve it you homo?!\" He punched my gut and my bottom lip started to quiver,his face softened and he took a small step towards me. \"Jace,I-\" \"No...please leave me be....\" I wrapped my arms around my legs as I burried my head in between my knees. I heard him walk off then come back with what sounded like a box in his hand. He gently unwrapped my arms from around myself and took off my shirt,he assessed the damage done from my dad and him. \"Here...\"he set a ice pack on my tummy and carried me to what I think is his bedroom. \"I'm having a party tonight so I want you to stay up here the whole time I don't want them-\" \"To know I'm here...ya I know...\"I laid on his bed and faced the wall thinking about how loud it'd be,I closed my eyes and fell asleep. I woke up to DJ Got Us Fallin In Love Tonight,I looked at the clock and it was 10:30. \"Ryan...\"I grumbled before getting up and locking the door,I walked into his bathroom and took a shower and did my stuff. I walked butt naked over to his dresser and pulled out a shirt (it was black and was three sizes to big) and a pair of the smallest briefs he had which to me they were like boxers. I like a man in briefs I smiled to myself and laid back down. I heard a knock at the door a little while after,I got up and opened it. Oh shit it was Ryan...a very intoxicated Ryan.

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