Chapter 1: Veronica

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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After getting her food from the McDonalds cashier, Veronica made her way to the door. The woman was very slim and pretty; her blonde hair was long, like her legs, which were covered by tight skinny jeans. Veronica’s skin was pale and smooth, and slightly glistened in the bright light. She wore a denim jacket that was missing all the buttons and mostly covered up her black tank top. Veronica pushed open the doors and embraced the hot, summer beach air. She could hear seagulls calling from the ocean, a couple of blocks down the road.
A man walked out of the door after Veronica, calling for her. The woman turned to face the stranger in the fast food parking lot. He had long, dark, messy hair and wore bright orange swim shorts and an open, yellow, button down shirt. The item he wore that stuck out the most was his red flip flop sandals.He couldn’t have been older then twenty-five; and Veronica thought him handsome, but about five years too old for her.
“I’m sorry, um…” the man said, “do you believe in magic?”
Veronica raised an eyebrow and looked at him fixedly, “what are you talking about?”
“This is the hard part,” the man looked away for a moment, pushed his hair back and faced her again, more serious. “First off my name is Halter; my organization takes care of unfriendly spirits through the mastery of magic.”
“Psh, magic. Do you believe in big foot?” Then with a laugh: “Or the yeti?”
“I assure you,” Halter said very seriously and made Veronica stop from laughing anymore, “This is no laughing matter; we take our business very seriously.”
“Okay, well, if what you say is true, what do you want with me?”
“You are a pure spirit.”
“What does that mean?”
“Your soul is clean of bad deeds,” he said simply and made the beautiful girl in front of him very uneasy. “It’s obvious that you’re confused. I’m sorry if I am frightening you at all, but I am very serious and this is very important. We need you to help us banish a ghost from a lovely family’s home.”
“What can I do?”
“Your energy will give us enough power to perform the spell.”
“Why not someone else? Aren’t there any other ‘pure spirits’ around?”
“None that would work, every spell requires the right amount of energy with the right feeling behind it. You are the only person with a close enough energy.”
“Sorry, this has been… fun,” Veronica said beginning to walk away, “but I have to get going; my food is getting cold.”
“No! We need you! The family that we are trying to help has three young daughters that are all in great danger!”
Veronica stopped walking and turned around. “Will I be in any danger?”
“None,” Halter said with a sigh of relief.
“I need proof before I go with you.”
Halter smiled and reached for the lady’s fountain drink. After taking a sip he nodded to himself and brought forth a small medallion from his front pocket. The medallion was made of pure silver and hung from a long solid gold chain. Halter wrapped the shiny gold necklace around his hand in crisscrossing, intricate patterns; the medallion dangled an inch from his palm. He then began to circle his hand, and the medallion, around the large cup very slowly. Even though Halter was holding his hand remarkably steady the straw began to stir with the movement of the liquid as it spun around inside the cup.
“Drink it,” Halter said, handing her the cup after it settled down, “It’s good.”
Hesitantly Veronica grabbed the soft drink and took a small sip, she was completely unprepared for the flavor, she was expecting Coke but it was a chocolate milkshake. Veronica was dumbfounded, she knew for sure that she bought Coke, plus she likes vanilla better.
“How did you do that?” Veronica asked with great interest. “How the fuck did he do that?” she said to herself with amazement.
“Its magic, my dear,” Halter said with a small bow, “now if you please.”
Halter held his arms out towards his car, a black old school Mustang, maybe a ‘67. Veronica walked cautiously to the car, followed by the magician. Halter moved past Veronica and opened the passenger door for her, she entered the nice car.
The seats and floor had some kind of soft, furry material on top of them that matched the black dashboard. Halter quickly ran around the car, hopped into the driver seat and ignited the engine, it roared. The shiny car sped backwards and turned for the exit, after a moment to check traffic it pulled out onto the empty road.
Inside the car Halter sat back while Veronica stared in amazement as the car steered itself through the city. The Mustang passed other drivers, stopped at red lights and stop signs, and turned around corners all by its self.
“How?” Veronica asked in a stupor.
“So,” Veronica began after miraculously looking away from the steering wheel, “you’re going to take me back right?”
“Yes,” Halter said reassuringly, “once we’re finished, which should be shortly.”
“Where is the house?”
“About twenty minutes away.”
“How did you get into the magic thing?”
“My father, who got into it from his father and all of their fathers before them. It’s pretty much a family thing.”
“How many people do it?”
“Well, there are only a handful of people that do the same kind of magic as me, all of which work in my organization.”
“I see. Is it fun?”
“There’s too much work and danger to let it be fun.”
“Every time we use our magic it opens us up to all sorts of creatures that you could never imagine. Don’t worry though you will most likely never see any of these creatures in your life.” Veronica noticed a small smile on his lips when he said: “We’re here.”
The driveway that the car pulled into was blocked off by a gate, which opened after Halter reached out of his window and entered a code into a small box. The gate swung wide open and they drove through. The driveway wove through think groups of trees that cut off the view of the magnificent house. The house was three stories tall and had a large open porch in the front. After getting out of the car Halter and Veronica made their way to the front door.
“Do I have time for a cigarette?” Veronica asked hopefully.
“Yes, certainly, they are making preparations inside, anyway.”
Veronica pulled a cigarette out of the pack in her jacket pocket. After lighting it up Halter waved his hand for her to come and sit on one of the rocking chairs on the wooden porch. Halter sat beside her and produced a cigarette from thin air; they sat in silence and smoked their coffin nails.
After flicking his cigarette Halter pulled a new necklace from his pocket and handed it to Veronica, “here, you have to wear this before we go in.”
“Okay,” Veronica took the necklace, this one having another mysterious medallion. “What does it do?”
“It will protect you,” Halter said and it was the first time she had a doubt in her mind since he first asked her if she believed in magic.
“I want you to stay calm no matter what happens, no matter how much you might want to panic, don’t.” Halter opened the door and walked in.
Veronica followed him closely and immediately noticed that the air was much thicker inside and made it harder to breathe. The house was lovely; she could tell that a family enjoyed living there. On the walls hung many pictures of the family, they were a nice looking family, with a mother, father, and three daughters, like Halter said.
The still mysterious man led the still slightly confused woman though the living room and kitchen to a door that could be confused as just a closet. Halter walked through the door and down the stairs. Veronica followed and felt like she was entering a dungeon, the walls and stairs were made of gray stone. She had a very ominous feeling as she descended the flight of stairs.
In the dungeon there were torches hung on the walls that illuminated a giant stone slab that was surrounded by many people cloaked in robes and hoods that shaded their faces. A man stepped out of the shadows behind Veronica and placed his hand on the back of her head, she quickly felt her mind wonder into bliss and she fell to the floor unconscious.

Submitted: March 05, 2010

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