Copycat (Chapter 1)

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - the third chapter

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Submitted: January 20, 2012



The house of Mara Hillson was swarmed with people and various kinds of vehicle from a police automobile to a forensic van. Cops are everywhere. Guarding the house from the hives of the curious public who intended to know what is going on. What makes them more curious is that it was the house of a famous Oakwood Hill geisha, Mara Hillson. It makes the people at the town of Oakwood Hills very curious, especially the boys.

Agent Jake Welling and Agent Carla Maine from FBI just arrive. They were being guided by Officer Ned Martinez to the crime scene. Officer Martinez explain everything that happened. The details. ``I see’’ said Agent Welling.`` The female victim being stabbed repeatedly right?’’. ``Yup’’ said Officer Martinez. ``What about the male victim?’’ answered Agent Maine. ``Well, he looked like he’s been dead earlier. We found a bruise in his neck. Die from a choke. His corpse been hanged on the wall.”

Agent Welling looked at the gory crime scene. He can imagine how much terrible the crime scene was. All the smell, the mess and the dried blood gave him a clear hint about how vicious the killer was. But what makes him more interested is the angel figurine, given by the killer to the victim. The figurine, covered half in blood, showed the horror of the room was. The forensics had already took the figurine to their lab for analysis. 

`` So, we already had a suspect right? Can you describe to us who he or she might be?’’ said Agent Maine. Officer Martinez answered ``Specifically, I don’t know. He is possibly a male. Middle age . Some witnesses saw him wearing a black suit with a black cowboy hat. Kind of like Zorro. From the type of his victims, I can say that he only strike people with immoral behaviour or sinful people, for example like Mara Hillson herself. A righteous murderer. This murder is the third within a year’’.

After hearing the details of the murderer, the two agents walked away from the crime scene. It was really crowded outside the murder scene, maybe because one of the town’s `celebrity’ is dead. ``What do you think?’’ asked Agent Maine. Agent Welling looked at the crowd and said `` I don’t know Carla. A righteous serial killer in a small town. Sure really gave a lot of trouble especially to the cops here. Besides, the chief wants us to settle this thing, consult the local law enforcement. And that’s what we are going to do’’.

At one corner near the crowded murder scene, Aaron and Gerald was cycling towards the murder scene. They didn’t realize it because they were busy talking to each other.`` We were lucky to be saved that time’’ said Aaron. ``Yup, saved by an angel’’ said Gerald. He refer to Michelle. ``Damn, why do bad guys always have the pretty girl’’ continued Gerald. ``Well, there was a research stated that many girls prefer to bad guys Especially the kind of like Kyle Watson’’ replied Aaron.`` You mean, the bully type?’’ asked Gerald .`` somehow, they feel save when they are around them’’.

They cycle through the crime scene and saw lots of people nearby. Gerald spoke `` Isn’t that the house of that porn star Mara Hillson? Damn, Every time I think about her I get horny.’’  `` What the hell is going on?’’ asked Aaron. He saw Prakash, the Indian neighbour he knew living nearby his house, asking him over the matter. Prakash answered `` They told me that Mara Hillson was dead yesterday. Murdered . Possibly by the psychopath The Angel’’. Both Aaron and Gerald were shocked. They showed the expression of fear in their faces. ``Damn, that is terrible’’ said Gerald. ``This was the third murder this year’’ claimed Aaron. Prakash continued the conversation `` People are really afraid right now. I heard in order to solve this case they called a special agent from the FBI themselves. Asking for expertise and advices’’. 

Aaron said thanks to Prakash and both Aaron and Gerald cycled away slowly from the crime scene . They knew who The Angel is but they did not worried as The Angel only attacks sinful people, for example like Mara Hillson. Some agreed for The Angel, action, especially right wing conservatives. But most of the people also agreed that taking lives are wrong. Besides, they had other problems that are much more troubling them.  They both cycle through their way home as Aaron was thinking of something. Something that will make him involved in a such a complicated situation.

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