Beauty on the Run

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Chapter 13 (v.1) - There's Something Wrong with Jed

Submitted: March 03, 2013

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Submitted: March 03, 2013



My alarm clock had been going off for at least 5 minutes. How didn’t I hear it? I crawled out of my bed and over to my desk where my clock was kept. I was still in the same dress I had been wearing last night. Why wasn’t I changed? What happened last night?

I shut off my alarm clock and walked into the bathroom, stretching my arms and legs. I undressed myself as I got into the shower.

As the water poured down my body, I started thinking about everything that happened last night.

I remembered leaving the restaurant, and jumping into the river, but I don’t remember anything about Jed. But then it hit me. I remembered going out with his parents, and his little sister last night, in search of his car. But we found nothing.

I finished up my shower, and I walked back into my room, quickly grabbed the cordless phone off of the desk. I quickly checked the caller ID in search of Jed’s number. But the only numbers there were from relatives, calling for my parents, and a call from Kayla.

I quickly dialed her number, hoping she would answer, and she did.

“Hello?” I heard her groggy voice, almost as if she was sick or something.

“Kayla? Are you alright?”

“Yeah I’m fine. Just have a terrible headache today. I’m glad you called me A. We really need to talk.”

“About last night?” I pulled on a pair of clean panties, and a pair of comfy pants.

“Yeah actually.” She paused for a second, and it gave me the opportunity to put the phone on speaker. “How did you know that’s what I wanted to talk about?”

I sighed. “Well, it’s probably because I need to talk to you about it as well.”

She paused again. “Ava, what the hell happened last night?”

“Believe me K, if I knew I’d be able to tell myself right now.” I quickly put on a bra and a large baggy tee shirt from my closet.

“But A, something happened to me last night. I don’t know who I was left with, but I ended up being thrown into a sewer pipe. It was so gross! I woke up from that, and I immediately came home. But I don’t know who did it, or what happened to you or Carter.”

I hopped onto my bed, hearing pawing at my door. I got up and opened the door slightly for Moo to come into my room. “K, I’m right there with ya. I mean, I wasn’t thrown into a sewer, but I have no idea what happened either. All I remember was seeing something flying in the sky. It had wings…devilish wings.”

We didn’t say anything for a few seconds. I laid there on my bed petting my cat.

“Ava, have you heard anything from Jed? He sent me this really weird text last night at some point. I didn’t see it until this morning though.”

I sat up. “What? What did the text say?”

“I dunno, it was just a bunch of weird symbols.” I heard her clicking buttons. “Hold on A, there’s an attachment on this.” There was a few more seconds of silence. “Oh my God…” She didn’t say anything else.

“Kay?” There was no response, but then I could hear her sobbing through the phone.

Through choked breaths, I could hear her final words through the phone. “Ava I’ll be right over.” The phone call ended, and I got up to put the phone back on the desk to charge. I could only imagine what was on her phone.

I couldn’t stop pacing. It had been a good fifteen minutes now since that phone call and she still wasn’t here yet. I kept glancing at my clock, still pacing.

20 minutes now. 20 damn minutes. Where the hell was she. Just then I heard the front door open. I opened up my door and ran down the steps. I saw my mother hugging Kayla. Kayla’s eyes were seriously red. I waited at the bottom of the steps until my mother released her.

She stepped up to me and then looked at me with sorrow. She took out her phone and she unlocked it. She opened up something and then handing me the phone.

I hesitated. I stared into her eyes as I held the phone to my chest. Did I really want to see what was going on? Did I really want to know what the hell was happening? She nodded at me, and I knew it was time to look.

I slowly brought the phone away from my chest. I looked down at the picture that shone brightly on the screen.

It slipped from my hand.

I heard the phone crashing against the wooden floor.

I felt my head spinning like crazy.

The exposed screen of the phone was made visible to my parents.

The screams…the gasps…the dizziness.

I felt like I was going to be sick.

Every emotion took over my mind.

The sadness, the happiness, the love, everything was crushed before my eyes.

I felt the stairs immediately behind me.

Hands were reaching for me.

My vision was fading.

The tears were streaming down my face.

Hell was taking over.

But just before my vision was completely gone, I felt the presence of an angel. I saw a mysterious white glow of a person standing behind everyone.

But then everything turned black.

I hope I don’t remember anything if I ever wake up….

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