Realm Chronicles

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The beginning of Tetsugi.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Upbringing

Submitted: March 04, 2013

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Submitted: March 04, 2013



The story starts here, in the Miles’ household in the human realm. Ms. Miles is on the living room floor giving birth her second son, Oh Tetsugi. Lee stood by as the doctor yelled at his mother, “Push, push!” Ms. Miles just screamed, “It burns!” as Oh popped out of her, not even a tear as the doctor held me in his arms. I was on fire of course, but the doctor didn’t mind given that it was a special doctor that’s used to dealing with things like this. I came out just like my older brother Lee, with fox ears and a fox tail, but instead of my fox fur being green like his, mine was a crimson red. My mother just sighed; she didn’t want another demon baby. We were demon children but we are only half demon due to our father who’s never around but always manages to impregnate my mother. I was named Oh because my mother was too lazy to name me, the doctor asked her what she wanted to call me, and she just said Oh and passed out. It’s sad really, but you get over it. My brother smiled to see me; he finally had a little brother, even though I was on fire. My brother was proud to be the fox demon he was and didn’t pay mind to people who’d comment about him at school, they just thought it was a costume he wore everyday. Middle schoolers aren’t that bright. Me on the other hand, I didn’t really like having ears and a tail. I stayed in the house and never left for the first five years of my life, because I was scared of what people would think of me. I turned five and it was mandatory that I left the house, to go to school and all. My brother was in high school by this time so I had no one to protect me at the school I was going to. My mom sent me off to school, with my packed lunch. I tried to take the alley ways so that nobody would see me, but when I went down this one alley way a tall man in a cloak stopped me. I was scared, not that he was going to hurt me but that he was going to see my ears. He wouldn’t see my tail because I wrapped it around my left leg inside of my jeans. My crimson red hair started to blaze. I had no control over when I caught on fire, it was whenever I felt threatened or scared. The man in the cloak just laughed as he kneeled down and rubbed my head. He had a scruffy white beard.
“Do you know who I am, little Tetsugi?” The man said with a big smile across his face. I just shook my head as I cowered. He reached into the pocket of his cloak with his right hand as he kept his left hand on his head, pulling out a pair of glasses. He gestured them toward me. I put my hands out slowly to grab them, putting them on. My ears had disappeared, I could still feel them but they weren’t visible, like they were cloaked. My hair turned black with the cloak as well, but I could change it to whatever color I wanted. The man kind of just nodded, got up and walked away. Why would this man give me something that will hide my ears? I didn’t really care, now people won’t make fun of me. I got to school, got to my kindergarten classroom and sat in the back because I was still really scared, but who isn’t on their first day of school? The teacher, Mrs. Pines, took role. She said my name, and quietly I said here so that nobody would hear me but her. I didn’t want people to know that my name was Oh, it’s an odd name. Mrs. Pines didn’t hear me and she said my name again, I had to be louder. I screamed “HERE!” and I quickly put my head down. All the kids looked at me, but I didn’t bring my head up. We got through the entire class period introducing ourselves to one another, except me. I was trying so hard to not be labeled as the weird kid but in doing that I came off as weird anyway.
It was recess time and I sat alone on the swing set, all the kids laughing and playing with each other and I was trying so hard not to be noticed. Suddenly, this kid with blue hair walked up to me and brought his right hand toward me for a handshake.
“Nice glasses you got there, but I can see.” The boy said. I was going to shake his hand but I pulled away as my hair started to blaze. The blaze of my hair wasn’t visible due to the glasses but I still felt safe.
“I’m Deatz.” The boy said as he brought his right hand up to adjust his round glasses. A few other kids walked up as well; a boy with red hair, a boy with green, and a girl with a lighter blue colored hair than the first boy. The boy with red hair pushed Deatz out of the way and put placed his hands on my shoulders.
“We all can see you . . . fox boy.” The red haired boy said. I froze, and heat generated through my entire body. The boy took his hands off of my shoulders, stared at me for a minute and then his hands caught aflame.
“I’m kind of, a fire elemental myself bud, the name’s Ken.” The boy said as he placed his hands into his pockets. All of them introduced themselves after Ken. The green haired boy’s name was William, and the girl’s name was Kayla. Kayla and Ken were brother and sister, while William was their cousin. They all had abilities like Ken, and they developed them at different times under different circumstances. Ken can control fire because when he was a baby his house burned down around him. William can control the wind because he fell out of an airplane one time. Kayla has mastery over water because she drowned swimming before. I didn’t see how all those things would give them powers, until they told me that they were mutants. I assumed that they were demons like me, but my assumption was wrong. Deatz didn’t really have ability like them; he was just a friend who got pixie eyes implanted into his head as a baby. So, I got some friends on the first day of school, and one of them who can control fire. We discovered in the short time that we knew each other on that playground that Ken and I don’t have the same type of mastery over fire, not even close. After school was out, I ran home to tell my mother and brother. I got home and my mother was sitting on the couch, with what looked to be a thermometer in her hand. She gestured for me to come sit next to her, and I did. Lee was sitting on the floor doing his homework at the table. She tapped the table to get Lee’s attention so that she could tell us something. I got a closer look at what was in her hand; I still looked like a thermometer to me.
“Boys, I have something to tell you.” She said as he crossed her legs tapping what looked to be a thermometer against her leg. We braced ourselves.
“I’m pregnant.” She said zealously. Doctor that we haven’t seen in five years came from the kitchen and addressed us. Apparently the baby is growing faster than normal, which means it was going to be another demon baby. Even though mother knew it was going to be another demon baby she hoped for a girl. Only god knows if it’s a girl it’s going to be one of those little succubus demon babies. Lee kind of just shook his head like “Isn’t one little sibling enough?”

About five months later, guess what. . Mother was on the living room floor again with the doctor screaming “Push!” Out popped a little fox demon boy. This one had black fur. His name, Bash Tetsugi. I don’t know why mom named all us Tetsugi when dad was never around and hers was Miles. Ken, William, Kayla, and Deatz were right outside the window watching as the doctor wrapped Bash up in a blanket. We were like a crew now so they’d follow me everywhere considered that I’m the only demon in the group, even though they were all older than me by two to three years. Except Deatz, he was relatively the same age as I. So, five years past by, I was ten, Bash was five, and Lee was twenty but he still lived with us even though he could be in any college he wants considering he was a genius.

I was in middle school because I skipped fifth grade while Deatz was going through his last year of elementary and the rest of the crew were in middle school with me. Deatz would wait for us to get out of school right outside the doors and we’d go out to the old abandoned amusement park behind the high school and practice with our abilities. I only know how to control the heat I generate through my body. I couldn’t fight with just that but I was still considered the Apex of the crew. Ken could make his entire body catch on fire, he’s especially mastered making his hands turn completely into fire. Deatz got a hold of a katana and he’s very skilled with it, along with him practically being a ninja. The other two didn’t really improve much with their abilities because frankly, they were really lazy. We got done training and such, and I went home. When I got home, I found my mom dead on the kitchen floor. Her body was completely drained of blood. The theory was, if there’s such a thing as demons, pixies, and mutants, then vampires are real. Lee didn’t come home that day, and I have no idea why I wasn’t sad or anything about my mother’s death, I didn’t really react in any way at all. Bash was up stairs in his bed sleeping and Lee was out at a party. I didn’t want to drag my crew into this matter, I wanted to do it with my brothers, to track this vampire down and kill it for killing our mother. Lee and Bash didn’t know they had abilities, but I did because Deatz told me but I never bothered to tell them. Lee had the ability to copy other people’s abilities and Bash the ability to control the elements. Actually, I’ll just go alone considering that they have no idea how to use their abilities since they don’t know they have them. With Lee being a genius and all, I’d think he’d figure something like that out, but no.

I didn’t call the police; I went upstairs and grabbed Bash and left a note on the front door for explaining everything that happened for when Lee comes back. After placing the note on the door I turn around with Bash in hand and I see the cloaked man again. He smiled and he lent out his hand toward me, I quickly take it.
“I already have Lee, in the Demon Realm.” The cloaked man said as he pulled something out of his pocket and dropped it. In an instant we were out in the middle of the woods, but the trees were taller than ever. Lee was standing against one of those trees. There was some goblin looking thing with green skin walking through the woods.
“FOX!” The goblin thingy screamed pointing at me. I shook my head.
“No, it’s Oh.” I replied to the goblin thingy. I realize now where we are, we’re in the Demon Realm, and that’s no goblin, it’s a demon.
“Foxo!?” The stray demons said, and then pointing at Lee screaming, “fox” again.
“It’s Lee, moron.” Lee replied to the demon.
“Foxlee.” The demon said. We kind of just shrugged and went along with it walking off toward what seemed like a market place. From then on, me and my brother were known as Foxo and Foxlee and Bash stayed Bash and we still didn't know who the cloaked man was.

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