Beauty on the Run

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Home is Where the Support is

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



I looked around. There was only so much that I could see. There were only two different ways I could get down. There was the large pool in the backyard, and then there were the large trees that were just close enough to where I could jump onto the branches and climb down. But unfortunately, I don’t think I have enough time for that. I had to jump.

The pool was cold, but the air was colder. The morning chill wasn’t enough to stop me. I kept running. I made it all the way through the woods and back into my hometown. I was out of the woods and into one of the familiar streets.

It was still super early, which meant that there were no cars or buildings lit up at this time. I had no choice but to run straight home. The old Sawmill library was right in front of me. It was closed so I wasn’t able to take my normal shortcut home. I sprinted off to the right and down the street, passing by Hanson’s Grocery Store. I turned the corner into a residential area.

I had been running nonstop, and there was only a couple more blocks to go. But I could feel the pain emerging from my side. I stopped running for a moment to catch my breath. Everything became quiet, until I heard yelling. It was faint at first but then it got louder and louder. I was sitting on a bench next to Mason Park.

“THERE SHE IS!” I looked down the street to see a limo speeding over to me with two heads sticking out of the windows. Shit!

I jumped over the backside of the bench and passed the swings and then eventually the slide. I was going in the opposite direction of my house, but I knew a way to get back to that.

I sprinted across the street on the other side of the park and I ran into Beck Florence’s backyard. I hopped over the fence into Mrs. Fig’s backyard. I hit behind her shed as I heard the limo driving down another street.

But then the limo stopped and I heard both doors open. The sky was getting brighter, and it was making it harder for me to hide.

“I think she went this way Carter, let’s move.” I could hear Marshall’s voice over the stalled engine of the limo.

“Why don’t we split up? You go that way, and I’ll go this way?”

The footsteps stopped.

“Marshall what the hell, get a move on!”

“Well hold on a second…why the hell doesn’t Fred do anything? With his powers and shit he can easily find her and bring her back. We shouldn’t even have to do this!”

“Shhhh!” They’re voices got quieter, but I could still hear then over the still of the night. “Marshall, no one else knows about him. We do this so people won’t see him in public.”

“Alright Carter, I get it. Let’s just find her. We start school this morning and I don’t wanna be late. A new school means a new first impression.”

“Good point. You go that way Marshall and I’ll take this way.”

Their steps parted and the limo set off down the street. I was left alone again. This was going to be the only chance I get to get the hell away. I hopped over the fence on the side of Mrs. Fig’s house, and sprinted into the street. I sprinted across the street and fence-hopped again into some other person’s backyard; doing the same thing to get into the street on the other side.

I turned left down the street, running under all the streetlights. I couldn’t hear anyone following me, so I knew I was somewhat safe. I rounded the all too familiar corner and I looked around at the familiar houses. I was finally on my street.

I stopped for a breath just under the street sign. I looked back to where I was running from and I saw the glow of headlights from a street over.

I didn’t take a second glance. I continued sprinting down the street. I finally arrived at my front door, feeling around the potted plants on the front step for a key. After my fingernails were covered in dirt, I finally gripped the cold object in my fingers as I pulled it from the soil.

I heard the footsteps reoccur again as I fumbled with the key in my hand. I turned my head as far back as I could as my fingers played with the lock. I saw the silhouettes in the glow of the streetlights. Marshall and Carter were getting closer.

Finally the key stuck and I looked down at the lock, turning the nob and running inside. I slammed the door behind me; locking it instantly.

The house was quiet, but the light was on in the kitchen. I could smell coffee. My mom must’ve been awake and getting ready for work or something. I walked slowly into the kitchen to see my mother fumbling around with the familiar coffee mug that my father gave her for her birthday.

I got closer and closer to her, and then finally the floor creaked, making her jump in front of me…nearly spilling her coffee down the sink.

She turned around facing me with the mug gripped tightly in her hand. “Ava Lynn what in God’s name are you doing in here?” She finally caught her breath as I said nothing in return. “Are you just getting home now?”

I nodded at her.

“Why the hell are you just getting home at this hour? Do you even know what time it is young lady?” She turned back around to finish pouring the pot of coffee into her travel cup. “Seriously Ava. I don’t understand who you could possibly be with until this late. Especially on a school night. How on earth are you going to do anything today….”

“MOM!” I yelled, making her turn around and look at me again. Her eyes were widened behind her black rimmed glasses. “Mom, I was nearly kidnapped tonight.”

Her jaw dropped. “What?! Did you call the police honey?! Did you see who it was?! Did you get his name or anything?!”

“MOM!” I yelled again, making her focus. She was standing in front of me now, obviously very concerned. “I lost my phone in the pond at the park.”

She snickered. “Are you serious Ava? How the hell could you lose your phone there? What in God’s name were you doing in the park at this time? That pond is filthy! What were you doing in there?”

“MOM! Will you please just let me talk?!” She stepped back, staring at me, and then casually turned around, walking back towards the sink. “Mom his name is Fredrik. And I couldn’t call the cops because I lost my phone. I was in the pond because it was only place I could get away from the people he hired to try and kidnap me for him.”

She turned back around to face me. “You should go into the living room and call the police now Ava.”

“Mom you don’t understand!”

“Honey, you were almost kidnapped! Normally in that kind of situation you should call the cops!”

“Mom, this Fredrik guy isn’t normal! He’s some kind of monster!”

“Well of course he is! He tried to kidnap you!”

“No mom, I mean he’s a literal monster. He’s got like this super speed. He could be 100 miles away from you, and then be right next to you a second later.”

“Are you sure he’s not a Kenyan or something Hon? Because that would explain A LOT of things.”

I sighed, obviously irritated, and I know she could sense that. “Mom, this Fredrik guy is a Calvin Klein model.”

She chuckled as she folded her arms across her chest. “You expect me to believe that you were nearly kidnapped by some hot shot Calvin Klein model, with uncontrollable speed? Yeah, okay.” She grabbed her travel cup from behind her and brushed beside me.

“Mom this isn’t a joke! I’m telling you the truth!”

She took a few steps behind me before she stopped and looked at the floor. “Ava Lynn! You get upstairs and you change your clothes now! Then you get back down here and you clean up the floor.”

I rolled my eyes and I stomped angrily up the steps. If my own mother isn’t going to believe what I’ve been through, then who the hell am I going to be able to go to about this? Seriously! Well, all I can do right now is shower and then get ready for school. I totally forgot about school today….

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