Beauty on the Run

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Nicely Dressed...Assholes?

Submitted: February 15, 2013

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Submitted: February 15, 2013



Jed wasn’t here. I have been sitting on the front step in this  fancy dress and heels, just waiting for him. He was supposed to be here hours ago, but yet he wasn’t.

I continued staring off in the direction that he normally came from, but I got no luck. I felt my heart skip a beat when a car pulled around the corner. As it neared my driveway, it turned out to be a limo. Crap, there’s Kayla with the two idiots.

The sun was starting to fall behind the trees off in the distance, and the chills from the air were starting to give me goose bumps. My hair was pinned up, exposing my shoulders even more. I should’ve grabbed my sweater…although, I didn’t expect to be sitting out here all night.

Kayla practically leaped out of the limo and over to sit by me on the step. I watched closely as Marshall and Carter exchanged glances at me.

I was the only one here who knew their little plan to capture me and bring me back to Fredrik. After all, they are his little puppets.

“Hey A, is everything alright? You seem a little down right now.”

I looked away from the boys and down the opposite end of the street. Then I looked down at my painted toenails through the front end of my heels. “Jed’s not here yet. I don’t exactly know where he is.”

“Bummer,” she said, not really caring at all. “Well you know, we can always text him the directions and he can just go straight there. I mean, we need to leave soon anyway to make the reservations.”

I nodded. Great. That means I would have to ride with all of them to the restaurant.

“You look chilly. You want a sweater?”

I looked over at her. “I’m fine K. Really, I’m fine.”

She “pssh”ed at me and then whistled. “Marshall, come and give A your Jacket, she’s cold.”

He smiled innocently at me, and I scowled. Luckily Kayla didn’t see.

As he walked over to me, I could hear her trying to make some friendly conversation. “You know A, B didn’t really want Marshall to even come along after you smacked him across the face. She was nearly furious when I told her that he still wanted to go.”

I snickered. “She has no right to be mad at me K. Seriously.” By this time Marshall was standing in front of me, offering his sweater to me. I glared up into his eyes, but he didn’t budge.

“I know you want this,” he sneered at me.

I scowled and looked away from him, back down the street.

Then he sat down on the other side of me, putting his arm around me as well as the jacket. I sat up straight, making both fall to my lower back.

“Why are you so pissy Ava?” He asked, trying to sound all innocent.

I glared at him again. “Seriously Marshall? I know what you and Carter are doing! It would be best if you didn’t even come near me.” I stood up and walked across the lawn. I continued to stare off down the street in hopes that Jed would pull around the corner any second now.

But then Kayla strutted over to me. “Hey, seriously what’s wrong with you Ava? You seem really bitchy lately, and I don’t like it. Why won’t you tell me what’s going on?”

I turned back at her in a snappy motion. “Look Kayla, there’s nothing going on with me! I just want Jed here with me! I don’t wanna be stuck with Marshall tonight!”

I looked behind Kayla towards the two boys behind her, and I watched as they acted like idiots. They stared me down as they put each other in head locks and other various holds. They punched their fists a few times as well, all while Kayla continued to lecture me about acting strange.

Finally she was done talking and she turned back around to see Marshall carrying Carter on his back. Kayla started laughing and playing along and ran over towards them. I just turned around and stared at the streetlight on the far end of the street.

She called my name again and I looked back over my shoulder. “Ava we need to get going now! I’ll text Jed the directions to the place and where we’re going so we can meet him there okay? I promise he’ll show up, let’s just get going!”

I turned back to where I had been looking the entire time. I heard footsteps coming towards me and I didn’t even have to look to know that it was Marshall.

“Hey,” he said sweetly. I didn’t move. “Look Ava, you might think that we’re trying to ‘get you’ or whatever, but we’re not. We’re going on a simple date tonight.” He slipped his jacket over my shoulders again.

This time I didn’t brush it off. “Marshall,” I said calmly, “I don’t want to do this anymore. I just want to stay home and wait for Jed to come by.”

He chuckled. “What do you even see in him Ava? He’s not even here like he said he’d be, right?” I remained silent at the thought. “Come on A. We’re not going to hassle you tonight. I promise.”

I turned around to look at him in the eyes. They were soft and innocent. It couldn’t really get much worse, could it?

He held out his arm, and I took it as he escorted me back to the limo. I crawled inside, holding the back of my dress down and I slid over to the farthest side.

Kayla and Carter were practically making out on the opposite side, and I could see Carter glancing out at me as he stuck his tongue down her throat. How disgusting.

Marshall slid in next to me as he pulled the door closed. Kayla pounded on the wall that separated them from the driver, and he accelerated the vehicle into the street.

I let Marshall put his arm around me for once. He was actually trying to be nice right now, and considering what him AND Carter did to me a couple nights ago, I could let them redeem themselves a little…. After all, they’re still super gorgeous looking

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