Beauty on the Run

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Chapter 11 (v.1) - Another Chase

Submitted: February 21, 2013

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Submitted: February 21, 2013




I tripped three different times. I knew they were chasing me and I knew that I needed to get away. I was headed towards the river. That much I could tell by the half covered moon.

I was finally within hearing range. I could hear the water crashing off of the rocks, and I could hear it trickling downstream.

I brushed through some hanging vines, only to trip over a few with my heels. My face hit the root of a large tree. I rolled over on my side, resting my head on the root. I took a few deep breaths before I got myself to my feet. The dress I wore started to rip on the side.

I got through the vines and saw that the river was directly in front of me. I was only a few feet away from the babbling rocky edge, and I could feel a small spray raining down on my face. I scrambled to my feet, limping on the ankle that twisted during that fall, and I inched forwards.

I looked down at the fast paced river. It was wide enough for five boats to be side by side. And I mean big boats…not those small little ones. I readied for a jump, until I heard my name.

I didn’t have to look, but I did anyway. About a football field away to my left, I saw Carter. He was walking towards me at a rushed pace, but still moving slow. I inched forwards a little more.

“Don’t you do it Ava!” He was still walking towards me.

“Ava no! You don’t know what you’re doing!” I looked to the right to see Marshall doing the same thing, except he was a little further away.

I looked between them both, back and forth.

“Seriously Ava, you jump in there and we’re swimming after you!”

“Ava that water is filthy and the current will sweep you under!”

“Don’t do it Ava!”

“Ava listen to us!”

Without any other thoughts, I climbed slowly down onto the remaining rocks that separated my from the boys. They were still moving slow. I continued to the last and final rock that stood above the flowing current.

“Ava, you can’t do that!”

“Ava seriously don’t, you’re going to hurt yourself!”

“Ava if you jump I’m getting Fredrik to get you, not us!”

That wasn’t going to be a problem. Fredrik would have to get out of public’s eye before he can officially come to me. That’s when I leaped. I jumped as far as I could into the freezing river; my dress flailing in the air behind me.


I answered the buzzing from my pocket. “You better have her in custody or I’m gonna rip your head off.”


“What the hell do you mean she JUMPED CARTER?” Anger rose in my throat. I was still standing in the parking lot. There’s no way I could get to them from here. I scanned the area.


I shook my head while I finally spotted a dumpster on the dark side of the building. “Carter if you don’t want to be dead by the end of the night, then you better Jump in and get here.” I slammed my phone shut, shoving it in my pocket as I walked as fast as I could behind the building without being noticed.

After passing the dumpsters, I continued past a back door, and behind a small bush. Those boys were going to pay for letting her slip away again.

While finally in secrecy, I took off, gliding through the trees, not even getting a scratch. In less than a second I was right next to the rushing river. I looked downstream to see Carter taking crap out of his pocket.

I glided swiftly and in less than a half second, I was right behind him. “Carter I asked you to jump in there after her.” I kept my calm for now.

He jumped at the sound of my voice and stared at me with wide eyes. “I w-was j-just”

“You were just nothing Carter now don’t let her get away! You know I’m not getting myself wet Carter now GO!” The trees in the vicinity of my voice shook. They swayed back and forth out of the corners of my eyes.

Carter threw the items in his hand down at the ground and dove into the water. She was already far downstream, and Carter was very behind. It was going to be a long night.

Carter’s items levitated off the ground and flew straight into my hand as I started walking towards Marshall. I grabbed the back of his jacket as he watched intensely at the other boy in the water. I pulled him with me and I spread my wings. I bolted up in the air and I flew over the scene.


I managed to see the silhouette against the moon out of the corner of my eye. I couldn’t look up. Carter was getting closer to me, but there was a waterfall coming up. It was my only chance to escape.

Looking up, I could see Fredrik’s large flying body in the moonlight. He sprung wings! *Okay, that only makes him more fucking creepy…. I’m not into bestiality.* The sight of him made me sick. I could feel my insides turning against the numbing chills of the river. But I kept swimming, and I make myself kick harder.

I was reaching the top of the waterfall, and I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to slide down it with the rest of the river. It wasn’t very high, but it still crashed at the bottom. I’ve done it a few times before with a bunch of friends, and it’s deep…so you won’t hit any of the sharp rocks on the bottom.

I could see the cliff’s edge through the splitting water. I was almost there! I was getting closer…I’m almost about to be swept off the cliff! Finally I was there! In the few seconds that seem like they lasted forever, I was finally falling over the edge. I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as I gained speed.

But then out of nowhere I was blasted in the stomach! I could feel the sharp pain sifting through my abdomen. My eyes clenched shut. I felt myself falling again, but I didn’t land in the water. I could feel myself landing in…sand?

I opened my eyes. I looked around and I saw myself on the top of a sand pile at the construction place a little ways outside of town. I was directly on the top of the pile!

I continued looking around. How the hell did I get up here? I could hear the crashing of the waterfall from a ways away. But just as I looked in that direction, I could see him coming back with another person! It was the winged Fredrik carrying Carter in his claws!

Carter was flung right into the side of the sand pile. I could feel it all shifting below me as I sat there on the peak. Carter’s back slid down the sand pile, making me shift that way.

I could feel the night air jabbing at my skin. It was freezing out here. Being up this high, the breeze was reluctant. It was stinging my arms like a million small needles aiming to puncture my skin.

I could feel Carter stirring near the bottom of the pile. I looked over my knees to see where he was. I turned and I slid down the other side. I just managed to slip behind a dumpster before I heard his loud voice.

“Carter, you’re a fucking disgrace.” I could hear footsteps rummaging around. “Why in the hell would you take the time to call me and let her get away?”

“Listen Fredrik, it’s kinda hard when I’m already running from half a mile away and then she jumps into the damn river. It’s not my fault! Why don’t you yell at Marshall? He was there too!”

“Listen Carter, I took you in. I’ve given you a home. I’ve given you EVERYTHING! And you can’t even do one simple little thing. And I have to rip up a nice suit just to fly my ass over here to you. You’re gonna pay for this suit Carter. You hear me?”

“Yes sir,” I could hear the distraught in Carter’s voice clearly.

I was gazing around, trying not to make any sound. I was trying to stay as still as I could, but then I saw a big gaping hole in the fence. Is there any possible way of getting through that?

His voice made me jump. It was louder than the last time. I had to put in an amazing effort to keep myself as still as possible. “WHERE THE HELL IS SHE NOW? CARTER, MARSHALL SEARCH THIS PLACE! SHE COULDN’T HAVE GONE FAR. AND IF SHE GETS AWAY AGAIN YOU BOTH ARE SLEEPING IN THE CELLAR TONIGHT.”

I didn’t realize it, but I was shaking. I was slightly shaking. I could hear the footsteps leading away, and then a phone ringing. Someone answered it, and I realized that it was Fredrik’s voice. Now was my only chance to get out. My heels clicked lightly over the pavement as I got closer and closer to the fence. I was only a few feet away, but I needed to do this. Finally, I dove through, just managing to scrape my arms on the edges of the rugged fence. I crawled towards a group of damp bushes, and I crawled inside them, scraping my arms a little more.

I heard the footsteps going towards the dumpster. Then I saw Carter peering around it. Marshall appeared seconds later. Carter started walking away before Marshall grabbed his arm. Carter looking at him puzzlingly until he saw Marshall pointing at the fence. A smile formed on Carter’s face as he caught the hole in the fence.

I was still too close…they’re gonna find me. Shit, what do I do now?

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