Copycat (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Chapter 2

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It was a lovely morning at Oakwood Hill. The sun were shining brightly and almost every people on the town are energetic, ready to make some productive activities for their lives. Some are ready for work, class and there are people strolling, jogging on the fresh morning in the town of Oakwood Hill.

Aaron was ready to go to school, on the outside actually but not the inside. He was sitting in his bed, thinking. He did not get a good sleep last night, which he usually does but not this time. Not getting a good night sleep was not all negative to him. He can wake up earlier than usual but that are all useless since he was going to face his ‘death’ soon.

Suddenly, there was a call from downstairs ``Aaron, you wake up already?’’.``Aaa....yes. I will be going downstairs soon’’ replied Aaron. Aaron picked up his bag and walking downstairs to the dining table of the house. He was already prepared for the morning.

``Amazing. You get up early today. What happened?’’.``I have to make some study a little bit at school first because Mr. Rodriguez suddenly decided to make an extra quiz for the whole class’’. ``I see’’ said her mother while preparing the breakfast. Aaron took the sandwich to his lunchbox and put it in his bag. ``You are eating breakfast in school?’’. ``Yup, see ya mom’’. ``Careful baby. Be safe’’.`` Be safe huh?’’He spoke silently to himself. That is the luxurious word that he cannot afford now.

Being early to study is all lies. He actually tried to avoid something. Something that can be much worse than death, maybe. He tried to avoid Kyle Watson, no.1 delinquents of Oakwood Hill High School. This was because yesterday Aaron and his pal Gerald had just broke Kyle’s motorcycle while playing baseball pitching.

 Aaron accidentally hit the motorcycle while pitching the ball with the baseball bat. It make much worse when Gerald accidentally kick a paint’s barrel making it spill into Kyle’s motorcycle. Making it more worse that Kyle was near his motorcycle, blackmailing money from a science fiction dork. They were lucky because Principal Darby was around at that time. But maybe not today.

Aaron rode his bicycle all the way through Gerald’s house. He arrived at the house about 10 minutes and waited for him. He can hear Gerald’s mother screaming his name inside the house. His mother was a loud person after all. Gerald was readied after 15 minutes and they rode the bicycle together, on their way to the school.

``Damn, what took you so long?. I decided to go early so that we can avoid Kyle’’. Gerald answered ``I cannot woke up knowing what is going happen to us today’’. Unlike Aaron, Gerald had a good night sleep, thinking it might be his comfortable last night of sleep. Then, Gerald started the conversation `` Are we going to survive Aaron?’’. ``I don’t know Gerr’’. They stopped the conversation as they about to arrived at the school.

They both parked their bicycle at the bicycle junction of the school and walked hurriedly towards the class building of the school. Suddenly, out of luck, they saw Trent and Blake, Kyle’s henchmen (or specifically can be said as pleasers). The duo henchmen saw both of them and they are walking towards Aaron and Gerald.

 ``Good morning bozos, in a hurry are you two?’’ said Trent with a smirk on his face. `` Why is that huh?. I know, you broke Kyle’s motorcycle yesterday, right?’’ said Blake with a tone of sarcasm. `` You both gonna face hell today, I hope you enjoy’’. Aaron and Gerald looked at each other, feared of what is going to happen after this.`` Here comes the boss’’ said Trent.

The guy Trent mentioned was Kyle Watson. Kyle was a muscular build, tall person with a wide chest and a high shoulder. He got a perfect body of a high school athlete. Kyle was in the American Football. He was the school’s linebacker of the team. Manage to represent the district for 3 years in a row. He is the perfect boy any girls would ever dream of.

Trent saw both Aaron and Gerald and slowly walked towards them. He spoke as he neared them ``well, you two sure have the guts coming back here. Well, lucky for you guys I am in a bad mood today. Follow me now.’’ said Kyle cynically. Aaron and Gerald just obeyed what had been ordered to and followed Kyle. Neither of them knows what’s gonna happen to them.

Kyle was not only known as the no.1 bully in school but also because of his cruel punishments towards the people who messed with him. Almost three months ago he just tied up two Indian kids upside down at the American Football field’s pole. What is much cruel is that he poured caramel around the pole to make sure ants would came and bite them off. And it did. Those Indian kids was hospitalized and until now, they still refuse to told what had happened.

Suddenly, a girl was walking towards the pathway which where they are standing. Everyone was stunned for a moment. It was Michelle, Kyle’s girlfriend.  Kyle stopped for a moment and walked near Michelle. He said ``Hi baby, where are you going?’’. Michelle stepped away, tried to ignored him.

Kyle tried to stopped her and she said ``let me go Kyle, I’ve got class right now’’. ``Come on baby, give me a chance to explain, please’’ said Kyle. Michelle stopped and looked at all the people around her, including Aaron and Gerald. Michelle focused at them and spoke`` so, they are your next victim?’’.

Kyle looked at them and said `` No. They’re my friends right?’’ looking at them with a face desperate for positive answer. Aaron and Gerald reply ``Yes.Yes”. Michelle looked at Kyle with an annoying face. Feeling disgusted because she knew what really happened. She just walked away from Kyle, ignoring the guy that was the number one fear in the school.

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