world war 2 alternate ending

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this is a story about how evil and twisted the world would be if germany won world war 2 how hitler would rule.
this is only my opinion
this is writen from an americans point of veiw

Chapter 1 (v.1) - world war 2 alternate ending

Submitted: December 29, 2009

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Submitted: December 29, 2009



The Great War ended last year, my family and I live in an underground bunker with other families to hide from the Nazi, there hunting down all Americans and sending them to concentration camps unless they have a German back round or are Aryan. Hitler is a mad man he thinks only whites have the right to live I grew up learning everyone was equal and I’ll be dammed if any one changes my opinion.
There’s talk about a rebellion among the bunker people say if we can get to Washington D.C.
We can join an army that the Americans are putting together right under the Germans noses.
My dad says he want me, my brother, and himself to go to D.C. and join this secret army. I’m eager to go but my mom thinks I’m too young, I’m 15 and I’m ready to get our country back. my brothers 19 and he wants to go and kill some Nazi just like me .
We left today when we got outside the bunker all you could see for miles around were destroyed buildings, dead soldiers, blown up tanks and crashed planes. I forgot how bright it was outside of the bunker I wondered if this is what all war looks like…
We made it to Washington it took a while, but now we’re here and the rumors were true
We snuck into a German supply truck in the middle of the night and it took us straight to the front line of the war. We got out of the truck and ran to our side of the war zone and talked to the general who was happy to see such able men at his command. He sent us straight to the front line.
God damn I hate Hitler and the Germans so fucking much they should all drop down dead
A mother fucking Nazi shot my brother and ran like a little bitch after seeing m charge him!
Yester day we burned my brother’s corps. Why god would put us through all this chaos if he loved us!
The general is heartless men he dint even feel sad he just said go back to the trenches without a sign of sorrow…
I’ve spent the last month fighting in trenches against the Germans and they just keep coming I’m starting to lose hope for our cause I feel like the war will be over any day and the Germans will hang all the surviving men. But we must still fight and try to save as many people as possibly
Today is my birthday I turned 16 my brother and my father our both dead now I haven’t
Heard from my mom in months I think something has happened to her.
We got some troops from Australia which is still under their own control.
This is good to here, The German line are starting to break in America but the other rebellions aren’t
Doing as well as we are. the Germans just got another enemy the attacked Japan  Hitler his being a cocky mother fucker  Australians government joined with Russia and are fighting the Germans  on their home land.
The war has taken an unexpected turn Germany retreated from America and put their man army in Poland they are holding off there but they won’t when America starts sending troops out there.
We’re starting to build up the east coast again it will take many years for it to be complete but it’s a start.
People are coming out of hiding I can’t believe so many people survived.
Still no word from my mom I still have hope though
The U.S. government is sending troops over sea to Poland I’m among the first wave I’m kind of excited about going to Poland I get to see my Australian friends.

That was the last entry in the journal this man was K.I.A 3 days after he got to Poland

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