Tennessee Chance

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The places in this story are real. The real people's names have been changed. (Don't want a lawsuit...) This is about a Southern girl and one sexy New Orleans Vampire!!!

Writers note: Words are purposely mispelled because I am writing exactly how they are spoken where I come from. Oh and though the road names are real...the numbers aren't.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Tennessee Chance

Submitted: November 15, 2008

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Submitted: November 15, 2008



Tennessee would walk out of the Piggly Wiggly in a rather foul mood. Her ex boyfriend had gotten her fired.. again! The boss had told that if he showed up one  more time and made a scene that she lost her job. He had told her rather rudely that  she needed to keep the B.S. at home and not work. Dumbass... She hated Mr.Jeans with a passion. As she headed toward her dark blue Chevy Silverado-150 she spotted a man that just did not seem to fit the scenery. After all...he was dressed in all black in a podunk town. No one did that that she could remember.

She took note that he seemed lost. Though he was in the center of town. The Piggly Wiggly was the only grocery store in Decatur.. Quick steps carried her over to him as she held out her hand in a handshake.

"Hi, You must not be from 'round here. Need help findin' somethin'?" Her Southern accent and draw were strong.

He would raise a slender hand, one nail touching the side of his yellow sunglasses(think tri-gun) as he would lower them down to the tip of his nose. Tilting his head lightl, emeral eyes would stare at her a few moment. His free hand would slide from his pocket as his long fingers would wrap around her own giving a firm yet quick shake. A faint smile tugged at his lips as he spoke in a quiet tone which held a rich heavily drawn Southern New Orleans charm.

"No, Darlin. I'm just wandering around for now. Could you show me where the bank is?"

She wanted to laugh softly but held it in. For the Regions bank was behind him. In the same parking lot as the PIggly Wiggly. Lifting her tan hand she would point behind him.

"Righ there is the bank, hun. Anythyang else?"

He would smirk softly as he hand pushed back up the glasses. The yellow tint seeming to darken those green eyes as they stared down at her brightly.

"It seems to be a lil' early for you to be gettin' off work."

His pronounciation had changed from upscale to well...normal for her. He changed it depending on where he was.

Looking at her watch she realized he had a point. It was only a quarter to noon.

"Yea, I jus got fired. Again. But at least now I can go git my daughter and spend time with her. "

He would give a subtle glance downward at her left hand an then smirked a bit as he looked up to her. There was no sign at all of a wedding ring.

"Fired? That can't be good for the lil' one. What got ya kicked?" He asked.

She ignored the glance down at her hand as she spoke,

"A no good backwood ex boyfriend. "

Appearently he had walked into a small town with a lot of history on its people... he would have to find more out about her.

He would give a soft chuckle, shaking his head. Long crimson hair swayed down his back. She thought he looked really sexy. Waist length dark crimson hair.. a black button up dress shirt that had the top two buttons undone. Revealing a vertical black cat's eye tattoo with a red iris. His pants were black dress slacks that fit loosely... Around his neck was a chain choker...damn..he was fine... She quickly let her mind focus once more on what he was saying.

He was rather amused at the way she had looked him over. Though he gave no sign.

"So what are ya gonna do now?" He would ask. Inwardly grinning at the light pink tint that had risen in her cheeks when she realized he knew she had looked him over.

Probably work as a bartender at OO's (Pronounce Double O's)" She rolled her eyes at that, having not liked that idea at all.

He would chuckle once more as he reached into his left pocket and pulled out a white card with silver trimming and held it out to her with his forefinger.

"Call this tonight if you can't get a job."

He offered her a soft smile as she took the card and looked at him warily. Nodding his head he would walk away, heading in the opposite direction of the bank.

Tennessee watched him leave in a bit of awe and confusion as she would look down at the card. It read...

Remmie LeBloux
1220 Old River Road
Decatur TN 37555
Cell: 423:334-5555

"Okay......" She mummered softly. He lived on the Old River Road....that was new...

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