Chapter 2:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Reads: 117

Veronica found herself floating on clouds, steadily rising through the atmosphere, towards the never ending cosmos. The seemingly small stars glittered and twinkled through the darkness. Veronica floated towards the sun; she could feel the relaxing heat. The brightness never bothered her; it only helped her see all the things that only few get to experience. She could see her world, small in comparison to the other objects that flew speedily around, caught in the big star’s gravity.
Veronica felt a pulling sensation in her stomach that forced her towards Earth, steadily gaining speed. Her heart started pounding and her skin become wet with sweat. The woman flew faster and faster towards the ground. She cut through the Earth’s atmosphere and through the thousands of feet of air. Veronica could see the house that Halter brought her to; she was heading straight for it, at a blinding speed. Terror gripped her heart as she flew through the roof and floors, all the way into the basement, into her own body.
The woman’s coughing echoed in the silent basement. Halter stood at the head of the stone slab that held Veronica in shackles, she was wearing a white dress. Halter had his hair slicked back and he wore a white robe that had a red circular symbol on the chest.
After Veronica’s eyes focused she saw that there were many people around her, hidden by the shadows, a few were holding something. One held an open black book with more mysterious markings; another had a religious looking, wooden symbol; and the last, a red velvet pillow with a knife sitting comfortably on top.
“Thank you all for coming to this wondrous event!” Halter shouted to the other men, “we are gathered here today to send this lovely little martyr into the afterlife!”
Veronica looked down and saw that she was wearing a white dress that was illuminated by the moonlight flowing through a small window. The woman did exactly what Halter said to do, not panic, but she was still very frightened.
“What are you doing?” Veronica asked with a sob in her throat.
Halter gave a short burst of maniacal laughter, “Oh, poor Vikki. I truly am sorry for the deception, but it was the only way, as I’m sure you’re smart enough to understand. Ha! Ha! Vikki! Are you ready?”
Veronica’s fright flew away in a heartbeat and quickly built into rage.
“Shut up! God damn it!” Veronica shouted very loudly, “if you’re going to kidnap someone and kill them the least you can do is learn their name! Douche bag!”
“Oh, I’m sorry Veronica, I was thinking of the last girl. That doesn’t matter, nor does your name; all that matters is where you’re going. We are not just going to kill you,” Halter said waving his hands, “we are sending you to the mystical world of spirits. Be prepared for horrors you could never dream of in the worst of nightmares. Ha! You will see things that will tear your very soul apart. Ha! Ha! Ha!”
Halter looked around the room crazily; his eyes were moving frantically side to side. Veronica began cry at the realization that she won’t make it out alive. The lunatic reached for the knife while the hooded figures began muttering some kind of incantation under their breaths. The blade shimmered in the thick light.
“What a joyous day!” Halter shouted in hysteria, “You, Veronica, are the last person we need to sacrifice in order to enter our master’s realm and accompany him in his release and destruction of all the worlds. Ha! Listen to me, getting all giddy like a school girl. Do you remember what it was like? Back before you entered this crazy world, as adult I mean? It’s too bad you don’t get to see is it gets better.”
Halter started laughing even more maniacally, that laugh will haunt Veronica, even beyond the grave. The crazed man lifted his knife into the air, held downward in his fist. Veronica began squirming and gasping for air as the knife plunged downward, through the medallion that Halter gave her and into the woman’s chest. When the white dress stained red the final breath left her body and Veronica felt herself lift out of her lifeless corpse. Powerful wind blew into the room and affected nothing but her. The people in the room with Halter started doing something to Veronica’s body but she was unable to see because the wind opened up a hole in the world and sucked her spirit in like a vacuum.

Submitted: March 05, 2010

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