Fallen Prisons

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Envy, a common (mortal) girl, isn't really common. She is the second chair of International Vampire Society and is falling in love with an "age changing" vampire. She has stumbled upon a vampire clan, and finds out they are supposed to be executed without trial, but who orders these executions?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Fallen Prisons

Submitted: April 04, 2012

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Submitted: April 04, 2012



What is He?


A day in the life of a vampire chaser is hard. Especially if you’re a mortal teenage girl who is one of the chairmen of a vampire hunting society, I’m chasing down a level six vampire. Oh, and my code name is Envy and I’m the Second chair in the secret International Vampire Association. The vampire I am chasing is named Steven Frost. No Vlad or Count, just Steven.

I chased him down to something so original, a graveyard. We were in a mausoleum that was very old and dusty. Don’t you just love the smell of decrepit, dead people at dusk? As I caught up to him we stood there staring at each other. His eyes narrowed, “You’re the one who’s been chasing me?!”

I sighed, “Like I’ve never heard that one before.”

He laughed, “You’re just a mortal.”

“Yeah, yeah, let me just read you your rights and then we will never have to see each other again. You, Steven Frost, have committed several treason attempts against the IVA and as second chairmen I advise you to stand down.”

“Advise this!” He said as he lunged at me but thanks to my quick reflexes and knowing the minds of vamps, I quickly dodged the attack.

Everyday I go through the same old thing. It gets so boring after a while. As he fell to the ground I rushed and to put a tracker on his neck. He tried to scratch me but again I dodged. I jumped back away from him as he got up. He picked up the neck tracker’s charm; that was in the shape of a spider, “What is this thing?”

“Hang on.” I said as I pulled out a small universal remote. I pressed a big red button on the top of it. Then as soon as I did the spider charm came alive and jumped off his hand and on the middle of his chest. He yelled as soon as the legs of the spider charm dug into his skin, “It’s called a ‘Spi-Track’ its keeps tabs on you while we are away from your position. From now on you are an agent in the IVA.”

He struggled to get up as the blood was pouring from his chest, “I’ll kill you!” He lunged for me again as he got close enough I used my black and red bottle of holy water and shot him in the leg. He yelled and then fell to the ground. I walked over to him, “what do you want from me?”

“All I want is for vamps like you to corporate, so my job is a lot easier. Here go to these coordinates,” I handed him a sheet of paper, “and you’ll find an assigned room waiting for you. Oh, and if you try to cause any treason again that ‘pretty’ necklace will stab your heart like you’ve just been staked. Okay?”

He growled in defeat “Fine,” he got up, “So what’s my code name?”

“I can’t give you that info. You’ll have to talk to the head honcho.”

“Okay. Thanks, uh?”

“They call me Envy, but you can call me En.”

“Okay, ‘En,’ see ya around.”

He staggered away. Then as I put my little bottle of holy water in my belt’s secret pouch, I pulled out an old black communicator, “Come and get me, I’m done with my assignment.”

I looked over to my left and saw a black shadowy corridor open. A tall man walked out; why in the world they sent him I’ll never know! I walked over to him, “Hello, Envy.”

“Just shut up and take me to the head chairman, Xem.”

He began, “oh, come on we can’t have a little fun.”


He laughed then stretched his arm out. As I grabbed his hand I felt some sort of warm feeling, like it was creeping into my heart. He waved his hand and a new corridor opened and the old one died out like a flame. As we went inside there was nothing but black smoke that only he could see through. Let me explain Xem is another type of mythical creature called Shadow Landers. They can see through the darkest smoke and blackest night. Legends and myths say they don’t have hearts only shadows so they lure whomever they want in and then they steal their hearts. I was afraid when I first heard about this and when I first met him then, when I finally warmed up to him being around, he tried to steal my heart!

As we exited the corridor I saw the black walls and green lights flashing in the place we call the “Twilight Zone.” The IVA is filled with –get this- vampires! But they’re the good kind (if there even was any). The lead chairman is actually human like me, so it’s not so awkward.

As soon as I walked down the hall –Xem still with me- the alarms went off. A female prisoner ran down the hall, she had her fangs showing and she was faster then the only werewolf guard we had in this facility! Normally vamps can’t run faster then werewolves but in this case our guard, Dante, was a little bit out of shape. So I picked up my communicator and pressed the security button. Four to five vampire guards showed up, held her down, and filled her Spi-Track with some holy water. They then cuffed her with silver handcuffs and then carried her off. I sighed and then looked at Xem “Why are you still with me?!”

He smiled, “Just wanted to make sure you were safe is all.”

“I’m fine, just go away!”

He created another corridor; he pushed his blonde hair from his face then winked at me. I felt a cold chill down my spine and I doubt it was from the temperature in the “Zone” –as I called it-. I walked down the hall and saw the head chairman walking towards me but was looking at his paperwork. He looked up and smiled, “Hello, En how was the bag-and-tag?” He asked. First I should point out the head chairman is like thirty years old he’s not really an old man like the other vamps we work with.

“Fine, I sent him to the coordinates you gave me. Though I wish you wouldn’t send Xem to come and get me!”

He sighed, “Well we had to send someone and he was the only available.”

“Whatever; just don’t let it happen again. You know I wish I could just get a day off sometimes.” I said. I turned to walk away but he put one hand on my shoulder. I turned my head to look at his hand.

“I think you know quite well we can’t do that En. You are too valuable to all of us.” He smiled.

As you already know I’m a vampire chaser not a slayer. We don’t slay vampires we just tag them with Spi-Tracks. Though the others are vampires –except me and the head chairman- I’m a little more special I suppose…I have a secret power (if you want to call it that), I have more agility than them. Like I can think faster and I can smell blood a lot better, but I don’t want to drink it. I first figured this out when I first saw a vampire when I was like five. I was walking to the library and the vampire was walking right behind me. I turned around and saw it luring me in to a graveyard I walked to the gate where it stood then screamed as it bent towards me. Then the rest had the IVA taking me in and raising me to be the best chaser they had.


I walked to my unit and the door slid open as I touched the hand sensor and then closed it behind me. My room was dark red with a poster or two of my favorite bands and shows. I sat on my black couch and grabbed my giant flat screen’s remote. My shows were on today and I couldn’t wait. I always watch House of Anubis every night at this hour. I loved that show like crazy!

As soon as both shows went of I had a video call on my TV. I pushed a button and Lilac showed up on the screen. Lilac is my true friend in the IVA she’s not technically my age but she looks like it at least. She doesn’t talk to anyone but me –she gets nervous talking to anyone else- and I guess having a vampire for a friend had its perks. She smiled at me, showing her fangs, “Hello, En, how was it?”

“Amazing, Nina was about to find Victor’s secret compartment in the house, but the others heard about how she’s gonna lose her life if she does!”

She laughed, “Well, I meant the job.”

“Oh, that was the easiest thing that happened to day, a simple bag-and-tag.”

“Okay, just thought I check on you, goodnight.”


As the screen went to black I got up and went to my bed it was dressed in an Oriental theme. I was always a fan of Oriental things. As I pulled the covers over me I immediately fell asleep.


I felt a warm sensation on my leg as I smiled; I slowly opened my eyes and saw Xem on the edge of my bed rubbing my leg! I jumped, “Get out!”

He smiled, “Oh, come one.”

“Out,” I yelled.

He got off my bed and walked out. After he left and the door shut closed the alarms went off. I got up out of my bed, grabbed my taser, and opened the door. I walked down the hallway with the taser in my hand. I saw that the head chairman’s door was open. I walked in and saw a man wearing the head chairman’s cloak, shifting through the files of vamps. I walked in closer the man, he looked at me; he looked like he was in his eighties or something, he sighed, “Great just more I have to deal with.”

“Oh I was just leaving.”

He flashed towards me and grabbed me by my neck and pushed me against the wall. As I struggled I pulled out my taser and jabbed him in the stomach. He fell to the floor. As he twitched I saw him switch ages, from eighty to twenty! The head chairman came running inside. He was with two guards, and as he pointed at them they held the guy down as he put on the Spi-Track on him.

The guards took him away, as I watched him getting carried out of the room. I couldn’t help but ask myself what kind of vampire is this guy?

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