Beauty on the Run

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Culprit

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



Before I could take a breath, I was thrown back into the icy pond. My lungs instantly filled with the murky water, and I found myself choking as I was pulled back to the surface.

“Come on Ava, you’re stronger than that,” laughed Carter. He dragged one of my arms as Marshall dragged the other, and they headed towards the closest shore. “Marshall is he still in the limo?”

“Yeah he’s where he dropped us off, at least he should be.” They continued dragging me to the entrance of the park where I ran in. I was drenched in dirty water. The light pink from my clothes was practically brown with the mud from the pond. My knees were aching from banging them on the pipe, and I could feel myself stumbling over my own feet as I was dragged.

I spotted a long vehicle on the side of the road in front of a well-known café; it was obviously closed. They crossed the sidewalk and dragged me into the street, making me stumble over the curb. I fell free from their grasp as I hit the concrete. I instantly tried to scurry away, but these two boys were faster. They grabbed my arms again and picked me up on my feet. Seriously, what was it with these two?

The window of the limo slowly rolled down. I could see the face of an older man, not old old…but old. He was wearing sunglasses, obviously trying to shield his face. Who would wear shades at night?

“So I see you finally got her back…only took you about an hour and a half gentlemen.”

Marshall sighed, obviously upset about it. “Well sir, she bit Carter in the neck, and then took off down a sewer pipe. It took us a bit to be able to follow her.”

“Look, I don’t care what happened. I gave you a specific time limit and you couldn’t even follow that.” The man in the car sighed loudly. “How can I count on you again?”

Carter let go of my arm and he walked over to the window. “Sir,” he somewhat whispered… “look, we could’ve done this a lot faster. We underestimated her this time. Let us prove ourselves to be counted on in the future.”

Another sigh came from the window. Carter’s beautiful brown hair shielded the man’s face as he took off his shades. I could see part of his motions from the sides of the window that wasn’t blocked. “Carter, I know you’re a good boy, and I know your friend is too.”

“Sir please, just let us prove ourselves. We can do this job.” Carter’s voice grew in intensity. I could hear the anger and sadness, and somehow I felt like it was all my fault…wait a sec…it was my fault. But I don’t understand why I’m feeling bad right now because I’m seriously not just going to let them capture me!

“Carter, you and your friend will get one last chance. Just get the hell in here so I can get her home and in the shower.”

He moved away from the window and the door opened. Marshall pushed me into the car. Sure enough, I tripped over my feet. Carter, however, caught me before my face hit the bottom of the door. He stood me pack up and threw me head-first into the limo.

I crashed into the mini-bar on the other side of the limo, and I heard the glasses clanking into one another. I quickly crawled as far away from the door as I could, and I took a seat on the far side, right behind the passenger seat and on the other side of the end of the mini-bar.

Marshall was the first boy to climb in. He took a seat on the side of the limo in front of the mini-bar. Carter crawled in next, but then paused in the middle of the limo as he looked over at me holding my knees into my chest.

He slowly crouched his way over to me with a smile on his face. “What are you doing over here all by yourself Beautiful?” I pushed myself as much into the seat and the body of the limo as I could. He took a seat next to me, facing my direction and then put his arm around me. I could see and feel his hand starting to dwindle with my hair.

I enclosed my head into my knees as the limo started moving. I could hear Carter getting comfortable next to me, and I could hear Marshall starting to move towards me.

“Listen here boys,” the mysterious voice shouted. The movement beside me paused, and I just barely looked up to see the man in his black shades on the direct opposite side of the limo. “I want her over here by me.”

“Aw man,” Carter said as he scooted over.

“Seriously Fredrik?” Marshall was scooting over as well.

“Seriously boys. She’s going to be mine soon anyway, so I want her near.” That’s only a little creepy…but what did he mean by his? I don’t wanna be anyone’s! At least anyone’s but Jed’s. I’m Jed’s girl, and that’s all I wanna be. I missed Jed so much right now. He probably doesn’t even know what’s going on right now.

My arm was pulled away from my body and I toppled over onto Carter’s lap. I realized that it was Marshall that was pulling me.

“Look guys,” Carter’s laugh caused me to look up at him with a scowl. “She’s giving me a blowjob!”

Marshall laughed, but then the limo shook with anger.

“I SAID BRING HER OVER TO ME NOW!” Fredrik was this mystery man. For some reason his voice sounded very familiar, but right now I just couldn’t tell. Marshall pushed me away from him and Carter and I was pulled up into the far seat from where I originally was. Another arm was put around me and pulled me as close as I could possibly get. I couldn’t even begin to explain how uncomfortable this was for me.

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