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I'm afraid Abbey may have made a terrible mistake. Heather and C D and E are there to make sure she keeps paying for it..

Chapter 6 (v.1) - lockdown

Submitted: February 11, 2013

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Submitted: February 11, 2013



The first shot I took rung in my ears, and I stopped squinting to see I had hit my target dead on. The door creaked and teetered. I smiled and tilted the gun down towards the second hinge. I took another shot, and frowned as I looked up and saw that I had missed the hinge by a few inches. I took another deep breath and shot again. I heard another loud creak and jumped as the door fell with a thud into the hallway.

The sudden light made me squint more. The hallway had never seemed so bright. I stepped out and breathed in the fresher air. I threw the gun back down the stairs. Before I could even decide on what to do next, the intercom beeped three times loudly. I racked my brain for what that could mean. Suddenly, a boy sprinted past me, barely stopping as he said “Quick find somewhere to hide!”

I gasped. I had realized that the school had gone into lockdown. My deep green eyes darted around for a minute, as my brain raced. I thought it would be best in this situation to go with it. Hopefully Heather and the gang wouldn’t want to risk their butts trying to get me in trouble. I started jogging down the hallway, thinking I would hide in the girls’ bathroom.

I came to a screeching stop, however, as I heard voices in the bathroom. “Are you sure those beeps meant nothing Heather, I’m sure they meant something.” I heard E say. “Believe me, it was just the stupid intercom, it always does that.” Heather said. I gulped and started to back, up but tripped on my trainers laces.

I scrambled to get back up, but Heather, C, D and E were already there. Heather just stood there, her mouth gaping at me. I managed to stand up. They took a few steps closer. “How did you get out?” Heather asked quietly. A loud gasp came from C. “Three beeps means a lockdown!” She exclaimed. D pointed at me. “You shot the door down.” Heathers eyes widened.

“Wow, now you’re a freak that’s a danger to the school, not just our social statuses.” Heather said, smiling like she was hilarious. I didn’t find her funny. I threw a punch at her. She skidded backwards. She just sat there, cradling her nose and crying. I looked at my bloody knuckles. Punching someone doesn’t feel as good as you might think.

Suddenly, E ran at me, and before I could defend myself, she had jumped on me, pushing me to the ground. My head hit hard against the floor, but it wasn’t over yet. E punched me straight across the face, and I felt my lip bust open and D screamed and tried to pull E off of me. E was surprisingly strong and vicious. I brought my hands up to protect my face but E just started clawing at me. I think that maybe E was Heather’s closest friend.

In the distance, I could hear C trying to comfort Heather, and Heather complaining about her nose job. Not that I could concentrate on that for very long. “Erin, stop it!” Dawn screeched as she tried pulling Erin’s arm. I quickly flicked my knee up, catching E right in the stomach. She folded, and rolled off of me. My hands went straight for my mouth, wiping away the blood streaming out of it. I moved my head, and it looked as if Erin was getting ready for round two. She jumped as we heard police sirens. I groaned. This could not end well for me.

I watched helplessly as C helped Heather up, and lead her down the hallway. In fact, they were all leaving, walking down another hallway, probably to hide in another bathroom. I tried to sit up, but my whole upper body was aching from the wrath of E. So I just lay on the ground, closing my eyes as I heard the police men marching in, shields and all.

I suppose they must’ve thought I had been shot because of all the blood, because all five of them ran up to them, and one said into his headset, “We have our first victim.” One officer knelt beside me. He quickly examined me. “She hasn’t been shot.” They all looked confused, and that’s when I blacked out.

I started slipping in and out of consciousness. I opened my eyes and saw the foggy outline of a paramedic sliding carrying me onto a stretcher. I woke up again in the ambulance, and heard the two men talking about the game last night. The last time I woke up, I was actually in a hospital bed. I sat up straight and looked around. No one was there. I sighed with relief as I saw I wasn’t hooked up to any machines.

I hate machines. I also hate hospitals. They smell like antibacterial hand wash and the food is terrible. I shivered in the room. I mostly hated them because I had already spent way too much time there, almost two whole years. My hand rubbed against the starchy blanket, and I instantly pulled back. I also noticed I wasn’t wearing a hospital gown. I looked down at my blood splotched t- shirt.

My mouth didn’t feel numb but I could feel the stitches with my fingers. I guess E packed a pretty good punch. That wasn’t the worst of it though. I could feel the scab marks where E had used my neck and chest as a scratching post. I lifted my shirt a little and saw that the bruises had started to take form. I had decided to get up when Evan walked in. He was slurping on a juice box, when he saw I was awake.

“They said you would be asleep for another hour at least!” Evan smiled, hugging me. I winced and he pulled back. “I’ll call Dad.” He said, pulling out his phone. “What happened?” I asked. “Wait, you don’t know?” Evan furrowed his brow. “No, I know. I was wondering what you know.” I said. “Someone locked you in the basement, and you shot your way out, triggering a lockdown, and then got into a pretty nasty fight.” Evan relayed. “The question is who did this to you?” He asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” I sighed. Evan looked at me suspiciously, and then called Dad. Dad arrived a few minutes later. He didn’t react how Evan reacted when he saw me. My Dad seemed to have a permanent frown on his face, and he sat in the chair next to my bed. He rubbed his temple. “Do you realize what you’ve done?” He asked me. I shrugged because I honestly wasn’t sure.

“I have to pay for the damages, and I had to go and beg the police no to charge me for what YOU did, and now I have to go and beg the principle not to press charges either.” He wasn’t shouting, but his voice was in a scarier tone than ever. “I’m sorry.”

“Well I should think so!” He shouted back at me. He got up and slammed the door behind him. “He’ll get over it. Besides, when you tell him what really happened he won’t be that angry.” Evan tried reassuring me. “No, Evan. He will still be angry. He won’t believe my story.” I said matter-of-factly. Evan pushed back his light brown hair.

I wiped the tears away as I had a horrible thought.

After a stunt like this, Dad may just skip strike two.

Abbey Manello

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