Beauty on the Run

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Chapter 14 (v.1) - Get out of my bedroom!

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Submitted: March 05, 2013



My head was pounding. I opened my eyes and it was dark outside. I was in my bed. I could tell because I could see the familiar glowing clock on the desk from where I was laying. It was well past 2 o’ clock in the morning.

I felt around for my lamp and I turned it on. The light was blinding but I recovered quickly. I looked down and saw my kitty laying on my stomach. I petted her a few times before something caught my attention.

There was a slight chilling breeze going through the room. I looked over to see my window open.

Just then the doorknob to the bathroom clicked. Moo instantly jumped up and arched her back. I looked down at her and she was growling. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her act this scared.

The bathroom door slowly opened, and I nearly screamed. Before I could even open my mouth, something came up from the side of the bed and covered my mouth. I couldn’t barely breathe at this point!

Moo lunged at this thing holding my mouth. I saw her jump on top of it, and then she was gone, almost as if the thing was holding onto her.

The bathroom door opened fully and I saw someone standing there. My eyes widened. I saw Carter’s hair gleaming in the dim light of my lamp. I stopped moving.

How the hell did these guys get into my room? And then, I remembered that the window was open.

“Ava, you need to calm down,” he said to me.

I could’ve ripped his head off. He had no right to tell ME to calm the fuck down.

“Ava I can still see anger in your eyes. You really need to calm down.”

Well of course there’s going to be anger in my eyes! You’re in my fucking house! You snuck in through my fucking window! You are covering my fucking mouth!

Finally I closed my eyes. MY breathing slowed, and I made myself “look” calm.

“There you go Ava. We’re only here to…TALK…to you. So….” He paused and walked around my room, looking at little things on my dressers and on my desk. “If we uncover your mouth, you cannot scream. If you do,” he pointed a finger in the air almost like he was talking to a little kid…and trying to make himself look more threatening; “if you do, then we’re going to have to kidnap you…again…and take you somewhere outside where we can talk in peace. Do you understand that?” He was looking at me now.

I nodded, since it was the only thing I could do.

Marshall’s hand slowly slid off of my mouth. I was finally able to breathe normally. Carter opened his mouth, but I was quick to cut him off. “What the HELL are you guys doing in my bedroom?”

Carter cleared his throat. “Did you not just here what I said?”

“I don’t care what you said. I want you guys out of my room. Where is my cat?” I bent over the side of my bed, looking for the black and white spotted cat.

I looked up to see Marshall holding her calmly. She was snoozing in his arms. “I didn’t hurt her at all,” he said calmly. He handed her to me and I grabbed her hastily from his arms.

Carter cleared his throat and I looked back up to him while petting my cat. “Ava, we’re here to talk to you.”

I nodded. “Well go ahead you moron, I’m listening.”

He had a slight smile growing on his face. “You know Ava, I’m not afraid to hurt you. If you continue with your insults, I’m going to use force.” He paced back and forth near the foot of my bed. “Ava, why don’t you wanna come back with us?”

I giggled, and it soon turned into a bellowing laugh. After about a minute of laughing, I calmed myself down, being careful not to wake up my parents in their bedroom across the hall. “Are you kidding me right now Carter? I don’t wanna go back with you because I don’t want to! I wanna stay here at home where I actually have a life. Besides, Fredrik is a fucking creeper!”

Marshall snickered. I could tell he felt somewhat the same way.

“He’s not a creeper,” Carter assured me. “He’s just different. You’d really like him if you got the chance to know him.”

“I don’t want to get to know him.”

“Why not?”

“Seriously Carter, you see what he’s done to me. We were never introduced to each other. The first second that he was ever around me, he wouldn’t stop touching me.” I remembered that night in the limo. It was the first time I’d ever been around him, and he wouldn’t stop touching me. I didn’t like it and it made me uncomfortable. “Besides, he’s not even human.”

Marshall walked over to Carter and whispered something in his ear. All the while, I was sitting there thinking to myself. I had just woken up from some kind of nap. Why did I fall asleep so early to begin with? What was I doing in my bed?

“Look Ava,” Carter’s voice cleared through my thoughts. “Fredrik might be a little weird yes, but he’s a good guy.”

“Not from what I’ve seen.”

“Ava, please just come back with us and get to know him a little more. I’m sure you’d really like him. Not only that, but he can give you whatever the hell you want.”

“Carter, listen to me. I’m not going with him. I’m never going to go with him. I don’t ever want to be around him again. I wanna stay here with my amazing boyfriend who already gives me everything I want. Please Carter, just leave.”

He sighed. “We’ll leave now, but we’ll be getting you one way or another. Fredrik doesn’t kid around when he wants something.” He walked over to the window and put one leg out before turning back to me with a smile on his face. “I’ll be seeing you again REAL soon Ava. I can’t wait until the next time we see each other.” He climbed out of the window and jumped over to the tree.

Marshall was still standing next to the bed. He was looking at me with concern.

“You know, they don’t know about what I did.” He looked at me apologetically.

I felt a calming presence with Marshall around. I paused. “Why did you do that for me?”

He sighed and then sat down on the bed next to my feet. He sighed heavily before there was rustling on the tree just outside the window.

“Come on Marshall, we need to get back!” Carter’s head disappeared again.

Marshall sighed again. “Well, I did that because I can’t stand seeing you so upset.”

My face puzzled up. “Why does it matter to you?”

He smiled at me. His deep aqua blue eyes could see straight through the baby blue in mine. “Ava, you really are a beautiful girl. And I’m not just saying that to get you on our side. I really do like you, and I’m sorry for everything that we’ve been putting you through. Carter doesn’t like doing this, and neither do I…I just tend to show it more than him.”

Without having to ask, he explained more then I needed to know. It was nice. I could really tell that Marshall was a good kid. He really was. He was just stuck in a place that he didn’t want to be anymore.

“I do what I do because Fredrik takes good care of us. Fredrik is extremely wealthy and he “adopted” us. If it weren’t for him, Carter and I wouldn’t even be out of those foster homes. We wouldn’t be where we are now.” He sighed again as he looked down at Moo sleeping on my bed. He stroked the black hair on the top of her head. “I really am sorry Ava. Please don’t hold this against me. I do it because I have to. I don’t ever want to hurt you.”

There were footsteps down the hall. We both instantly looked over at the door. Marshall jumped up and glided over to the window. He resiliently jumped out onto the tree and hopped down. I could see the shadows of Marshall and Carter running through the yard in the dim glow of the streetlight. I saw them race towards the outside of town, and I leaned back against the frame of my bed, still petting Moo.

My bedroom door opened and my father stood in the doorway.

“Ava what the hell is going on in here? Are you alright?”

I looked over at him and rolled my eyes. “I’m fine dad. Why?”

He sighed, “I was just making sure. You gave us quite a terrible scare downstairs tonight, and I thought I was hearing things in here. Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Dad,” he looked at me, “what happened tonight?”

“You don’t remember?”

I shook my head.

“Well baby girl,” he walked in and sat down on the bed. “Kayla came over tonight and showed us all something that…wasn’t very pleasant.”

I looked back down at Moo and my hand that was softly petting her back. She was still sleeping. I still couldn’t remember what I had seen that made me black out so badly.

“Ava, we all saw the picture. Do you remember what it was?”

“Dad, if I remembered I wouldn’t have asked what happened.” I rolled my eyes. Why couldn’t he just say what the picture was?”

He sighed heavily again and then folded his hands on his knees. “Ava, the picture we saw was of Jed.”

I looked up at him, and I could tell that it was hard for him to say it. But then I started to remember what it was.

“The picture was of him, beaten up, assaulted…covered in bruises…cuts everywhere.” Then the image came to my mind. I remembered seeing it, and wondering how in the hell something like that could happen to someone like Jed. Jed was a bigger guy. He was super tall, and he was super athletic. There wasn’t anyone that I knew that could take him down.

A tear came to my eyes as I remembered the picture. He was tied up. The picture showed him in a pair of ripped jeans and no shirt. His body was completely covered in blood and bruises.

My father looked over at me and I stared out the window. I know who did it. I knew where he was. The problem was getting him back….

“Baby girl are you sure you’re going to be okay?”

I nodded.

“Good. We called the police and showed them the picture. they contacted his parents so they’re aware of their son. The police are going to do everything they can to find out where he’s at, okay?”

I nodded again, feeling the huge lump in my throat.

He got up and walked over to me, kissing me on the forehead. “You get yourself a good night’s rest Ava. We will see you in the morning.” He gave Moo a small pat on her small head before walking out of the room.

Jed was in trouble and I wasn’t sure how to get him out. I know where he is, but it’s harder to get into that place without getting caught. And I know that if I get caught, I’m going to be his slave forever…. This was turning out to be a very shitty month.

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