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John Cena and Randy Orton are the biggest superstars in WWE History. They are known for their amazing wrestling moves, their GORGEOUS good looks, but moreso, their relationship. But Teddy Long has something up his sleeve on the next episode of Monday Night RAW. By involving another WWE couple, Chris Masters and Chris Jericho, the relationship of Cena and Orton is in jepeordy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Part 1

Submitted: September 30, 2012

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Submitted: September 30, 2012



"And now ladies and gentlemen, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing in at 251 pounds, he is the current WWE Champion, Joooooohn....Ceeeeeeeeeena!!" The announcer took his place in the middle of the WWE ring while the crowd erupted.

John Cena was a fan favorite in the WWE. He was known for his amazing good looks, and he was able to move the people in a way that no other superstar could, except for Randy Orton. But that’s what made them good together.

Everyone knew that any male superstar in the WWE was gay, that’s another reason why the WWE was so loved. They played so much with love games that it drove the audiences crazy and thirsty for more. People love an amazing sap story, and the WWE was able to give it to them.

John Cena stood at the top of the ramp, saluting the audience like he always did. The crowd was going crazy. Everyone held up signs for him, they all waved with him, screamed their heads off. They wanted John Cena, and there he was. Cena sprinted down the ramp with his title belt around his waist. He slid under the bottom rope, and continued with his normal routine whenever he entered the ring. Cena was facing Christian tonight for the WWE Championship Belt.

Christian was a "bad guy" of the show. Christian was in a tight relationship with CM Punk behind the scenes, but everyone knew him as the partner of Wade Barret. In the WWE Christian and Wade were known as "The Force." They were supposed to be unstoppable.

The match proceeded on with the help of the audience cheering for Cena. And by the time Cena was able to do his 5 Knuckle Shuffle, he practically had the match won. He proceeded however, and then went into his signature move. The F-U was given to Christian, destroying his body in the ring. Cena got his 3 count by the referee, retaining his title.

The show ended, the way it normally did, which was the way that pleased the crowd the most. It was an amazing turnout for the show that evening.

John Cena was getting ready to leave the arena, but he had almost forgotten something, or someone. He had been giving Randy Orton a ride to the shows for a while now. Randy liked Cena’s selection of cars, and it was impossible for Cena to say no after they had become something. Cena turned around and walked back into the backstage area and called out for Orton. There was no response for a while until Cena heard the slam of a door coming from the hallway of dressing rooms. He walked cautiously back there. Randy Orton was sitting on the floor up against the wall outside his dressing room. His purple flannel shirt stood out with his denim jeans.

Cena approached him and saw the anger on Randy Orton’s face. "Randy, what’s going on?" Cena crouched down in front of him, in hopes he could get an answer.

"John, they wanna start bringing us some new relationships in the show." Orton slammed his fists down on the ground next to himself. "You know how bad I am at acting out a relationship in our show. I’m supposed to remain single John!"

"Randy it’s okay, calm down. Who are they talking about bringing us into a relationship with?"

There was a small hesitation from Orton, but then he looked up at Cena into his eyes. "They want us with Chris Masters and Chris Jericho." Orton hung his head back down. "I can’t do that. Knowing this god damned management they’re gonna put me with Masters I just know it. And you know how Masters is!"

Cena relieved his crouching position and sat down next to Orton up against the wall. "Randy, I really do love you, and I hate to see you like this. We are going to talk to Teddy tomorrow and find out what the hell is going on. There’s no way I’m letting Chris Masters get near you. He’s a psychopath."

John Cena stood back up, and stretched out his hand towards Randy Orton. With a slight smile of satisfaction in his partner, Randy Orton grabbed his hand and stood up. They held each other’s hand as they walked towards where Cena’s car was.

There was more that went on between the normal lives of the superstars, than what the fans really knew. Fans knew who was in love, who was in a relationship, and who was single. But what they didn’t know, was what really happened in the relationships. That was something the WWE even ensured not getting out to the public. So what was really unknown, was how nasty Chris Masters was.

John Cena and Randy Orton heard about what happened between Chris Masters and Evan Bourne. Masters had become the main dominant figure of their relationship. He was hungry for pleasure. Evan bourne was a smaller cute guy, but there’s no way he’d be able to stop the force of Chris Masters. Masters did whatever he wanted with Evan Bourne, like he would a doll. Masters was in control until Evan Bourne threatened to start telling the other WWE superstars what was going on between them. And after that, Evan Bourne was able to walk away from Chris Masters. The news got out about their relationship when Evan Bourne confided in Jeff Hardy. Jeff told Evan that it would be to everyone’s benefit, if the news was slightly broadcasted to the other superstars. Everyone then, was informed about Masters being a psychopath, but no one knew what really happened. There were no details that got out. And since the day Evan Bourne confided in Jeff Hardy, they formed a cute relationship between them, and there was a huge impact in the cautious decisions of the WWE superstars.

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