Beauty on the Run

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Bad Things Happen When Left Home Alone

Submitted: March 12, 2013

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Submitted: March 12, 2013



I haven’t had the entire house to myself in a long time. My parents’ work schedules were fixed around my school schedule, so whenever I was home, they were sure to be home.

The house was quiet. Almost too quiet…but I could hear the pitter patter of Moo’s tiny paws against the kitchen floor. I set my bag down quietly, as if to not disturb the already quiet atmosphere, and I wandered into the kitchen. I found my kitty sipping water out of her bowl in the corner of the room. She saw me and waltzed over to me just as quickly as I had walked into the room.

I picked her up and I headed into the living room. I turned on the television and flopped down on the couch with my kitty on my lap.

I quickly felt myself dozing off. How I could I be tired, I wondered, but I soon fell asleep.

Fredrik’s mansion stood in front of me. I could see his silhouette in the large front window. He was staring intensely at a person tied up in a chair. I could see his wings exploding from his back in anger and rage. I could feel the ground moving beneath my feet.

I ran up to the door, kicking it in with just a single touch. I had these mystical powers…. He turned around. He was staring straight through me. Behind him I could finally see him. I saw Jed! Jed was the one tied up in the chair!

Fredrik stared at me with fire in his eyes. His wings spread out all the way across the room. Within half a second he was flying straight at me. His arm was outstretched in front of him, ready to strike me. I could see the claws that replaced his fingers. I turned and I could feel the heat from the searing pain radiating from my lower back. He had struck me.

As I fell to the ground, he passed over me, flying straight through another room, and out a window. The glass exploded in my ears, almost as if….

Moo was standing on my stomach. Her back was arched and she was growling towards the kitchen. I picked her up and cradled her in my arms as I got to my feet. I tiptoed across the wooden floor to the doorway of the living room and I peered around the corner. There was no one in the kitchen, but I could see the glare of something shiny on the floor.

I walked closer and closer, and I could finally see the outline of the broken glass. I looked up and saw the broken window above the sink. There was someone in this house with me. I most definitely wasn’t alone.

I wandered back into the living room. I wasn’t sure where to go next. I still held Moo tightly to my chest. I turned off the TV.

I sat back down on the couch, waiting for some kind of movement, or some kind of sound, but then I heard a crashing sound, almost like a large piece of furniture falling over, coming from upstairs.

I set Moo down carefully on the sofa, and she smushed herself up against me. Without doing anything else I ran into the kitchen and removed a knife from the knife drawer that my mother kept tidy and organized. I then proceeded to climb stealthily up the stairs.

My bedroom door was open. Moo was trailing closely behind me. I had never dealt with anything like this before. What was I going to do when I saw the person? I could see shadows along the wall outside my bedroom.

When I finally got enough courage to step forward, I jumped into the doorway and charged into the room. I looked around, with the knife ready to strike at any moment. Whatever was in here, vanished quicker than a blink of an eye.

I turned around. Moo wasn’t in here with me, but the door was now closed. When the hell did the door close? I turned around again, hearing something behind me. I turned to see the window closed, the shades shut, and the curtains drawn. When did that happen?

With the low amount of sunlight coming through the window, I could see the bathroom door was closed as well. I could still make out everything in the room. But there was no movement.

With the knife still tight in my grasp, I moved towards the door. I turned the knob, but then was pulled backwards and thrown on my bed. I immediately started stabbing the air as much as I could. I paused and looked, and there was no one there.

“You needn’t not alarm yourself my love.” I could hear the voice, but I couldn’t see where it was coming from. It was surrounding me.

“Ava I have a surprise for you.” The voice was almost ghostly. It send chills down my spine.

The bathroom door clicked, and the light turned on. I still couldn’t see anyone.

“Why don’t you…check it out.” It was followed by a deep demon-like laugh. I got up from the bed, the knife wielded in my hand, and I headed for the bathroom. I brushed myself up against the wall as I entered; not seeing anything.

I looked back towards my bedroom, expecting to see something, but I didn’t. But then I saw something that I knew I was going to see. I saw something in the tub behind the shower curtain; the only place anything could possibly be in this bathroom. With the knife tightly in my hand, I ripped the shower curtain open, and horror filled my senses.

I looked down at him and I bent down immediately to pull him up. Jed was tied up. His wrists were bleeding from the ropes, and so were his ankles. I carefully cut the ropes with my knife.

“Oh my God Jed! Jed are you alright?”

He removed the piece of cloth covering his mouth, which I didn’t manage to see until now. “Ugh!” He spat a few times away from me. “Ava!” He reached up and wrapped his arms around me. He climbed out of the tub and tipped me over onto the floor, holding me tightly.

“Jed I’m so sorry! Are you okay?”

He kissed me on my forehead over and over again, occasionally kissing me on the lips. “I’m fine Ava. Really, I’m okay. Those ropes hurt like hell though. Did they hurt you? Any of them?”

I shook my head as we sat upright on our legs. “I’m fine Jed. I was worried about you!”

“That asshole somehow got into my car on Friday night when I went to pick you up.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah. He held a fricken knife to my throat and made me drive back to his place. Then he tied me up and let me sit in a disgusting musty old basement for three days.”

I hugged him tightly around the neck. “Oh Jed I’m so sorry! I never meant for you to get hurt. I really didn’t. I’m so sorry.”

“Ava, you have nothing to be sorry for.”

I wiped the few tears from my eyes as I let go of him. “I know, but I just feel bad.”

He gave me a kiss on the cheek and then got to his feet, helping me up a few seconds later. “Ava we need to get out of here. I’m sure he’s probably got some stupid trap set up already, but we need to get you to safety.”

I nodded as he led me out of the bathroom. He was wearing a torn up bloody white t-shirt, and a pair of (extremely) ripped jeans. I held his hand as we exited the small bathroom back into my bedroom. As we got closer to the door, I heard the bathroom door slam shut.

“What a wonderful reunion,” the voice echoed through our heads. “I’m glad you two are happy at last, but it’s a shame that I have to tear it apart once again!”

A large gust of wind burst between Jed and I. He was flung unto my bed, as I was flung against the wall in-between the door to the hallway, and the door to my bathroom. I could finally see a shadow stepping in front of the window to where I could see it’s contour. I should’ve realized who it was all along. It was Fredrik.

I watched Jed get up, and get thrown back down onto the bed, over and over and over again. Finally he gave up. I could sense tears in his eyes when he brought his hands up to his face. He covered his face, making it look like he was in pain.

“What the hell do you want Fredrik?” I asked out loud, hearing the shakiness in my voice at the same time.

“Ava you know what it is, that I want.”

“You can’t have me! You’re never going to have me!” I backed up as far as I could against the wall. Tears were escaping from my eyes.

“Well that’s a real shame isn’t it? I guess someone’s gonna have to go then hmm?” And with another swift move, a knife raised high in the air, struck into Jed’s back. I watched him scream in agony as my screams matched his! God no! This can’t be happening!

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