Chapter 4:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Veronica was falling; she had thousands of miles before the ground was near. There was nothing she could do as she saw an endless ground covered in fog steadily drawing closer at a fast pace. The fog was too thick to see any of the landscapes; it all looked like a gray blur.
Veronica fell with a vacuous look; she didn’t know what to think, but the tears running down her face caused her mask of deception to show what she was truly feeling. Veronica’s wind was knocked out by something grabbing her out of the air. It felt like Drake when he grabbed her in his dragon form.
The claw was made of metal, but otherwise identical to the black dragon. Its body was all a silvery metal with blue markings, similar to Drake’s but definitely not the same. Veronica figured that this dragon was Marvlous. Marvlous’ body was identical to Drakes, but where Drake had legs Marvlous had a long serpent tail.
Veronica was flown to the ground and placed into the thick fog. The cloud was so thick that Veronica couldn’t see the massive body of her helper. Footsteps were coming from a figure that walked through the fog, it was Marvlous.
“Is this it?” Veronica asked timidly.
“Yes,” Marvlous said with a nod, “this is the World of Spirits. Here you will come face to face with creatures that are made of horror and hatred. As a rule anyone new here must have a partner, yours will be here shortly.”
“Yes, you will need him if you ever want to get out.”
“You can get out of here? Why didn’t you guys tell me that?”
“Drake was supposed to when he guided you here but you ran and he got pissed off.”
“That asshole.”
“It is not his fault.”
“Why not?”
“He is only a half,” with that Marvlous left Veronica very confused and he transformed, with a blinding light, into his dragon form and flew away into the sky.
Veronica started freaking out when Marvlous took off, but she fell to the floor and started crying before she heard a new pair of footsteps. Someone was running towards her, she was scared that it wasn’t her partner. She held her breath; she wouldn’t be able to see the person, or creature, until it was only a few feet in front of her.
“Hey! Veronica are you here?” A deep voice shouted from the fog.
“Who’s there?” Veronica shouted back timidly.
“Stay where you are!”
The footsteps slowed to a walk and a man came out from the mystical fog. Veronica’s partner was very tall, about six and a half feet, and lean, much stronger looking then anyone she has ever met, his muscles appeared as though they were chiseled by the gods and his features were rough. He wore no shirt and a long black trench coat made out of a thin material, it had three big rips down the back, from right should to left hip, which looked a lot like claw marks. His pants had a bunch of lacerations, a few were sewn back together. He carried a twelve foot spear that had a bulky, jagged blade on both ends.
“My name is Priam Lycurgus (Prei- em Lahy – kur - guhs), and I’ll be your partner.
“My name is, as you know, Veronica. I have to say, you have an awesome name.”
“Thank you. Now be quiet and follow me.”
Veronica did as she was told and followed Priam in the opposite direction that he came from. The man walked at a slow pace, constantly looking around. Veronica stared into the gray fog trying to see something, anything at all. In her absentmindedness she started to fall behind.
“Move your bony self!” Priam shouted.
“Hey,” Veronica said, “I have just as many bones as you.”
“Yeah, but I have meat on mine.”
“Really? Looks like muscle to me.”
They continued to walk in silence. The scenery was unchanging and Veronica wondered how Priam knew where he was going. After thinking about the possibilities she decided to ask him.
“Priam,” Veronica said running up next to him, “how do you know where you’re going?”
Priam didn’t answer.
No answer.
“Hey, I’m talking to you.”
“Can you see my aura?” Priam said at last.
“Your what?”
“What about your own?”
“My what? What does it do?”
“Yours is light blue, mine is multiple colors.”
“Aw, why is yours more than one color?”
Priam didn’t answer.
“Where are we going?”
Priam didn’t answer.
“Shut up!”
“NO! Answer me!”
Priam turned around, grabbed Veronica by her jacket collar and raised her into the air.
“Quiet,” Priam said and gently put her down. “Now, come on blondie.”
With a pout Veronica continued to follow Priam as he walked into the endless fog. The shapeless cloud moved and swirled as they trekked onward. Veronica had a lot of questions but knew she had to wait for the opportune moment to get the response she wanted.
“We’re almost there,” Priam said after the long silence.
“Almost where?” Veronica asked.
“It’s just a little further.”
“And just where is that?”
“You’ll see,” Priam stopped walking.
“What’s up?” Veronica said stopping next to him.
“Go,” Priam said pointing forward. “Check it out.”
“What is it?”
Priam placed his hand on her back and pushed her forward, “don’t worry.”
Veronica eased forward, out of the fog and into a cave. When she turned around she couldn’t see Priam, but because the fog let off a soft glow, which made the walls look blue, she did see that they had been walking through the cave without her knowing. After giving Veronica a moment to realize just how thick the fog was he came out.
“We need to go a little further,” Priam spoke towards the darkness.
“Why?” Veronica said, “This spot has light.”
As they walked on Veronica moved closer and closer to Priam. Veronica was afraid of the dark, and all the stuff she heard about the World of Spirits didn’t help. Soon the darkness conquered all in its campaign against the light, shadows crawled along every inch of wall, ceiling and floor. Veronica grabbed a hold of Priam’s jacket.
“Here is good,” Priam said after the long walk through the blackness.
“How are we going to see?”
Veronica felt Priam grab both of her arms, pick her up, and place her on what felt like a boulder. First there was a spark that almost enabled her to see Priam’s silhouette, next there was a small ember, followed by a flame that quickly grew to about four feet tall, and bright lit about fifteen feet in either direction down the tunnel. The cave that they were travelling was long gone and now they found themselves in a dirt tunnel that had lots of root growing out of the walls.
Priam sat down next to the fire and threw a few more pieces of roots that he pulled from the wall. Veronica sat down close to the mysterious man and slowly slid nearer. They sat there in the fire light, in silence, for a long time.
“Hey Priam,” Veronica said. “Why aren’t I hungry?”
“You need rest,” Priam said after a few minutes, “don’t worry I’ll stand guard.”
“You don’t want to sleep?”
“I don’t need to.”
“So, you do want to sleep?”
Priam, like always, didn’t answer her.
“Come on! Answer at least one of my questions,” Veronica held up her first finger to emphasize.
No answer from Priam.
“Damn it. Can at least tell me when you will answer a question of mine?”
After a moment of waiting Veronica laid down on her side, with her head on her arm and fell fell to sleep quickly.

Submitted: March 05, 2010

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