Chapter 3:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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There was noise, but there was nothing. Nothing to see and nothing to feel. Veronica thought she was feeling around for some to hold onto but she wasn’t entirely sure. “Hello!” The words echoed off of nothing and bounced around: “Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello.
Something like a light formed in front of where Veronica thought she was. It split in two and grew bigger and bigger and took the shape of a couple of men, equal in size. The one that might have been on the left side materialized first, he wore black and red martial arts robes that had the sleeves ripped off and showed his heavily toned muscles. His spiky hair was black with red on the tips and he had a long ponytail that was red at the end.
The other figure had on white and blue martial arts robes but his still had the sleeves neatly sewn on. This one’s hair was long, falling to his waist, and pitch black. Both men were identical, both could have been Asian.
After staring at the two mysterious men she realized they were standing in front of a massive gate, big enough to enter heaven or hell. The gate was made of stone and there were tree tops that could barely be seen over the top of it. Veronica then realized that there was a forest surrounding them.
“Where am I?” Veronica demanded with a tremble in her voice.
The one wearing white stepped forward and said: “This is the Gateway of the Dragons, this is Drake and I am Marvlous.”
“Where am I?”
“This is the world between worlds,” Drake said slowly, “the Gateway of the Dragons.”
“Yes we are the dragon guardians,” Marvlous said pointing to Drake and himself, “It is our job to make sure people get where they are going.”
“Can you tell me where I am going? The assholes that killed me said it was the spirit world or something like that.”
“It’s actually called the World of Spirits. It’s not a place you want to go,” Drake said with a small laugh.
“Well,” Marvlous interjected,” that is not entirely true, the part where you are going is the section for the sacrificial deaths. Some of the other parts are quite nice -”
“To bad you won’t be going to those,” Drake interrupted with a small smile.
“That’s not fair!” Veronica shouted.
“Nope,” the dragon’s said in unison, Drake with a big smile and Marvlous with a small frown.
Veronica stood in silence; a tear ran down her cheek. “Why?”
“Because of the writer,” they said simultaneously.
“He controls all the worlds that are connected by this gate,” Marvlous said.
“Which we protect,” Drake added proudly.
“Let me get this straight,” Veronica said and pointed at the twins, you two are dragons.” They nodded. “You guys are going to take me to a place that I don’t want to go,” they nodded again.
Veronica took a deep breath and made a break for it, running into the woods behind her. Both warriors took a deep breath.
“You go, I have to guide Dimitri and Hecter,” Marvlous said and walked off into the woods in another direction.
Drake began walking forward, slowly, and almost cautiously. He knew he would find her, he knew these woods like the backs and fronts of his hands. He held both his arms behind his back and started to whistle.
With her heart pounding Veronica ran and jumped through the thick brush. Tree branches swung at her face and vines grabbed at her ankles. Far away creatures made unintelligible noises. After stopping to catch her breath she laid down in a small sanctuary made by a tree whose roots started grow several feet above the ground, they made a protective dome under the base of the tree.
Veronica hoped they wouldn’t find her, she hoped that she could even get away. After her heart beat slowed and her breath steadied she felt a big warm gust of air blow on her back. A big, black snout was inches away from her, when it exhaled smoke came out. Veronica tried to crawl out but the monsters giant hand reached under the tree while the other hand lifted it from the ground.
The creature was an all black dragon with red markings that looked like ancient hieroglyphics. Veronica was, of course, frightened. The dragon’s arms and legs stretched far from its skinny body and its wingspan was bigger than any living thing she has ever seen.
The scaly claw that held Veronica gently placed her on the ground. Veronica wanted to run again, but she knew she couldn’t out run a dragon. Veronica sat down on the ground as the dragon changed before her eyes; its body started glowing red and shrunk in size until it was the size of either Drake or Marvlous.
“You’re a fool,” Drake said walking over to Veronica, “you can’t run, this is our world!”
“I don’t belong here!”
“No,” Drake grabbed the back of Veronica’s jacket’s collar, “why don’t we go see where you belong!”
Veronica fought in vein as Drake dragged her along the ground, back towards the giant gate. She tried to get to her feet but the Gateway Guardian knocked her to the floor, again and again, and continued dragging her.
“Stop! I don’t want to go!”
“Shut up! It doesn’t matter what you want! Now, after you get there Marvlous will come shortly and help you.”
“Why don’t you do it?”
“Because… you annoy me.”
As the pair neared the gate it swung open and revealed nothing but a white light. Drake lifted Veronica by her collar and threw her into the light, Veronica was devoured by it.

Submitted: March 05, 2010

© Copyright 2021 The Last Writer. All rights reserved.


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